February 14, 2020

The 4 Season Solution: A Message from Dallas Hartwig

The 4 Season Solution HERO

This post was written by Dallas Hartwig, and sponsored by Atria, publishers of The 4 Season Solution

I’ve spent my entire career trying to help people find their way to better health. While I’ve often focused on one of the most important components of living well—food—as many of you know from successful Whole30 experiences, a healthier relationship with food can bring the desire to address other areas of health. 

In order to achieve effortless, sustainable wellness and fully realize your individual potential, you must look at all of your health behaviors. Just as meeting your nutrient needs is essential to feeling your best, and so is your physical activity, sleep cycles, and patterns of human connection. All of these factors impact your health in myriad and surprising ways, and are deeply interconnected. 

Sleep, Eat, Move and Connect: The Four Keys of Health

My four keys of health—which I call Sleep, Eat, Move, and Connect—have been present in my thinking since before co-writing It Starts with Food and The Whole30. I’ve learned a lot in these intervening years as I worked through my own stress, exhaustion, heartbreak and depression, and searched for deeper meaning. These personal experiences helped to refine and deepen my understanding of living well, and I incorporated those insights into a long-standing model of health. 

The Whole30 program is the ideal place to clarify your relationship with food and start learning about the unique dietary approach that works best for you. The 4 Season Solution describes a long-term paradigm for living well in four key areas of life. These perspectives are very much in agreement. In fact, the vast majority of people who complete a Whole30 find it to be a truly pivotal moment in their personal health journeys, and by the end of their program, they are ready to tackle other the aspects of health I include in The 4 Season Solution

Discovering how lonliness effects health (and what you can do about it)

I hope that you’ll read The 4 Season Solution to make other easy yet surprisingly powerful shifts that will set you on a path toward a simpler, happier, and more energetic way of living. One of the most exciting observations I’ve made over the last decade is how incredibly resilient and buoyant people are when the restrictions of our unhealthy, modern world are whittled away. For example, making better food choices seems to crack open an internal reservoir of emotional energy, creativity, and joy. 

The same is true of optimizing your circadian rhythms (including your sleep cycles), your physical activity, and—perhaps most powerfully— the way you relate to other people. Many of us (myself included) feel the strain of chronic comparison with others, loneliness, and difficulty connecting deeply with our loved ones. The 4 Season Solution addresses those aspects, too, because all the good food and exercise in the world won’t optimize your quality of life unless you also change the way you relate to others. We need each other, and my book honors that biological imperative in a practical and accessible way. 

Better Living Through Living Better

This new book represents nearly a decade of thinking, researching, and experimenting to create a new paradigm for living well. I can’t tell you how happy I am to introduce The 4 Season Solution to the Whole30 audience. While it’s deeply steeped in evolutionary biology and human physiology, it’s written as a practical and readable plan that you can use immediately to shift lifestyle patterns to improve health, happiness, and the richness of your daily experience. 

I believe this book can help readers find wellness across the four keys of health. The 4 Season Solution encapsulates my ethos on living with purpose and balance, honoring our deep intuitions, and mitigating the mental health costs of existing in such a frenetic, off-kilter world, all without becoming a zealot or a hermit. I think of it as better living through living better. I’ve outlined a natural plan for a very unnatural world, and I hope that the ideas in this book change your life as radically as they have mine. 

I’m absolutely thrilled to share this book with you, and I hope you’ll want to learn more. 

This post is sponsored by Atria, publishers of The 4 Season Solution