“My relationship with food needed an overhaul: Amy’s Story”


I met two wonderful women during a solo vacation to Puerto Rico. Within an hour of our conversation, we ended up chatting about diets, our relationship with food, and struggles with that relationship. ⠀

They’d just wrapped up their Whole30s and spoke highly of their experience. Fast forward to a couple of months later, and I’d reached a point where I knew I needed a change for the better. Not a diet because clearly, diets do not work. I needed an overhaul on my relationship with food. ⠀

I’m not going to lie. Those thirty days were the hardest thirty days of my life. I never realized how strong my Sugar Dragon was until the end of Week One when I broke down because all I wanted was chocolate. ⠀

Until that moment, I did not realize how quickly I would reach for the pasta, the cheeses, or the ice cream (all are absolutely delicious, but in moderation). During those first few days of my Whole30, I suffered all of the negative side effects; a headache and fatigue included. But I knew it’d pass because this was the wake-up call I needed.

I learned to love vegetables again. Hard-boiled eggs and baked potatoes were my lifesavers. Calorie counting habits were no more. I ate until I felt satisfied. My water intake went up and my taste-buds slowly changed for the best. My sugar cravings subsided and I learned what foods my body agrees with. ⠀

I recently wrapped up my second Whole 30 and feel even better than the first time. The idea of avoiding certain foods for thirty days no longer scares me. We as individuals make the ultimate decision for the food we consume. Instead of focusing on what I couldn’t eat while out with friends or family, I spoke of what I could eat.

I believe everyone should have the Whole30 experience; it is possibly the best way to build a better and healthier relationship with you. You owe to yourself. Be kind to yourself because this journey is one that is commendable. Acknowledge your accomplishments whether it’s drinking more water or meal prepping for five days instead of two! And at the end of the day, remember to love you first.