April 15, 2024

Explore the new Whole30 website with us

The new Whole30 logo

You know how good it feels to make positive changes—that’s why you came to the Whole30 in the first place. We’ve never been afraid of change, especially when it means improving the Whole30 for you, our community. The program has evolved with new research and scientific insights. Our voice has also grown so that we include and welcome anyone who wants to be part of the Whole30.

Now, we’ve upgraded our entire website to better serve you and anyone who wants to transform their health, habits, and relationship with food.

Our reimagined, reorganized, and refreshed website represents over a year of hard work, research, and community feedback. The result is a beautiful new site that makes it even easier for you to succeed with the Whole30—whether that’s discovering delicious new recipes, finding the resources you need, and reading the latest insights from Melissa Urban and Whole30 HQ.

We’ve gathered a list to highlight some of the features we like best—and hope you will, too. So join us on a quick tour of the new Whole30.com!

9 reasons to love the new Whole30.com

1. You can’t miss the new design:

A variety of new colors complement our Original Whole30 blue and Plant-Based green, and a fresh approach to photos and imagery better represents the diverse Whole30 community. This feast for your eyes also showcases our delicious food and recipes even more than before.

2. Enjoy a simplified experience throughout the site—on your phone or computer:

The new Whole30.com makes it easy to find what you need from our vast library of resources and content. Click through our simplified menus on our regular and mobile site so you can access everything you need at your fingertips. This comes in handy for all of you visiting us from your phones.

3. Quickly find exactly what you’re looking for:

You’ll see that the overall site search is more robust and accurate. Sections like recipes, articles, Whole30 success stories, and more are now searchable and come with simple filtering to help you find exactly what you need.

4. Can I Have? answers are easier to get than ever:

The redesigned “Can I Have?” sections for the Original and Plant-Based programs have a new search function to easily deliver the answers you need. A streamlined design also shortens your scroll when you’re trying to find out if green beans are compatible. (They are!)

5. Brand-new FAQs:

We love helping you on your Whole30 journey. So we’ve woven that supportive ethos into the new site by adding robust FAQs to multiple pages. Now you can more easily find actionable answers in real time by searching the FAQs.

6. Recipes section improvements:

You now have an optimized recipe search and easy-to-use browsing features. You might also notice streamlined recipe categorizations, and a refreshed look to recipe pages, all of which make cooking a recipe from our site a snap. Whole30 recipes are one of the most popular features on the site—so we put extra attention into making this section of the site as user-friendly as possible.

7. Your success takes the spotlight:

Whole30 success stories are a celebration of you. And the new Whole30.com puts you, our community and the true heart of Whole30, front and center. You’ll find more Whole30 success stories throughout the site, and be able to search for the stories that resonate with or inspire you the most. 

8. Updated language:

The Whole30 evolves and responds to the changing needs of the community. You’ll notice a shift in the way we talk about the program, the tone of the writing, and some of the specific language we use. What you read across the site today reflects Melissa Urban’s approach to writing The New Whole30 (coming out August 6, 2024!). This is part of the growth Melissa talks about, and a way to make the program as accessible and welcoming to as many people as possible. 

9. A library of helpful resources awaits:

You came here to change your life with our program. And the new Whole30.com brings help directly to your digital device with a central location for all the resources you need to succeed on your journey. Find articles, books, downloads, videos, FAQs, and a one-stop shop for products to make your Whole30 as smooth, enjoyable, and insightful as possible.

Redesigned with you in mind

Everything we do at Whole30 starts with our community—every recipe we share, every resource we create, every book we write all starts with you. Every decision we made while redesigning the site was intended to make your Whole30 journey more comfortable, more effective, and more successful. 

We hope you find our remodeled digital home a welcoming, supportive, and user-friendly place to change your health, your habits, and your relationship with food.

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