Tony in a blue shirt with palm trees

After I got through the first week or so, my Lyme symptoms started to subside.

After I was diagnosed with Lyme disease, my friend Sarah Jo told me about her positive experience with the Whole30 program. I read It Starts With Food, and was off to the Whole30 races.

The first week was VERY difficult. It was a big adjustment to not have cereal and milk for breakfast, or just grabbing something quick and easy to go. The “no snacking” recommendation was an eye opener.

After I got through the first week or so, my Lyme symptoms started to subside. When that Tiger Blood kicked in, I knew I had to go longer than 30 days to keep the Lyme symptoms at bay. When I told my doctor about my Whole30 experience, he told me that if it’s keeping my symptoms under control I should stick with it.

In addition to an improvement in my Lyme symptoms, I experienced other great NSVs: my pants fit better, my mood improved, I was sleeping better than I had in a really long time and I had a LOT more energy.

During my Reintroduction experience I learned that dairy is not my friend and that sticking to 3 meals a day is a great way to heal my relationship with food.

Now, I eat according to Whole30 principles 90% of the time and the other 10%, I live my food freedom with certain paleo treats, homemade desserts with clean ingredients and certain sauces that cause minimal Lyme reaction.

My relationship with food has completely changed because of Whole30 principles. I no longer struggle with emotional eating or unwind with food. I’ve learned how to enjoy celebrations with food choices that work for me. I’ve been able to keep off 70 lbs over the years.

I also have been able to help many friends, family members and people on social media with Whole30. My experience and success has spilled out to countless people. It’s been a very welcoming and wonderful community. – Tony