December 22, 2014

Whole30 and CrossFit Eminence: Stories of Success from a Whole9 Nutrition Partner

Whole30 and Crossfit

CrossFit Eminence has been a part of our Whole9 Nutrition Partner program since 2012.  For the last 2 years, they have been using Whole9 nutrition and the Whole30 Program to help their members see the maximum benefits of their training. This fall, they dared their members to take on the Whole30 program (plus reintroduction and time to apply the principles in their day-to-day lives) and some specific training goals in an 8 week challenge they called I Am CrossFit. Owners

Owner Lindsey Marcelli:

“We partnered with Whole9 because we loved their beliefs on optimal health. We wanted to avoid any sort of Biggest Loser mentality and focus on all the 9 factors. We wanted to have our community go through a Whole30, then follow up with a paleo lifestyle. So we came up with our 60 day I Am CrossFit challenge.  We incorporated goal setting, benchmark workouts that incorporate both strength and conditioning, food journals, recipes, you name it! We broke everyone down into small teams and gave each a team coach. We ended the challenge with a celebratory Potluck, where everyone brought in a favorite challenge recipe.”  We loved seeing our community take on this challenge and see results. The I Am CrossFit challenge has been a life changer for some, and it’s an unexplainable feeling as an owner and coach to see that unfold throughout the 60 days. It is amazing to see someone find the higher potential in themselves – their self confidence in all areas of life increases. We are incredibly thankful to have partnered with Whole9 and to continue to see such amazing success with I Am CrossFit at CrossFit Eminence” And the results were fantastic. Nate M

Nate M.

Since beginning my journey to a changing lifestyle, I have learned many great things about the foods that I fuel my body with.  Going strictly paleo, there have been many drastic changes in my life – both physical and mental.  I used to wake up lethargic every morning and, after eating meals consisting of fast food and other unhealthy options, I wanted to do nothing more than to sleep or sit around and watch television.  I now have more energy, stamina, drive, and confidence.  After cutting out processed foods, empty carbs that come from sugar laden, fast food items, and food that is generally unhealthy, my life has changed dramatically.  Instead of focusing on weight loss or gains, instead I focus on what I feed my body; get to the gym, and the rest takes care of itself. I was already in the process of changing my lifestyle and eating habits, dropping over 60 lbs this year, as well as cutting my body fat in half. The overall changes have been nothing short of amazing.  In many instances, old friends don’t even recognize me due to the dramatic transformation. This competition was a way in which to accurately gauge what I ingested daily, and helped me to find a regimen that works well for me.  Dropping an additional 5% body fat over the 60 days opened my eyes to how important the foods we eat are. I have heard of the benefits of eating this way for years, and while I knew it could help me, actually seeing the differences has inspired me to continue, constantly challenging myself in all areas of my life. I did not add any paleo friendly items into my lifestyle, but instead stuck with a Whole30-style regimen the entire time. The success that I have felt in the gym has been astonishing to me.  I have made more progress in the last 3 months than I have had in the previous couple of years.  The confidence that I have gained from learning to fuel myself properly, and workout consistently has been a reversal of my previous self. Getting into the gym after eating properly is now something that I look forward to, and a priority in my life. It has been exciting to see the changes take place in my body, performance and life.  This is not something that is done for 60, 90, or even 120 days.  This is a lifestyle change that I will follow for years to come.   I feel alive, complete and look forward to each and every day! I look forward to seeing the progress that is still to come, and truly appreciate the help of the coaches with their advice, knowledge, and encouragement. Savannah S.

Savannah S

I never thought my life would change so drastically in just 8 weeks. I’ve had such a struggle with my weight, I figured the challenge was worth a shot. Adjusting to new habits was difficult, but with all the support from CFE, it made it a little bit easier. I never realized how the things you fuel your body with affect every aspect of your life so much. I know these new habits I’ve learned will stick with me – what an amazing experience! Since starting the challenge, I’ve lost 12lbs and gone from a size 7 to a size 3. Workouts feel less exhausting. I feel like I have so much more energy. I added 20 lbs. to my one rep max back squat, improving from 185 lbs. to 205 lbs. I also gained 5 lbs. on my dead lift, going from 225 lbs. to 230 lbs. Thank you CFE, and thank you Whole30. I feel like a new person.


I’ve done a food challenge before, but nothing as strict as Whole30. I don’t think I have ever craved chocolate so bad in my life. It is so amazing how your body reacts to taking out all things unnatural.  I usually have swelling in my hands and feet in the morning, and during the challenge I didn’t have that issue. It is so great to eat a full meal and not be bloated or feel the need to loosen your belt. I liked that it forced me to cook more and with fresh ingredients. I have so many paleo cookbooks and I really got some good use out of them. I had a few goals doing this challenge: 1. Lose some unnecessary weight and tone up 2. Increase my endurance at the gym 3. Create healthier food choices for my family I hit all my goals! I lost weight and (hopefully) gained some muscle, I’m able to give an extra push at the end of the workouts, I increased one whole round on my benchmark workout, and we found that we like some paleo recipes better than unhealthy ones. Now that the challenge is over, we are going to adopt the paleo lifestyle. Excited to keep the progress going! Joanna S

Joanna S.

I had avoided doing a Whole30 all year because there was always a birthday or event or something that would interfere, but I finally decided to stop making excuses and just jump in. I was a vegetarian, my birthday was the first week of the challenge, and I took the leap from Sweat Angels to CrossFit. It all seemed intimidating for me and I felt like there was no way I would make it through. I never realized how much willpower I had until this, but I also wouldn’t have made it without the support from my amazing family, friends, and coaches! My parents made me paleo foods at my birthday dinner – even a watermelon cake! At every weekend outing, my friends would walk around with me from restaurant to restaurant until we found one that had a Whole30/paleo option. This challenge definitely took a lot of planning and dedication- meal planning, and going to CrossFit most days of the week took up a lot of time. I feel leaner, stronger, and more confident than I could’ve ever imagined 2 months ago. My goal was not weight loss, but becoming stronger. And I definitely accomplished that. I was so amazed by the progress I had made with my final benchmark workouts. I’ve had to buy all new (smaller) pants and I’m down to the last hole on all my belts. I’ve always tried to stay active, but for the first time in my life I have found a lifestyle that I love and that gives me results. And the best part is that it’s sustainable! I love the food and how the food makes me feel, I love the workouts and how they make me feel. I’ve had so many friends and coworkers tell me I’ve inspired them and that they admire my dedication, which is not something I ever thought I would hear – I have a sweet tooth, and self control is (was) NOT my middle name. I love our CFE community for challenging me and supporting me, and for helping me become the best physical version of myself yet!

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