The Whole30® Timeline, Version 2.0

An update to our original (and wildly popular) Whole30 Timeline article by Whole30’s Robin Strathdee, for those new to the Whole30®, and veterans who simply need a reminder. As with any process that involves personal experience, your results may vary, but it’s my hope that this timeline will give you...An update to our original (and wildly popular) Whole30 Timeline article, for those new to the Whole30®, and veterans who need a reminder.
Whole30 Rules Peas

A Change to the Whole30 Rules: Peas are Compatible

We're adding an exception for peas, which means that sugar snap peas, snow peas, green peas, yellow peas, and split peas are allowed during your Whole30.Announcing a change to the Whole30 Rules: peas are now compatible, including sugar & snap peas, green peas, yellow peas and split peas.
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NEW Whole30 Rule: Whole30 Compatible Extracts

Going forward, botanical extracts (such as vanilla extract, lemon extract, or lavender extract) will be allowed on the program, even if the ingredients contain alcohol.Moving forward, botanical extracts (such as vanilla extract) are compatible with the Whole30 program rules, even if they contain alcohol.
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Whole30 101: Snacks on the Whole30

From Whole30 Headmistress Melissa Urban, who is literally eating a snack right now One of the most common questions I hear from those new to the Whole30 is about snacking. “I know we’re not supposed to snack… but seriously, can I snack?” Let’s clear up the facts about snacks on...Whole30 headmistress Melissa Urban dives into our "no snacking" recomendation and clears up misconceptions about snacking and Whole30.
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NEW Whole30 Rules: Chips and Coconut Aminos

From Whole30 headmistress Melissa Urban, who works really hard to make the program both effective and easy to follow: It’s been a long time since I’ve issued any changes to the Whole30 rules; the last was in 2014, when we brought back the white potato. Making a rule change is...

Whole30 101: Preparing for Whole30 Reintroduction

Many of you are just a few short days away from transitioning out of the Whole30 elimination phase into the reintroduction phase. Note we didn’t say “your Whole30 is almost over”—because it’s not. The reintroduction process is critical to your learning experience, so please don’t skip over this part. Seriously.Whole30 Reintroduction—evaulate how foods make you feel in the context of a better relationship with food, improved metabolism & healthier digestive tract.

Whole30 101: Rules vs Recommendations

There is no such thing as the perfect Whole30.  We know that, and we hope you know that too. We do encourage you to follow the program 100% by the rules, because any elimination diet needs to be done strictly to be maximally successful. We’re known for being sticklers on...The most commonly confused rules and recommendations related to the Whole30 program, so you'll know exactly what to focus on with 100% dedication.

Whole30 101: The Official “Can I Have…” Guide to the Whole30

In this round-up, we’ll share the most common “Can I have…” questions and answers all in one place, along with some helpful tips to maximize your Whole30 success. Note, anything in italics are not official rules of the Whole30—they’re just suggestions from us to you, based on our experience, and...Can I Have ... almond flour? White potatoes? If you're wondering if a specific ingredient is Whole30 compatible, this is the article for you.
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