Values-Based Action

People & Culture

Overt inclusion in our hiring practices is not only critical to our justice commitment, but to our organization’s and larger community’s survival as a whole. It directly impacts our ability to adapt to rapidly changing social and digital landscapes, and allows for a variety of fresh takes given perspectives, experiences, culture, gender, and age, which ultimately helps the company perform better overall.


  • Develop effective strategies to recruit and attract a more diverse applicant pool for position vacancies. 
  • Develop, improve, and/or modify digital platforms and promotional materials so that they are culturally inclusive, sensitive, and accessible to all necessary groups. 
  • Actively work to create a productive work and digital environment, free of harassment and bullying.
  • Assess whether current policies, practices, and procedures are inclusive and sensitive to various cultures.
  • Promote policies, practices, and procedures that are inclusive and sensitive to various cultures.

Internal Awareness

Gaining cultural competence is a lifelong process of increasing self-awareness, developing social skills and behaviors around diversity, and gaining the ability to advocate for others. It goes beyond tolerance, which implies that one is simply willing to overlook differences. Instead, it includes recognizing and respecting diversity through our words and actions in all contexts.

According to James Beard, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” And although Whole30 considers our programs and food freedom as means of providing access to control over the food we eat, instead of food controlling us, we understand that our internal notions of freedom – particularly when it comes to access and availability of fresh, whole, foods for all – are not universal. We recognize that true food freedom includes food equity, security, and accessibility for all.

Whole30 is committed to increasing accessibility to healthy, nutritious, and culturally appropriate foods, particularly where this access helps improve the quality of life for all human beings.


  • Enhance understanding of broad-scale diversity, equity, and inclusion issues, including food equity and security.
  • Develop an understanding of Whole30 participation and Food Freedom Forever language and culture in relationship to (affecting and affected by) larger social justice issues and implications.
  • Establish and enhance awareness of Whole30 and Whole30 Approved brands and partners in historically marginalized communities.

Community Impact

Whole30 is a leader within the food and wellness industry and its larger community. Within both, there is a slow but steady movement toward greater accessibility and diverse community inclusion. Whole30 would like to expedite this movement, as well as respect and contribute to the larger food justice movement through our efforts to educate ourselves and assess our impact within multiple food spaces.


  • Enhance understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion issues, particularly as related to the food and wellness industry.
  • Enhance access for historically marginalized community members to become Whole30 participants.
  • Enhance access for brands owned by historically marginalized community members to become Whole30 Approved partners.
  • Enhance access to Whole30 Approved partners in historically marginalized communities.
  • Create and participate in activities and events that increase access to the Whole30 program and Whole30 Approved brands for historically marginalized communities.