Whole30 made me the best me I can be.

I had sinus surgery in August 2017 after having chronic sinus infections for almost nine months and pneumonia the year before. As a 23-year-old I was discouraged by being ill all the time.

I wanted to “enjoy my 20s” like everyone else. I would still drink alcohol and eat whatever I wanted to cope with the frustration. I told myself that since I was sick, I couldn’t exercise.

I wasn’t happy with my health, my appearance or how I was feeling. I thought there was nothing I could do about it. I told myself, “This is how it is.”

After I got my sinus surgery, I could breathe again. I became more active and I loved the feeling of NOT being sick. I switched my attitude and focused on enjoying my life and taking care of my body.

I packed healthier lunches for work and exercised more. But there were days I felt completely bloated, tired, or had headaches. I was curious as to what caused these minor discomforts. So I did the Whole30 in June. It has made me the best ME I can be.

I found that gluten makes me bloated and upsets my GI system. Sugar does the same and gives me headaches. Dairy gives me congestion. And alcohol makes unbelievably congested and upsets my GI system.

It is nice to know I have control of how I feel. I can decide if some foods and situations are worth the aftermath. Drinks with an old friend to catch up on our lives? Yeah I’ll be congested the next day, but worth it.

Bagels in the break room at work when I’ve already eaten breakfast? Really not worth it. So I’m excited to share with you that my one-year check up went really well and my sinuses look great! I am so happy!