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COVID-19 Symptoms Vs Whole30

The first week of your Whole30 may bring lethargy, crankiness and headaches. That’s normal—but during a pandemic, it might feel scary to feel any symptoms that are different from your norm. Here’s what to look out for, from Melissa Urban and Rick Henriksen, MD.

Five Whole30 Success Strategies To Try When Things Get Challenging

By Shanna Keller, who faced down that “I want to quit my Whole30 NOW” feeling and has an increased sense of self-efficacy and confidence to show for it. My first Whole30 was in the fall of 2013. It was a different Whole30 landscape back then. We made our own bone broth and mayo; carried hard-boiled […]

Dear Melissa: I’m Bored of My Whole30

Dear Melissa, Its Day 25 of my last Whole30 … I’m OVER IT. No foods sound good, and I can’t imagine what to make for dinner—it’s like pregnancy food aversions, except I’m definitely not pregnant. I want to finish each Whole30 strong, but how can I do that if feel like I just hit the […]

The Whole30 Wasn’t Enough. What’s Next?

From SteadyMD functional medicine doctor and Whole30 Certified Coach Rick Henriksen, M.D. Following the Whole30 program for thirty days can yield amazing life changes for many people. Whole30’ers report finishing their Whole30 program with great improvements in many areas, including energy, sleep, digestion, clearer skin, self-confidence and self-efficacy and more. However, most people can not […]

Dear Melissa: It’s Day 21 of my Whole30 and I Haven’t Lost Weight

Looking for our philosophy on Whole30 and weight loss? Click here for a letter and more resources from Melissa Urban. Dear Melissa, I’m on Day 21 of my Whole30 and haven’t lost any weight yet, what gives? –Monica Dear Monica, Before I wrote Food Freedom Forever, I would have tough-loved you pretty aggressively. “It’s not […]

Do I Really Have to Start My Whole30 Over? A Gretchen Rubin Four Tendencies Perspective

This question comes up all the time—“I ate something off-plan during my Whole30. Do I really need to start over?” Today, we’ll tackle the nuances of this question, and throw in a little of that famous Whole30 tough love. The Whole30 program does require 30 days straight of 100% compliance, but if “because we said so” doesn’t suffice, we have four other reasons why we want to stick to your Whole30 with no slips, no cheats, and no special occasions.

Six Reasons Why the Whole30 Didn’t Work For You

The Whole30 has been around since July 2009, and we’ve read hundreds of thousands of glowing testimonials via email and on social media. We’ve proven the program truly can reset your health, habits, and relationship, and the vast majority (88%, according to a 2016 survey of nearly 8,000 Whole30’ers) report the Whole30 really did change their […]

Dear Melissa: I’m Not Doing The Perfect Whole30

Dear Melissa, I started the program with most of the information I thought I needed, as I work in a health food store and my co-workers and boss are very supportive of my choices and advocates of the program. But the more I read I am a little discouraged. I was a smoker. I quit […]