Your Exclusive Whole30 Share Graphics

Hey There, Whole30’er!

You have committed to dedicating the month of January to changing your life. Share that commitment with your family and friends on social media with these January Whole30 graphics. And, remind yourself of your commitment everyday with our fun printable calendar.

To download the graphics and calendar:

  • Click on the image you want to use. The full-size image will load.
  • Right click on the full-size image and choose “Save Image As,” or save the image to your smartphone’s camera roll
  • Make it your Facebook Cover, an Instagram post, a Tweet, your new blog header, your desktop background, your email signature, your phone lock screen, your TikTok profile photo, AND text it at least once to everyone in your contacts list. (Or, you know, use it however you see fit.)

Facebook Cover Image

These graphics were created specifically sized for a Facebook Cover.

I'm doing the 2024 January Whole30 Facebook Cover Image

Twitter Cover Image

This graphic was specifically sized for a Twitter Cover.

I'm doing the 2024 January Whole30 Twitter Cover Image

Instagram and Twitter Image

We couldn’t choose just one favorite from the images below, so we decided to give you a couple. Now you have options. These are square, so they work especially great as Instagram posts and Tweets.

Social Media Profile Images

Whole30 Printable Timeline

For years, creative Whole30’ers have been making their own Whole30 Timeline calendars and using them to count down their days. We’re so thrilled to make this printable calendar a permanent part of our Whole30 resources here on our website. We were especially inspired by this kicky version by Instagrammer @aroe816.

Print it out, post it somewhere you’ll see it every day, and cross out days with a BIG RED X as you finish them. Trust us, it feels really good, and it is an easy way to keep yourself accountable. Just think about how satisfying it will feel to wake up on Day 31 and look at all of those red X’s.