Floritza G.

New York City, NY

Whole30 was my breaking point and my resurrection.

I was looking for the next best thing; when a coworker introduced me to this program, at first I was only in it for the weight loss.

I was dating a manipulative narcissist who made me feel insufficient and uncomfortable about my weight, and I suffered from chronic anxiety which led to a laundry list of health issues.

I never felt good enough. At first Whole30 was just another diet; a way to get him to love me; an attempt for me to love myself. They were the hardest and most life-changing thirty days. I didn’t have food or alcohol to run to. I had to face myself and my insecurities.

My mind was crisp and clear … this was my breaking point and my resurrection.

It was hard to find products that were compatible; I live in the Bronx and there’s not much going on here when it comes to healthy options (or so I thought). Most of the Whole30 Approved brands were either too expensive for my budget or not accessible.

I got creative and did research to understand this program, in hopes that I could find local brands that were compatible.

As a Dominican woman, I felt most of the recipes out there lacked the excitement and seasoned flair I’m accustomed to. I hit the pavement, got to know local markets and learned how to make this experience life changing and tasty.

That dedication taught me to love myself. To set parameters and to say “no, I can’t right now.” Those thirty days of connecting with myself, my body and my spirit allowed me to separate myself from that toxic relationship; control my anxiety; get to know the essence of who I truly am and build a healthy relationship with food. That was the ultimate non-scale victory.

Today I am an active and avid promoter of the Whole30 program and its benefits. I create compatible Latin cuisine, share local and affordable compatible products and translate the program to Spanish speakers so they can reap the benefits.

I’ve helped pioneer Whole30 en español through different challenge groups. I want to reinvent what being healthy is all about within my local minority communities.

I am a proud Latina. I am proud to be a voice for a program that unlike diets really sets the tone for long lasting, sustained change. I am Whole30, hear me roar!