January 3, 2022

3 tips to easy Whole30 meals

Three Made by Whole30 meals on a white marble countertop

Changing your health, habits, and relationship with food is hard work. The Whole30 will challenge you in many ways, from learning to meal prep to navigating peer pressure to finding new ways to deal with stress. Our best tip is to create efficiencies wherever you can, to set Future You up for success. 

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the program, these three tried and true tips inspired by our Made By Whole30 fresh meals will help you succeed with the Whole30 with grace and ease.

Rethink “breakfast”

You’ll quickly get tired of eggs if you eat them every morning, but Whole30 breakfasts can (and should) go well beyond eggs. Reframing “breakfast” as “meal 1” can help you think outside the egg-box and discover other meals that can be prepped ahead, quickly reheated, and feel satisfying and delicious.

Try making a protein-rich chili or soup, a breakfast salad with salmon or chicken, a ground meat and veggie scramble, or reheating last night’s dinner. (Or sleep in; skip the prep, cooking, and dishes; and still enjoy a hearty, delicious meal with our next option!)

Give yourself a break

During your Whole30, you’ll be planning meals, grocery shopping, chopping vegetables, cooking, and washing dishes. If you’re new to the program or still learning your way around the kitchen, it can feel like a lot, especially at first. After a long workday, an afternoon of Zoom meetings, or a hectic day with the kids, it feels great to know you’ve got some hearty, delicious, ready-to-eat Whole30 meals in your fridge.

Made By Whole30 Meals feature more than a dozen options each week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Our chef-curated menu is rotated weekly, taking advantage of local, seasonal ingredients for effortless variety. You’ll get to choose your own your meals, adding breakfasts if your mornings are crunched or prioritizing dinner if you’re always tired by 5 PM. (The Whole30 should help with that!) Then, skip the hard work in the kitchen, sit down to a delicious Whole30 meal in just three minutes, and use all of that extra time to enjoy your Whole30 benefits.

Made by Whole30 Meals are available for nationwide delivery. Enter your ZIP code to see your local menu, and order delicious, compatible Whole30 meals.  

Made By Whole30 Made By Whole30

Don’t forget emergency food

Your only job during the Whole30 is to eat Whole30 foods. Sounds easy, right? Most of the time, it will be. But you never know when your flight will be delayed, your last meeting runs long, or your kid’s soccer game goes into overtime. Our number one rule: Have Whole30 compatible food with you at all times, just in case. Fruit, pre-cut veggies, nuts and seeds, meat sticks, a compatible RXBAR or Larabar, and single-serve packs of olives or nut butters travel well and can easily tide you over until your next meal.

Emergency food isn’t just for when you’re out and about; you should have ready-to-eat food at home too! Leftovers, hard-boiled eggs, a rotisserie chicken, or roasted veggies can help you throw a Whole30 meal together in a pinch. (Or, pop a Made By Whole30 meal in the microwave, and breakfast/lunch/dinner is served!)

Make your Whole30 easy

Made By Whole30’s chef-curated recipes feature local, seasonal produce and humanely-raised proteins, on a rotating menu that is easy to customize to your needs and tastes. If you need an “easy button” for your Whole30, this is it! Place your order today, and we’ll send fresh, delicious, fully cooked meals straight to your door, ready to heat and enjoy.

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