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How Melissa Urban Eats During a Pandemic: Part 2

The second part in a series on how the Whole30 CEO maintains her Food Freedom in a time of crisis."How does Melissa Urban Eat?" It's a popular question. Here's the second article in our series, all about how the Whole30 CEO maintains her Food Freedom.
Food Freedom Forever Book

What is Food Freedom?

Food freedom is feeling in control of the food that you eat, instead of food controlling you.Melissa Urban describes food freedom as feeling in control of the food you eat, instead of food controlling you. Learn how to find yours.
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A Food Freedom Forever Conversation, With Melissa Urban

If you recently wrapped up your #Whole30 and are asking the question, "Okay... now what?" Food Freedom Forever is my answer. These videos are an insider peek into Food Freedom Forever, as I share concepts and insights from the book with the group. No matter where you are in your...Hear Melissa Urban explain the concept of Food Freedom in her own words, in three exclusive videos filmed in front of a live audience.

Understanding Food Freedom Forever, With Melissa Urban

Food Freedom Forever was released last week and I've been thrilled to see how the Whole30 community has embraced the idea that it is possible to build a healthy, intuitive, and sustainable relationship with food. Today, we're sharing three videos that were filmed during an event in Salt Lake City...The Whole30 Headmistress explains Food Freedom Forever concepts, in her own words.
what is food freedom?

What is Food Freedom?

If I had to describe “food freedom” in one sentence, it’s this: Food freedom is feeling in control of the food that you eat, instead of food controlling you. Food freedom is about indulging when it’s worth it, passing when it isn’t, and never feeling guilt or shame for doing...How will you navigate your life after Whole30? In Food Freedom Forever, Melissa Urban explains her three-step food freedom program.
Melissa's One Bite Rule

Life After Your Whole30: The One Bite Rule

From Melissa Urban, who maybe isn’t actually a donut person When I was in Portland, OR for the Whole30 book tour, I was told by basically everyone on the internet that I had to try one of Portland’s famous donut joints—either Voodoo or Blue Star. As I do enjoy a good...
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