March 16, 2021

Women’s Work: Founders in Food, Health, and Wellness Event Replay

Whole30 March Community Cares Event Infographic

Our March Whole30 Community Cares Event, Women’s Work: Founders in Food, Health, and Wellness, featured Whole30 Co-Founder and CEO, Melissa Urban in conversation with some of our favorite leaders in the health and wellness industry: Beatrice Dixon (Founder and CEO of The Honey Pot Co), Kaisa Keranen (Founder of KaisaFit),  Nicole Cardoza (Founder of Antiracism Daily and Wellemental ), Richa Gupta (Founder of Good Food for Good), and Tonya Rapley (Founder of My Fab Finance and Owner of Club Loofah).

These founders shared their personal stories, successes, and visions for the future of holistic wellness, while gathered in dialogue around broadening what it truly means to be well in today’s world. Together they explored the ways in which personal health, wellness, and success are unique to each individual and not defined by a look or size or income, but by how we feel when we listen deeply to ourselves.

Presented by our partner, KaisaFit.

We’re honored to have KaisaFit as our presenting partner for this month’s event. As a part of the Whole30 Community, you’ve trusted us to help you change your life through your relationship with food. And now we want to offer you a trusted resource in KaisaFit, as you deepen that life change through a renewed relationship with your body.

After a year of being more still and solitary than some of us have ever been before, we’re excited to join in Kaisa Keranen’s simple mission and “just move.” Kaisa reminds us that what’s most important about our bodies is not the way they look, but the potential they have to serve us. And now, she wants to help you learn and intuitively move your body in ways that are nourishing, restorative, and strength building for, and in service to, you.

Whether you are just getting started, looking for ways to mobilize, or ready to spice things up, try one of Kaisa’s workouts for free and get 30% off any Kaisa Fit programs with code WHOLE30.


Women’s Work: Founders in Food, Health, and Wellness Replay:Beatrice Dixon , Kaisa Keranen ,  Nicole Cardoza , Richa Gupta ,Tonya Rapley, and Melissa Urban .