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Three weeks into Whole30, I was a new person. By the last day I knew that my life was forever changed. I felt AMAZING.

I am forever grateful to the Whole30 community as my first experience forever changed my life. I was on so many meds, my mind, body and spirit were not connected. I had chronic pain, TIAs, fibro, migraines and my brain was in a constant fog. I was searching for a solution when one day at the bookstore I came across the Whole30 Book. I glanced at it in passing, I couldn’t focus but was intrigued, that night, in my middle of the night scrolling on insta I saw it again and went down the rabbit hole. IT WAS THE BEST THING I DID! I had already started hiking when I wasn’t in agony, I was trying to get off my meds but struggling to do so. I was lethargic all the time but that night, there was something so absolute about my decision. I remember getting up and googling the food list and menu planning. I’ve always loved to cook so I was up for it. I batch cooked every few days, I moved my body everyday, and I practised gratitude.

One week into Whole30, I started to notice my inflammation going down, 2 weeks into I finally slept through the night after 5 years of not being able to. 3 weeks into Whole30, I was a new person. By the last day I knew that my life was forever changed. I felt AMAZING.

I took my time introducing foods, I knew if I wanted this great feeling to last I would have to methodically test everything. It took me another month to do so. It was worth it. Today I am med-free, pain-free and full of gratitude to this community.

I still do a round every January, some foods have forever been excluded from my diet, other foods I have in moderation. This program works if you work it. You are doing this for YOU so give it your all. You are worth it!

Published by Stephanie Kelley

Stephanie Kelley, our Social Media Content Manager, lives in Denver, CO and is a wife, mom and wanna-be shredding guitarist with an immense love for meeting and connecting with people. She thrives on sharing her life experiences, whether it’s writing a blog post about overcoming a personal struggle, creating a new song with her drummer husband, or simply sharing what she’s making for dinner. These experiences all matter to her, especially if she’s using her creativity and making meaningful connections along the way.