“All in all, I’d say it was a giant success: Stephanie’s Story”

Charleston, SC
Stephanie Brooks

When my boyfriend and I started the Whole30, I was a little overwhelmed learning what food was compatible for the 30 days and what wasn’t. It was a lot of label reading. Especially during a pandemic, which is enough to overwhelm anyone. It was my first time trying to navigate Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. It was my first time cooking multiple meals a day. It was my first time using a lot of new ingredients (which luckily only turned into a disaster once.. darn coconut milk explosion!)

But once we got a good understanding of the basic things to steer clear of, it definitely got easy within a matter of days. We settled into our new routine and the way we feel now isn’t just about a lower number on the scale. Some things we noticed are:

• Improved mental clarity/Better focus
• More productivity
• Sharper senses
• Less inflammation/bloating
• No more mid-day slump
• Improved dry skin
• Overall mood is happier
• Healthier relationship with food
• Clothes fit better
• Fewer cravings

All in all, I’d say it was a giant success! I absolutely need to give a huge thank you to my Certified Whole30 Coach, Meg, who was always around for any questions that I had and put together a great support group on Slack and conducted weekly meetings on Zoom to help us to all stay connected.