Whole30 Drinks: Meet Our Whole30 Approved Beverage Partners

We have a wide range of Whole30 Approved Beverage partners that will keep you hydrated and satisfied for all 30 days of your program and beyond. Use our guide below to find your new favorite Whole30 drinks.

To learn more about the criteria we require for our Whole30 Approved label, click here. To inquire about joining our family of Whole30 Approved partners, click here.

Whole30 Drinks: Whole30 Approved Cold Beverages


ShrubblyOld-fashioned Shrubs made modern with common wellness shot ingredients & sparkling water. Bubbling with flavor & goodness from the organic fruit we grow, herbs, spices, & ACV. Not powder. Enjoy daily as a naturally different way to stay refreshed.

Beak and Skiff

Beak and SkiffThe first Whole30 Approved© CBD brand! Organic Sparkling Waters with 20mg CBD per serving, 0 Calories & 0 Sugar. Hydrate with a boost! Use code WHOLE30 for 15% off.

Hoplark HopTea

Hoplark HopTeaThey’re what happens when you brew tea like a craft beer. Clean, simple ingredients deliver brilliant hop flavors and aromas without the additives.


LaCroixNaturally Essenced Sparkling Water. 0-Calorie 0-Sweetner 0-Sodium = Innocent


LMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix

LMNT – LMNT Raw takes a “No BS” approach, delivering the electrolyte ratio you need and nothing you don’t. Yes, that means lots of salt and no sugar or sweeteners. *NOTE: Only the Raw Unflavored LMNT is Whole30-compatible.


MALK – MALK is the cleanest brand of organic plant-based milks available on store shelves and offers the only line of cold-pressed nut milks made with sprouted nuts.

New Barn Organics

New Barn Organics – Clean, organic unsweetened almond milk, non-dairy creamer, and veggie-based almond dips that taste like homemade and only use simple, quality ingredients.


SOUND – SOUND is the next evolution in sparkling.  Sparkling water infused with organic tea, botanicals and fruit extracts.  Completely unsweetened and Certified Organic.

Kite Sparkling Botanicals

Kite – Kite organic, sparking botanical infusions brewed with adaptogens. Organic certified and free of sugar, sweeteners or natural flavors, it’s Time to Rise, Align & Unwind with Kite! Use code Whole30 to receive 15% off.

Aura Bora

Aura Bora – From the land to your hand, meet Aura Bora. Their sparkling waters are made from herbs, fruits, and flowers for earthly tastes and heavenly feelings.

Waterloo Sparkling Water

Waterloo Sparkling Water – Born & Based in Austin, TX, Waterloo packs a flavor-forward punch into each refreshing and thirst-quenching can. Made with Non-GMO Project verified flavors, free of calories, sodium, sugar, & artificial sweeteners.


Humm – The first and only kombucha to be Whole30 Approved ®, Humm is packed with probiotics, organic ingredients and comes in five absurdly tasty and refreshing flavors.

8th Wonder Tea

8th Wonder Tea – 8th Wonder Superfood Sparkling Tea powers your body with ancient ingredients used to fuel adventure for thousands of years. Each can of organic Sparkling Tea has zero added sugar and is infused with real fruit juice plus herbal adaptogens to help aid digestion, relaxation, energy and more!

Whole30 Drinks: Whole30 Approved Warm Beverages

Encha Macha

Encha Matcha packages on a light green background

Encha Macha – Experience cleaner, healthier energy with Encha Matcha. Our pure, organic matcha tea powder is always the highest quality and best tasting, shade-grown, hand-ground, and sourced directly from Uji, Japan.

Jade Leaf Matcha

Jade Leaf Matcha – Farm-direct, organic Japanese matcha — always at a fair price. Their new Matcha Latte Infusions include nourishing adaptogens for extra benefits. Use code WHOLE30 for 20% off your first order!


MUD\WTR – They’re not mad at coffee.  Just Disappointed.  Here’s something better.


Rasa – Coffee alternatives that don’t suck. Perk up + chill out at the same time with their organic, adaptogen-packed herbal blends. Love java? Try Dirty! Code WHOLE30 = 20% off.

Tumeric Teas

Turmeric Teas – Tea with benefits. Enjoy organic tea and latte blends with turmeric that help heal you from within, and help fight world hunger one cup at a time with their Buy One, Feed One program. Take 15% OFF your order with code WHOLE30.

Published by Alyssa Anthony

Alyssa Anthony, our Brand Partnership Manager, is a proud West Virginian (GO HERD!) living in Austin, Texas with her husband Evan and their two boxers. With a background in marketing and sales, Alyssa has spent the the better part of a decade working with food and beverage brands in the Whole30 Approved network. When she’s not managing projects for Whole30, you can find her scoping out new coffee shops for her Instagram feed or practicing photography.