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Dear Melissa: The Whole30 and Eating Disorders

Welcome to Dear Melissa, where I answer your questions about the Whole30 and Food Freedom. Today, we’re talking about a serious subject: whether the Whole30 is appropriate for those recovering from or still navigating an eating disorder. Dear Melissa, I had multiple eating disorders for more than 20 years. I...Should I do the Whole30 if I've had an eating disorder? Dr. Emily Dean Harvard psychiatrist helps to tackle this question.

Do you REALLY want to quit the Whole30®?

Did you know that Days 10-11 are when you are most likely to throw in the towel on your Whole30® program? It’s true—we’ve compiled hundreds of data points in a scientific-ish survey, and Days 10-11 are where most people bail (or want to). We can make a few guesses why...
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