“After my Whole30 I am no longer taking medication to fly: Adina’s Story”

profile-Adina|Adina in a lime green tank top point to the words on her shirt

I was promoted in September 2017. I sat on my desk receiving gifts from coworkers (I was moving to a new location). I like to cross my legs, and I had recently noticed that it had become more difficult for me to do so. That day, I tried to cross my legs, and I realized I couldn’t. I had to make a change.

I had purchased The Whole30 in August and read it three times, waiting to find the perfect time to start. That day in my office I said, ‘Today is the day.’

My husband is a private chef, so I gave him a list of what I could and could not have. I let all my new coworkers know so they wouldn’t offer me things that I couldn’t have.

Prior to the Whole30 I suffered from anxiety and had severe stomach pains almost every time I ate. I figured, ‘I’m getting older. This is what my body is supposed to do.’ The Whole30 showed me different.

I love to fly and travel and it had become hard for me get on planes without taking something. After my Whole30 I am no longer taking medication to fly. Those severe stomach pains are no longer. I had back pain; it is gone as well.

Prior to Whole30, my doctor wanted to put me on medication. I asked him if I could try the Whole30 first. At my follow up, he was amazed. He loved that I was able to achieve these changes pill-free.

I went to Day 34 because I wanted to celebrate with a glass of champagne on a Friday. I had my glass of champagne and started to reintroduce certain foods back into my everyday life.

I learned I don’t need some foods ever. I have given up so much because I now know how these foods effect my body. Whole30 taught me I can live without certain foods that don’t agree with my body. I can feel a difference in myself.

Whole30 also jump-started my workouts (something I never did consistently before). I live by the Whole30 principles at least 65% of the time.

I’m doing another Whole30 in October and my husband is going to do it with me!