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Dear Melissa: Can I Influence My Teens to Find Their Food Freedom?

Dear Melissa,  Any advice on how to get semi-adult children to buy into the Whole30 (or at least whole foods over junk)? I didn’t set the best foundation for them, but I’ve learned a lot from doing multiple Whole30s and have tried to model that when they are home (ignoring the eye-rolling). Can I reinvent good nutritional […]

Dear Melissa: After My Whole30, Do I Have to Give Up My Friends?

Dear Melissa, I have done a few rounds of Whole30 and I am finally confident in my Food Freedom, making some pretty big changes in my diet and lifestyle over the past year. Throughout the process I have been very open with my close friends, and while they seemed to be supportive, lately it is […]

Friends, Family, and Food Freedom, with Melissa Hartwig

There’s an entire section in Food Freedom Forever about one of the most important topics: Friends, Family, and Food. Three chapters are designed to help you talk to people in your life about your new, healthy lifestyle in a way that brings you closer together, not further apart. To give you an idea of the material covered in this section, here is a short video clip from the Food Freedom Forever video shoot.