Can I have? The Official Plant-Based Whole30 Guide

The Official “Can I Have…” Guide to the Plant-Based Whole30

In this Plant-Based Whole30 resource, we’ll share the most common “Can I have…” questions you’ve asked, and share our answers all in one place. We’ll also include our best tips for success with the program in italics. Please note, this list ONLY applies to our Plant-Based Whole30 program, as the...In this Plant-Based Whole30 "Can I Have...?" guide, you'll find the answers to the most common questions you’ve asked us.
The Plant-Based Whole30

What Are the Types of Tofu and How to Use Them

Tofu is an underrated plant-based protein in the United States. You may see it at the grocery store, but in most cases, it is highly underutilized. The unfamiliarity we have with tofu may lead us to question what is tofu? This article will cover the types of tofu and ways...Learn from vegan Registered Dietitian Rhyan Geiger about tofu, as she dives deeper into the different types of tofu and how to prepare them.
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The Beginner’s Guide to Soaking and Sprouting Beans, Lentils, Nuts, and Seeds

While browsing our Plant-Based Whole30 program, you may have noticed recommendations for sprouting beans and lentils before cooking with them. Or, perhaps you’ve noticed recipe creatives like Whole30 Certified Envoys Masala Paleo soaking and sprouting legumes on Instagram. If you’re new to plant-based eating and curious about this practice, you’re...Curious about the practice of soaking and sprouting legumes? Learn what you need to know to confidently prepare your beans, lentils, and more.
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Maximizing Your Plant-Based Whole30 Experience

In this special series, Registered Dietitian Stephanie Greunke answers your questions about the Plant-Based Whole30. Today, she’s replying to someone who has done the Original Whole30 with great success, but is now experimenting with a plant-based approach, and wondering if their experience on the Plant-Based Whole30 will be just as...R.D. Stephanie Greunke explains how to maximize your Plant-Based Whole30. Find out whether or not a plant-based approach is right for you.
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Where’s the Beef? Plant-Based Meats and the PB Whole30

Article by Registered Dietitian Stephanie Greunke You’ve signed up to do the Plant-Based Whole30, and you’re excited to get started! You’ve read through our Protein resource highlighting the importance of plant-based protein during your 30-day reset, and you’re on board. However, there’s one section that leaves you a little confused:...What kinds of plant based meat alternatives can I eat while doing a plant-based Whole30? What are Plant-Based meats anyway? Let us explain.
The Plant-Based Whole30

Your Exclusive Plant-Based Whole30 Commitment Graphics

Hey There, Plant-Based Whole30’er! You’ve decided to change your life with the Plant-Based Whole30. Share that commitment with your family and friends on social media with these Plant-Based Whole30 graphics. To download the graphics: Facebook Cover This graphic was created specifically sized for a Facebook Cover. Twitter Cover This graphic was...Are you starting a Plant-Based Whole30 soon? Let your friends and family know with these exclusive social media commitment graphics.
The Plant-Based Whole30

Plant-Based Whole30 Downloadable Resources

Plant-Based Whole30 Program Rules – The official rules of the Plant-Based Whole30 Program Plant-Based Whole30 Meal Template – Use our meal template for a few weeks, until you are able to truly listen to the signals your body is sending you. These guidelines are a good starting place for meal...
Plant-Based Whole30 Spiced Sweet Potato Soup

Plant-Based Whole30 Spiced Sweet Potato Soup

Spiced Sweet Potato Soup: A Delicious Plant-Based Whole30 Soup You Might Also LikeTry this Plant-Based Spiced Sweet Potato Soup with Abbot’s Butcher smoked “chorizo” or “ground beef for a filling meal packed with flavor.

Plant-Based Whole30 Lentil Stew with Roasted Potatoes

Recipe and Photography by Sarah Steffens Roasted veggies add an extra layer of flavor and texture to a hearty lentil and potato stew that’s perfect for cold weather months. Hot Tips: Plant-Based Whole30 Lentil Stew with Roasted PotatoesThis hearty plant-based lentil stew with roasted potatoes is a great make-ahead dish for cold weather months.
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Plant-Based Whole30 and Personal Growth

Today we rolled out the biggest Whole30 announcement in many years; the first comprehensive addition to the Whole30 framework ever. Today, we announced the Plant-Based Whole30 program. The Plant-Based Whole30 is a 100% plant-based version of our original 30-day reset, designed to offer the same life-changing benefits of the Whole30...
The Science Behind the Plant-Based Whole30

The Science Behind the Plant-Based Whole30

Introducing Whole30’s newest offering, the comprehensive Plant-Based Whole30® program. We hope those of you who are currently vegan or vegetarian are excited for a program that offers the same life-changing benefits without any animal products! The Plant-Based Whole30 is also perfect if you’ve done the Original Whole30, and want to...Looking to learn more about our new Whole30 Plant-Based Program?
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