Dear Melissa: I Need Ideas for Whole30 Constipation Relief

Dear Melissa, I have been looking for remedies for Whole30 constipation relief. Could you help here? – Thanks, Julie Hi Julie, I’ve collaborated with Whole30’s in-house Registered Dietitian Stephanie Greunke to provide you with some general constipation relief recommendations based on Whole30-compatible foods and supplements. Whole30 Constipation Relief: Fiber Fiber plays a major role in …

Celebrating Non-Scale Victories

Celebrating non-scale victories has always been a cornerstone of the Whole30 program. NSVs are how we honor all of the amazing ways that you transform your life during the program. Read on to hear more about why we celebrate NSVs.

Introducing Beak & Skiff Whole30 Approved Organic CBD Sparkling Water

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our newest partner, Beak & Skiff Research, creators of Whole30 Approved Organic CBD Sparkling Water–our first ever officially endorsed product containing CBD! We know this exciting announcement also presents some questions, so read on to decide if it’s something you want to include in your Whole30 or food freedom.

Yoga for Mental Health and Digestion

It’s very common for our digestive health to mirror our mental health. Yoga can be a helpful tool to aid mental health and digestion. Learn five yoga poses for digestive health from Liilu Hansen and an eating meditation from Cynthu Muthusamy.