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Whole30 was the tool I needed to set goals in my personal life that were physically out of reach before.

I have cerebral palsy. A year ago I couldn’t stand or walk for more than 10 minutes, falling often. I needed help doing basic chores or cooking. I used a walker and a mobility scooter. One of my doctors warned me that if I kept down this path, I’d eventually need a wheelchair. ⠀

I was a dieter and avid calorie counter for 13 years. Every meal left me feeling hungry or guilty. I was desperate for change, so I joined a gym in February 2017. One of the trainers there mentioned Whole30.⠀

I figured it was just a trendy diet, but tried it for myself. I failed a lot, but with time, eventually was able to let go of my walker. I still struggled though, so I promised myself that the next time my gym offered a Whole30 challenge, I’d do it. In January 2018, I joined one, led by Whole30 Certified Coach Autumn Michaelis.⠀

I learned so much about myself and how to view food. Exercise is no longer a punishment for eating poorly. Junk food is not a reward for making it to the gym. The best part was all the GOOD food I got to eat. I wasn’t hungry and never felt guilty. At the beginning I had doubt, but Autumn said it was going to be okay, and that I should trust the program. I did. ⠀

It’s amazing how a shift in attitude and diet can change everything. With the right food fueling my body and awesome fitness classes, I’m much stronger. It’s easier to deal with my physical limitations. I usually wear leg braces, but I’ve been so active that I now need new, stronger braces.⠀

Autumn is passionate about what she does; it’s contagious. She helped me when I was worried, and I never felt like I was bothering her with an email or question. She taught me that Whole30 is more than a diet trend; it’s about changing your mindset. She was the daily encouragement I needed. ⠀

I came away with knowledge and accomplishments I never imagined. Whole30 was the tool I needed to set goals in my personal life that were physically out of reach before. I will keep going, forever grateful to everyone who encouraged and helped me, even in the smallest way.

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