Made by Whole30 Hero

Whole30 cooking made easy with Made By Whole30 meals

Let us handle your meal planning, prep, and cooking. Get delicious Whole30 meals delivered fresh to your doorstep.

Radically transforming your health, habits, and relationship with food isn’t always easy, but our delicious recipes sure do make it easier. Now, there’s a new way to succeed with the Whole30! 

Our Made By Whole30 meals are:

  • Chef-crafted
  • Fully cooked
  • Delivered straight to your door each week
  • Ready to eat in just 2 minutes

Each week, you’ll select from a variety of chef-crafted meals on a rotating menu, perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Made By Whole30 meals were designed for ease, convenience, and—above all—taste. Whether you’re doing the Whole30 or looking for convenient meals that fit your dietary values, all Made By Whole30 meals are:

  • gluten-free
  • dairy-free
  • soy-free
  • added sugar-free

The Whole30 can be hard, but eating Whole30 meals doesn’t have to be. Let Whole30 cook for you tonight!

Make your life easier with Made By Whole30 meals

All of our best Whole30 ideas come from our community. You’ve told us you want Whole30 meals that are delicious, convenient, and easy. You want rotating seasonal ingredients, sustainable packaging, and the ability to customize your meals based on your tastes and lifestyle. You also want it from a brand you trust as much as you trust Whole30.

Made By Whole30 meals checks all the boxes. It makes your Whole30 easier, more convenient, and, for many, more accessible. The whole experience, from ordering to delivery to enjoying your meals—was carefully designed to support your Whole30 journey, whether you’re new to the program or a veteran of the program. 

Let’s walk through how Made By Whole30 meal delivery works, and give you a peek into each step of the process.

Step 1: Navigate our user-friendly ordering experience

Bookmark—that’s the command center for your Made By Whole30 meal subscription. It’s where you’ll browse each week’s menu, place and edit your orders, manage your account, and track your weekly deliveries. 

We need to know just a few things about you to kickstart your Made By Whole30 ordering experience. Your ZIP code helps to connect you with the local chefs in your area, and ensures you see your region’s menu of Whole30 meals.

Step 2: Pick your favorites from a rotating menu of delicious Whole30 meals

Besides the eating, browsing the tasty meals you’ll soon be eating is the best part of the Made By Whole30 meals experience.

There’s no pressure when you’re selecting meals, because you can easily add, remove, and replace items as something catches your eye. And you can rest easy knowing they’re all guaranteed Whole30-compatible, and of the quality you’ve come to expect from Whole30.

Our produce is seasonal and procured as locally as possible. Animal protein comes from local farmers and suppliers, and is sourced using our industry-leading welfare standards that recognize the ASPCA’s Shop With Your Heart program. 

The rotating menus (specific to your region) are refreshed each Friday, to add built-in variety to your meal plan. And everything comes together in flavorful, chef-created recipes that taste delicious and leave you well-fed and well-fueled for your day.

Step 3: Place and edit your orders before the weekly window closes

Once you’ve selected your meals and checked out, you have until 11:59 p.m. ET each Thursday to tweak quantities, swap meals, cancel, or pause your order. Just pop back into your dashboard on—we make the edits easy. This FAQ also has answers to your ordering questions.

You’ll also get an email on Friday when your new weekly menu drops, giving you something fresh and fun to look forward to! Browse through your new options and plan for the following week’s meals while you wait for your order to arrive.

Step 4: Do a “happy delivery” dance and pop your meals in the fridge

The waiting really is the hardest part! Happily, your Made By Whole30 dashboard makes it easy to monitor your shipment, and you’ll get an email with tracking info, too. 

When your meals are delivered, we wouldn’t blame you for doing a happy dance! Then unpack your box, consult our easy temperature safety card to ensure they arrived safely, and get your meals in the refrigerator ASAP. (But if you just can’t wait to try it, pop one straight into the microwave. We get it, and you have our full support.)

Step 5: Heat, eat, and enjoy—no clean-up required!

A few minutes in the microwave is all that stands between you and a hot, delicious Whole30 meal. Follow the reheating instructions on the package, and in just a few minutes, you’ll be leisurely enjoying your chef-crafted meal, knowing you didn’t have to do any prep or cooking to get there.

After you’re done savoring your meal, clean-up couldn’t be easier. Instructions for recycling the box and liner and reusing the gel packs are written clearly on each item. (Please abide by your local recycling guidelines.)

And… that’s it! Enjoy the rest of your day feeling energized, satisfied, and happy, secure in the knowledge that your meal brought you one step closer to success with your Whole30 or food freedom.

Made by Whole30 meals

7 tasty reasons to love Made by Whole30 meals

  1. Created by Whole30, and guaranteed compatible
  2. Chef-crafted, using local, seasonal ingredients
  3. Part of a rotating menu, so you’ll have tasty choices all week
  4. Ready to heat and eat—no meal prep, cooking, or dishes
  5. Designed to save you time and stress around meal planning and prep
  6. Perfect for your Whole30 elimination, reintroduction, and food freedom
  7. The ideal year-round “emergency” food

Who can benefit from Whole30 meal delivery?

The short answer: You.

The longer answer: Anyone looking for delicious, gluten-free, dairy-free meals. Anyone who needs quick meals that leave you satisfied and well-fueled for busy, stressful days. Anyone preparing for a Whole30, doing the Whole30, or staying connected to their food freedom plan. (Isn’t that basically everyone?)

As the name suggests, Made By Whole30 meals were first designed to support your Whole30 elimination. Changing your life is hard work! Reckoning with one fewer meal a day can be a huge help, and Made by Whole30 meals don’t require any label-reading, chopping, cooking, or dishes. (Maybe just your fork.) Just heat, eat, and enjoy the time you save!

Made By Whole30 meals also provide the ideal foundation for adding ingredients during reintroduction. A sprinkle of cheese, a drizzle of honey-mustard dressing, a scoop of white rice… it’s easy to transform these Whole30 meals into a reintroduction-ready dish, helping you sail through this phase of your Whole30 journey too.

But you don’t have to do the Whole30 to benefit! Our Made By Whole30 meals provide the chef-created flavor, quality ingredients, and ease to support any health goal. And if you eat gluten-free, dairy-free, or trying to eat more protein or vegetables, our meals will slot into your healthy eating routine effortlessly—no Whole30 required.

*Not available in all areas. Visit to put in your ZIP code to check availability and see the menu for your area.