Plant-Based Whole30 Super-Bowl Recipes

Plant-Based Whole30 Super Bowl fare—and tips for a successful game day

We encourage you to stay social during your Plant-Based Whole30 elimination and reintroduction. Some of the biggest Non-Scale Victories (NSVs) happen when you successfully hold your boundaries around food, alcohol, and “diet” talk, learning to say no gracefully while keeping the conversation flowing. It’s also incredibly powerful to embrace the...You can still win at the big game party during your Plant-Based Whole30. Try these plant-based Super Bowl recipes for your next gathering.
The Plant-Based Whole30

33 Surprising plant-based iron sources

Iron is an important nutrient to include in your diet, but it is often a nutrient of concern for many plant-based eaters. That’s why we took the time to highlight the plant-based iron sources you can add to your meals every day. You’ll read all about them below, and you...Learn more about why you need iron, and discover 33 plant-based iron sources to add to your shopping list.
Plant-Based Whole30 Shopping Guide

Your Plant-Based Whole30 Guide To Shopping

Grocery shopping is a task that brings out varied emotions from people. Some love it, while others are indifferent—or actively dislike it. The abundance of options in the grocery store can be one of the main reasons people have negative emotions toward the activity. Finding specific items or knowing where...Make your next trip to the store an easy one. Check out this Plant-Based Whole30 shopping guide.
Plant-Based Whole30 Meal Template Part 1

Plant-Based Meal Template, Part 3

Part two of my plant-based meal templates series featured  another one of my favorite Whole30 “meal templates,” Plant-Based Stuff Over Stuff. Meal templates are barely recipes, requiring little-to-no measuring, tons of flexibility in terms of ingredients, and several days’ worth of meals, with just one meal prep and cooking session....In the final installment of the plant-based meal template series, Melissa Urban shares her easiest meals of all—and the easiest to clean after.
Plant-Based Whole30 Meal Template Part 1

Plant-Based Whole30 Meal Template, Part 2

In Part 1 of my plant-based meal-planning series, I shared one of my favorite Whole30 “meal templates,” Tofu ‘n Things. Meal templates are barely recipes, requiring little to no measuring, tons of flexibility in terms of ingredients, and offer several days’ worth of meals with just one meal prep and...In part two of this series, Melissa Urban shares more plant-based whole30 meal templates to help you cook delicious and easy meals.
Plant-Based Whole30 Meal Template Part 1

Plant-Based Whole30 Meal Template, Part 1

I spend a lot of time talking about meal planning on the Whole30, and the underlying message tends to be “keep it simple.” These days, I sometimes cook from recipes, but I mostly cook “ingredient meals.”  Ingredient meals are simpler and more flexible than a recipe, as they’re 100% mix-and-match...In part one of this series, Melissa Urban shares her plant-based whole30 meal template to prepare delicious, easy, and satiating meals.
Plant-Based Whole30 Hero

Learn the positive effects of a high-fiber diet

Fiber is one of the most underrated items in food. It offers many benefits—not only for your gut, but for your heart health, as well. Fiber might be an unrecognized health hero, but today we’re giving it the recognition it so richly deserves. It’s not classified as an essential nutrient,...Focusing on fiber intake is a fundamental component of healthy eating. Find out what fiber is, how it benefits you, and how to add it to your diet.
The Plant-Based Whole30

Protein Boosters Are Your New Plant-Based Best Friend

The age-old question every plant-based eater gets is, “Where do you get your protein?” Most of us have grown up thinking protein only comes from animal sources. However, plant-based foods have protein, too.  In fact, there are so many good plant-based protein options. They can form a great base of...Learn about plant-based protein boosters—these are foods than can give you a little dose of needed amino acids and more.
The Plant-Based Whole30

Why lysine? The benefits of lysine and where to find plant-based sources.

Protein is a hot topic on Plant-Based Whole30. You’ve heard us talk about how plants have protein and how to get enough protein while eating plant-based. Proteins are made of building blocks called amino acids. In total, there are around 20 amino acids, but nine of them are essential, meaning...As an essential amino acid, the benefits of lysine extend throughout your body. See what foods have lysine and how they work in your plant-based diet.
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PSST! This is how you make amazing plant-based snacks

Snacks can be an important part of your day. Eating plant-based snacks that are whole, nutritious foods can help give you a boost of energy between meals, especially when your blood-glucose levels start to drop. Adding healthy snacks into your day may also help reduce overeating at meal times and...Your plant-based snacks can be as delicious, nutritious, and satisfying as your regular meals. Uncover Rhyan Geiger’s secrets to Plant-Based Whole30 snacks.
The Plant-Based Whole30

Nutritional Yeast: The Seasoning You Need to Try

Nutritional yeast—also known as “nooch” in the plant-based world—is undoubtedly one of the most popular seasonings. And for good reason! This seasoning not only adds delicious flavor to meals, but is also loaded with vitamins and minerals.  These extra nutrients make this option more than just the “cheesy” flavoring in...Learn how nutritional yeast adds a savory, umami flavor and the benefits of vitamins, minerals, and protein.
What is Hing?

What is Hing? And How Can it Help Your Plant-Based Whole30?

Hing is the best addition to your spice cabinet that you may have never heard of. This unique ingredient is also called asafoetida, and it brings benefits that go far beyond tingling your taste buds. Traditionally, hing has been used as a digestive aid. It’s commonly added to legumes (beans,...Learn about hing (also called asafoetida), and how this spice can enliven your cooking and support your health. Discover how to cook with it.
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