The Plant-Based Whole30

Diversify Your Plant-Based Protein Foods for More Flavor and Health Benefits

Getting enough protein while eating plant-based is a common concern. But there are so many delicious, high-protein plant-based foods available that can help you hit your goals without compromising choice or flavor. All the options help you make the most of your Plant-Based Whole30 (or Food Freedom) by varying the...Eating a variety of plant-based protein foods helps keep your diet healthy and interesting. Learn why and how to diversify your plant-protein sources.
The Plant-Based Whole30

Embrace a Variety of More Interesting Vegetables and Fruits

When it comes to healthy eating, fruits and vegetables are essential components of a balanced diet. And varying your choices helps, too. But humans are creatures of habit and likely pick the same fruits and vegetables everytime we go to the store. So when we see different options in the...Interesting vegetables and fruits can amp up the variety and flavor of your usual diet. Find out which uncommon fruits and vegetables you should try today.
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Seek Out These High-Protein Plant-Based Foods

If you’re following a plant-based diet, you might be wondering what plants have protein. It’s a good question—especially for those concerned about getting enough protein in their diet. However, there are plenty of high-protein plant-based foods that can help you meet your needs. From beans and lentils to tofu, there...High-protein plant-based foods are key to a balanced diet. Add these six plant-based protein foods during your Plant-Based Whole30 and beyond.
The Plant-Based Whole30

Foods That Bring Big Umami Flavor to Your Plant-Based Whole30

Your taste buds recognize five different flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and savory—or umami. When most people think of umami, a meaty, savory flavor comes to mind. But did you know that plenty of non-animal-based foods have umami flavor?  It’s true. And these ingredients can add depth and richness to...Umami flavor is savory and meaty. And it’s found in plenty of plant-based ingredients. Discover umami foods to fit a Plant-Based Whole30.
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How to Have a Restaurant-Level Tofu Experience at Home

Are you ready to make the most delicious, restaurant-quality tofu at home? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. This is your one-stop shop for seasoning and cooking tofu. You’ll also find a few necessary tips to take your tofu to the next level. With these...Looking to level up your tofu recipes? Vegan Dietitian Rhyan Geiger shares her tips for perfectly seasoned and cooked tofu.
The Plant-Based Whole30

Plant-Based Protein Explained—How Do Plants Even Have Protein?

If you don’t eat meat—or know someone who doesn’t—you’ve probably heard the age-old question: “where do you get your protein”? Believe it or not, proteins can come from animal-based sources, like meat. But they can also come from plant-based sources like tofu, beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds. And that’s good...Learn about plant-based proteins and the best plant-based protein options from vegan Registered Dieitian, Rhyan Geiger.

How To Press Tofu (With and Without a Tofu Press)

Don’t skip over the pressing tofu step when reading recipe directions. It may seem extra, but this process is key to making the best tofu dishes. That’s because this step allows flavors to absorb, making your meals even more delicious. And it’s an easy process you can do with a...Vegan Registered Dietitian, Rhyan Geiger shares her tips on how to perfectly press tofu—with or without a tofu press.
Can I have? The Official Plant-Based Whole30 Guide

The Official “Can I Have…” Guide to the Plant-Based Whole30

In this Plant-Based Whole30 resource, we’ll share the most common “Can I have…” questions you’ve asked, and share our answers all in one place. We’ll also include our best tips for success with the program in italics. Please note, this list ONLY applies to our Plant-Based Whole30 program, as the...In this Plant-Based Whole30 compatible "Can I Have...?" guide, you'll find the answers to the most common questions you’ve asked us.
The Plant-Based Whole30

What Are the Types of Tofu and How to Use Them

Tofu is an underrated plant-based protein in the United States. You may see it at the grocery store, but in most cases, it is highly underutilized. The unfamiliarity we have with tofu may lead us to question what is tofu? This article will cover the types of tofu and ways...Learn from vegan Registered Dietitian Rhyan Geiger about tofu, as she dives deeper into the different types of tofu and how to prepare them.
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The Beginner’s Guide to Soaking and Sprouting Beans, Lentils, Nuts, and Seeds

While browsing our Plant-Based Whole30 program, you may have noticed recommendations for sprouting beans and lentils before cooking with them. Or, perhaps you’ve noticed recipe creatives like Whole30 Certified Envoys Masala Paleo soaking and sprouting legumes on Instagram. If you’re new to plant-based eating and curious about this practice, you’re...Curious about the practice of soaking and sprouting legumes? Learn what you need to know to confidently prepare your beans, lentils, and more.
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Maximizing Your Plant-Based Whole30 Experience

In this special series, Registered Dietitian Stephanie Greunke answers your questions about the Plant-Based Whole30. Today, she’s replying to someone who has done the Original Whole30 with great success, but is now experimenting with a plant-based approach, and wondering if their experience on the Plant-Based Whole30 will be just as...R.D. Stephanie Greunke explains how to maximize your Plant-Based Whole30. Find out whether or not a plant-based approach is right for you.
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Where’s the Beef? Plant-Based Meats and the PB Whole30

Article by Registered Dietitian Stephanie Greunke You’ve signed up to do the Plant-Based Whole30, and you’re excited to get started! You’ve read through our Protein resource highlighting the importance of plant-based protein during your 30-day reset, and you’re on board. However, there’s one section that leaves you a little confused:...What kinds of plant based meat alternatives can I eat while doing a plant-based Whole30? What are Plant-Based meats anyway? Let us explain.
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