May 24, 2021

Sound Self Care: Nourishing Ourselves with Movement and Breathwork Event Replay

A graphic with headshots of Whole30's Chief Content Officer, Shanna Keller, yoga instructor Nicole Sciacca, and intuitive healer Siedeh Foxie. On the right of the graphic in big orange letters are the words “Sound Self Care: Nourishing Ourselves with Movement and Breathwork.

Our May #Whole30CommunityCares event had us nourishing ourselves through gentle movement and breathwork. Sound Self Care, hosted by Whole30’s Chief Content Officer Shanna Keller, was all about taking care of ourselves together. We started off the evening with guided movement led by yoga instructor and mobility specialist, Nicole Sciacca, before transitioning into breathwork practice with Siedeh Foxie, intuitive guide and healing arts practitioner. Siedeh closed the event with an invitation for us all to move forward with more compassion towards ourselves and others, and this event offered us an opportunity to practice just that.

Check out the free event replay below! The recording starts part-way through Nicole’s movement session.

Sound Self-Care: Nourishing Ourselves with Movement and Breathwork Replay: Nicole Sciacca, Siedeh Foxie

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