“After 30 years of living with Type One Diabetes I feel like I have control: Stefanie’s Story”

West Deptford, NJ
Stefanie Hak selfie

My Whole30 story started when my cousin told me about the Whole30 and how she gave it a shot after suffering from migraines and body aches. I was skeptical at first but did some research on the program. I live with Type One Diabetes (I was diagnosed when I was 5), and it is very difficult to control. The constant ups and downs were absolutely wearing on me – not only physically but mentally as well. I was taking SO MUCH insulin to control my blood sugars and was having constant high blood sugars and then bottoming out.

When I presented the Whole30 to my husband he agreed that it sounded doable and definitely worth trying. We did a round together, and I never felt better! I had finally had clarity, decreased the amount of insulin I needed by almost half, and my blood sugars were within range almost every day. I found that my back ache was almost gone, my skin was clearer, my monthly cycle was more normal, and I lost weight. However, about 1.5 years later I let stress get the best of me and went back to old eating habits. Needless to say… my husband and I just finished another amazing round of Whole30 and have started the Reintroduction the proper way. We’ve even developed a plan on how to talk about our stress to help our relationship with food.

I am amazed at the NSVs that I have experienced while living like this. I wish that I could show you my CGM (continuous glucose monitor) graphs at how “perfect” my blood sugars are when living like this. I have the occasional rise in glucose but generally I can count carbs appropriately and within the hour I am back down to my target range. After 30 years of living with Type One I feel like I have control, and feel so good about it. I have Whole30 to thank for that, the insulin can actually do its job properly when I maintain this type of lifestyle. I hope to now work through the Reintroduction phase and figure out what different foods do to my blood sugar and overall wellness in Food Freedom.