October 17, 2016

#Whole30Approved: Introducing Snap Kitchen


Today we’re introducing you to Snap Kitchen, the one-stop healthy meal shop offering Whole30 Approved meals in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, and Philadelphia. We asked longtime Whole30 community contributor and Dallas-based blogger Andrea of Loubies and Lulu to visit a Snap Kitchen location and share her thoughts on their Whole30 Approved menu and how she uses Snap Kitchen meals to support her healthy-eating habits, during a Whole30 and beyond.

Snap Kitchen: My Favorite Whole30 On The Go Meals

snap-kitchen-feature-1 When I heard that Snap Kitchen was Whole30 Approved, I was thrilled.  Over the past few years, it’s become a family favorite for healthy meals on the go. I feel confident eating there anytime, and especially when I’m doing a Whole30.  There are many delicious choices that fit within the Whole30 rules. Snap Kitchen rotates their menu seasonally and they use local, organic ingredients whenever possible.  I like the consistency of their core menu items and look forward to fresh, new additions each season. I also appreciate their commitment to using transparent, easy-to-read labels on all of their meals. While cooking real food at home is key to your Whole30 success, I also know the reality of balancing a busy life while trying to keep healthy eating a priority. Sometimes it’s necessary to have a quick grab-and-go option, and you can’t beat the convenience of Snap Kitchen. You can stop into their stores and pick up meals to go, and in some locations you can order through a delivery service or call in your order and request curbside pickup.

Is Snap Kitchen in your neghborhood? Click here to see a map of their locations.

Snap Kitchen doesn’t take a one size fits all approach to portions; most of their entrees are available in two (or three) sizes. You can choose the size that fits your needs. If you need more at a meal, size up or add an extra vegetable or fruit side, portion of protein, or side salad.  They’ve also changed their salad options so that you can choose a “base salad” and then add your protein of choice.

How Snap Kitchen Meals Support my Whole30 and Beyond

snap-kitchen-feature-2 For my family, Snap Kitchen is convenient for times our schedule gets extra busy and we don’t have time to prep and eat at home. Here’s how I use Snap Kitchen meals:

  • I pick up Snap Kitchen meals and snacks on days when my family is out for hours on end at sports competitions and events for our children.  I pack a cooler bag with our selections and we’re ready for whatever the day brings, with fresh, Whole30 compatible food that fuels our activities.
  • I stock up on a few meals and snacks when we have a couple of non-stop days coming up.  Then, when we’re in the midst of it, I don’t have to cook.  We grab something to take along or to heat up quickly and eat before heading out to work, school, the gym, or sporting events.
  • My kids love Snap Kitchen.  My spicy food loving 13 year old enjoys the Chimichurri Beef with spinach and carrots, and my 5 year old chooses the Crispy Scottish Salmon with carrots and zucchini almost every time.
  • I pick up a selection of entrees and snacks before I visit a friend who’s just had a baby.  New moms are always so appreciative of healthy meals they don’t have to cook in those first few sleep-deprived months! It would also be a nice gesture to bring some nourishing Snap Kitchen meals to a friend who is under the weather, too.

My Snap Kitchen Sample Menu

snap-kitchen-feature-3 Snap Kitchen offers Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner options, as well as snacks and beverages.  I’ve put together a Two-Day Sample Menu of what “Whole30 at Snap Kitchen” might look like, featuring some of my personal favorites!

Is Snap Kitchen in your neghborhood? Click here to see a map of their locations.

Day One Breakfast:  Beef Sweet Potato Scramble and Cold Pressed Coffee (either black or with a splash of their Chai Cashew Shake… delicious!) Lunch:  Turkey Picadillo Stuffed Peppers and Garden Greens Side Salad Juice (optional):  Super Greens (love this one because its all green and low in sugar) Dinner:  Classic Nicoise Salad with Grilled Chicken, Beef, or Shrimp and Balsamic Vinaigrette. Emergency Food: Almonds and a fruit bowl Day Two Breakfast:  Brisket Hash (no sauce) and Cold Pressed Coffee with Almond Milk Post Workout Snack:  Hard Boiled Eggs and Fruit Bowl Lunch:  Crispy Chicken or Crispy Salmon and Garden Greens Salad with Vinaigrette Dinner:  Chimichurri Beef and Side of Roasted Cauliflower, Organic Green Tea To see Snap Kitchen’s full Whole30 Approved menu, visit their site and choose “Whole30” from the Preferences menu. A green mark will appear above each of their Whole30 compatible items. If you’re in a city that has a Snap Kitchen, and you’re currently Whole30’ing or developing your Food Freedom in your life after Whole30, I encourage you to stop into one of their locations and give their Whole30 Approved menu a try. Header and post photos by Megan Weaver. This post was sponsored by Snap Kitchen

Save Save Sa IMG_4322Andrea is the creator of the fitness and style blog, Loubies and Lulu. A native of Taos, NM, she and her family currently reside in Dallas, TX. She stumbled upon the Whole30 in 2013 and she credits it with changing her relationship with food and helping her come to a place of true “food freedom” in her recovery from eating disorders. She’s passionate about helping newcomers discover the Whole30 and blogging about her experiences. Save Save Save Save Save Save