Changing your life, habits, and relationship with food requires effort. The Whole30 will challenge you in some practical ways (like time spent in the kitchen and dealing with social engagements) and in some unexpected ways (like how you productively deal with stress). Even though the Whole30 can be difficult, we know you can do it, and we’re here to support you. Whether you’re a seasoned Whole30’er or newly joining our community, here are three tried and true tips to help you navigate your Whole30 with more ease, brought to you by our Whole30 Approved Partners at Trifecta

Find some breakfast options that you really love.

Trust us–we know you’ll get sick of eggs for EVERY breakfast, so try to find some egg-free breakfasts that you can prep ahead of time to save yourself the hassle in the morning. You can also try to reframe breakfast as “Meal 1.”  That way you can happily enjoy leftovers, soups, salads or casseroles for your first meal of the day. We know mornings can get hectic! Would you rather get extra sleep and skip cooking your own breakfast altogether? Scroll on to the next tip for another breakfast solution you’ll love.

Give yourself a break in the kitchen.

During a Whole30 you might find yourself spending more time planning meals, grocery shopping, meal prepping, cooking and washing dishes. Being mindful about your food takes a ton of effort–you deserve a break! After a busy day, it’s great to have some fully cooked Whole30 meals on hand because you don’t always have the time to cook from scratch. Trifecta has options for every meal, so if breakfast is your crunch time, try their hearty Egg and Sausage Scramble with Sweet Potatoes. Or maybe after a long day at work you’d like to sit down to their Korean Beef Bulgogi for a delicious dinner. Trifecta meals are available nationwide–place your order today and get 40% off.

Keep emergency foods on hand.

As Melissa Urban says, your one job during your Whole30 is to put Whole30 compatible food in your mouth. Sounds easy, right? In theory, yes. In real life, however, you never know when your flight will be delayed, your boss calls an audible and everyone has to stay late, or you show up to a party and there are no compatible options. You’ll be less likely to get stuck and “hangry” if you’re prepared. Things like fruits or pre-cut veggies, nuts, compatible meat sticks, or single-serve packs of olives travel well in your bag and work great in-between meals or as a temporary meal if you’re really in a bind.

We partnered with Trifecta meal delivery service to make your Whole30 easier than ever. Trifecta’s chef-curated recipes use only the highest quality, organic produce and humanely-raised proteins. If you need an easy button for your Whole30, Trifecta delivers fresh, never-frozen, fully cooked meals straight to your door. Full of variety and flavor (and without additives), their rotating chef’s menu of balanced meals means you’ll never get bored. All you need to do is heat and eat, with no dishes to wash! Click to save 40% off your first order.

This blog is sponsored by Trifecta. Thanks for supporting our Whole30 partners!

Published by Alyssa Anthony

Alyssa Anthony is a proud West Virginian (GO HERD!) living in St. Pete, FL with her husband Evan and boxer Casper. With a background in marketing and sales, Alyssa has spent the the better part of a decade working with food and beverage brands in the Whole30 Approved network. When she’s not managing projects for Whole30, you can find her scoping out new coffee shops for her Instagram feed or at the beach.