October 27, 2014

Whole30 and Weight Loss: Katie K.’s Story


Sometimes, we are completely astounded by the stories our Whole30 Program participants send us. Today, we’re featuring Katie K. from Davenport, IA, who used the Whole30 Program to lose more than 100 pounds and gain the energy and confidence to live live to its fullest.

Katie’s Story

“I had a baby in April 2011. With all that goes along with a new baby and not having enough time for myself, I had let myself get to an unhealthy place, somewhere I had never been before. I knew I needed to change my ways, but was not sure how.  I had tried many other weight loss programs in the past and gained back everything I lost and then some. I tried to find to motivation to exercise but always found an excuse not to.  I was tired of going shopping and never finding anything, always shopping on the plus-size side of the store. All these things were spiraling me into a depression, feeling like I was not good enough for anything. Katie-06.01.2014When my friend told me about It Starts With Food in May 2013, I immediately ordered the book and decided that I was going to read it and find a way to make it work in my life. I was tired of being tired, lazy, overweight, and not able to keep up with my daughter. I read the book over a few days, printed off the food lists, and went shopping. I was determined to find the foods I could eat! That grocery store trip took me several hours and I read so many labels my head was spinning, but I had accomplished my first step. I prepped food for what seemed like hours, and made some recipes that I could put in the freezer for easy dinners when the week got crazy. I had my last Diet Mountain Dew on May 30, 2013, and never looked back. Katie-05.11.14During my first Whole30, I found that I slept better, my face was bright and clear, and I could perform better at work. Because of the foods that I was eating, I found I never had the bloated tummy feeling. I also was able to continue running during that time. My times got faster and running was getting easier as the pounds fell off. During the month of June, I lost 20 pounds and several inches, and I was motivated to continue this lifestyle. I would get a smile on my face every time I had to enter my weight on the treadmill, and each time it was just a little lower! Katie-08.2014The pounds and inches continued to come off, and I was building muscle with the running. I did my second Whole30 in September 2013. I lost 15 more pounds and (again) countless inches. My weight loss total at that point was 50 pounds, and I was feeling on top of the world! I was actually accomplishing something! People were noticing the weight loss and asking what I was doing to lose weight. I could not wait to share It Starts with Food with all of them! I was able to share my knowledge with friends and family, and helped motivate some.  I loved seeing their results and sharing their success as well. Katie-Oct-2014I returned to my Whole30 lifestyle in October 2013 and have not stopped. My weight loss to date is 126lbs (and counting)! I am more confident, stronger mentally and physically, and I credit it all to the Whole30 program. Without It Starts With Food and the support I have received along the way I would not be where I am today, living life to the fullest. Even if I do not lose another pound, I am happy with my results, thanks to the lifestyle changes I made and continue with even today.”

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