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A Whole Mamas Preview: Thinking Critically About “Wine Mom” Culture

A Note from Whole30 CEO Melissa Hartwig: This week we’re thrilled to launch Whole Mamas, a community-inspired online roadmap to help women and their support systems navigate the entire journey of motherhood, from a Whole30 perspective. Whole Mamas provides blogs, podcasts, live chats, and resources to support mamas in every stage of the journey, from […]

Dear Melissa: Can I Influence My Teens to Find Their Food Freedom?

Dear Melissa,  Any advice on how to get semi-adult children to buy into the Whole30 (or at least whole foods over junk)? I didn’t set the best foundation for them, but I’ve learned a lot from doing multiple Whole30s and have tried to model that when they are home (ignoring the eye-rolling). Can I reinvent good nutritional […]

Dear Melissa: Am I My Brother’s Whole30 Keeper?

Quick quiz: your friend posts on social media that she’s doing a “Whole30 plus half and half in her coffee.” What do you do? According to Melissa Hartwig, that answer depends on a few factors, including if your friend has asked you for support or not. To read her perspective on tough-loving your friends into Whole30 compliance, read this Dear Melissa article.

Dear Melissa: My Husband is the Hardest Part of my Whole30

In this Dear Melissa, we’re tackling a very popular question and talking to those of you with an unruly spouse who, despite your best efforts, just doesn’t lend enough support you during your program together. Doing the Whole30 together can provide incredible benefits, but can pose some serious challenges. Read Melissa’s favorite strategies here.

How to be a Healthy Mama, and Get the Support You Deserve

As a Registered Dietitian (R.D.) who specializes in pregnancy and post-partum health, I thought it would be easy for me to create and follow the “perfect plan” during my own pregnancy. I quickly discovered this wasn’t the case. Turns out, pregnancy was the one time in my life when I second-guessed every decision I made, even if it made complete sense.

How to be a Healthy Mama and Grow a Happy Baby

by Melissa Hartwig, who ate at least three bagels during her pregnancy (the gluten-y kind) and her kid turned out JUST FINE. My son is 2-1/2, so I still remember my pregnancy well. Do you know how I spent most of it? Buried in books, online message boards, and pregnancy-related websites. So much so that at […]

Dear Melissa: Grandparents Behaving Badly

Have the Grandparents of the family been unsupportive of your Whole30 efforts with your kiddos? This is definitely an emotionally-charged issue, but Melissa Hartwig has some excellent advice and strategies for both the Parents AND the Grandparents for having this important conversation.

Dear Melissa: My Whole30 Buddy is a Total Downer

Welcome to Dear Melissa, where I answer your questions about transitioning into or completing a Whole30, successfully sticking to your new healthy habits, and figuring out how to make this lifestyle work in the real world. Today, I’m talking to those of you with a Whole30 buddy who’s kind of bringing you down, and wondering what to do […]

Dear Melissa: I’m Worried About My Grandkids on the Whole30

We’re seeing so many families taking on a Whole30 together, kids and all, and we think that’s wonderful! However, If you’ve experienced some less-than-enthusiastic responses from other family members for attempting a family Whole30, check out Melissa Hartwig’s advice as she addresses the concerns of a grandmother on the value of her grandkids Whole30’ing alongside their parents.