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The Whole30 Wasn’t Enough. What’s Next?

From SteadyMD functional medicine doctor and Whole30 Certified Coach Rick Henriksen, M.D. Following the Whole30 program for thirty days can yield amazing life changes for many people. Whole30’ers report finishing their Whole30 program with great improvements in many areas, including energy, sleep, digestion, clearer skin, self-confidence and self-efficacy and more. However, most people can not […]

Dear Melissa: Give Me Whole30 Weight-loss Hacks

Dear Melissa, I’m about to start Round 2 of my Whole30. Any suggestions on how to tweak it for weight loss? Maybe cutting out nut butters and Larabars… can you suggest other things to SEE (and not just feel) results? -Marie, on Twitter Dear Marie, My short answer is… no. No, I cannot offer you […]

Whole30 101: Tiger Blood!

There is always a lot of buzz about the term “Tiger Blood,” in the Whole30 community, and through running this program since 2009, we’ve learned that the definition of Tiger Blood can vary widely across our community of Whole30’ers. A few years ago, we expanded our definition of Tiger Blood, because even if a “switch” never “flips” for you, your Whole30 will still bring you a wealth of benefits, and THOSE all add up to Tiger Blood.

Some Whole30 Scale-Related Tough Love

From Whole30 co-founder Melissa Hartwig, who uses her bathroom scale to make sure her luggage is under 50 pounds You’re just about finished with your Whole30, and already starting to think about the reintroduction period. Are you going to do our Fast Track, or the Slow Roll? (See page 42 in The Whole30 for details.) What […]

I’m Already Healthy… So Why Should I Whole30?

We recently received a Twitter question that caught our attention. It was simple and to the point, and it went like this: “My greatest curiosity of how my #Whole30 experience may unfold: I have no known problems, so what improvements might be in store?” (@aaronadel) This is a pretty common sentiment, especially from people who […]

Comparison is the Thief of Whole30 Joy

There’s a saying: Comparison is the thief of joy. Theodore Roosevelt said that. There’s another saying: He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind. Buddha said that. But our favorite saying? Thou shalt not covet your Facebook friend’s weight loss. (In case you were wondering, we said that, just now.) Your Whole30 is coming to a […]

Five Things Melissa Hartwig Learned from the Whole30

Written by the co-creator of the Whole30, who still does her own program about once a year  Mid-August, I decided it was time for me to do another full Whole30 (my seventh, I think). I hadn’t done one in about a year, and although I’d thrown lots of Whole5’s and Whole7’s into the mix to keep things on track […]

You Get What You Pay For: A Post-Whole30 Perspective

Today, we’re looking back to a special guest post from Anne Sharp, member of CrossFit South Arlington. The lessons she learned during her two Whole30 experiences are just as relevant to those of you “in the process” as they were two years ago.  So read on, and pay attention, because you really do get what you pay […]