“After three weeks, 36 years of sinus congestion was completely gone: Brian’s Story”

Brian at the Chicago Bears 5k run

I was 61, and I was old. I knew I was old because little by little throughout my life my abilities had diminished. My problems began when I was 8. Playing Little League baseball, I hurt my right shoulder and never again had full range of motion.

When I was 12, I hurt my knees high jumping with the junior high track team and could never run any distance without pain. When I was 26, I caught a cold in Europe and have had chronic sinus congestion ever since. I developed sleep apnea and acid reflux when I was in my 40s and 50s, and was taking medication with a very real possibility of liver damage. I couldn’t walk up more than two flights of stairs. I ate a low-fat high-fiber diet, exercised, and did everything they told me to do to be healthy. Nothing worked. I was just old.

After three back-to-back courses of antibiotics failed to clear my sinus congestion (again), a friend suggested the Whole30 program. I read the book. My expectations were not very high, but I was completely committed.

After three weeks, 36 years of sinus congestion was completely gone! My results were so significant that I was afraid to add back any foods. So, I just kept going for a Whole60.

I had neglected my yoga routine while focusing on compatible eating. After six weeks I got back to yoga. I had never been able to clasp my hands in bridge pose because of my stiff shoulder. Without even thinking about it, when I got to bridge pose, my hands just came together effortlessly. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

After 60 days I started carefully adding back foods, and it became much easier to stay on track.

My acid reflux was gone and I weaned myself off the medications.

After about four months, our eldest daughter asked if my knees still hurt. I hadn’t really thought about it, but they didn’t. She needed a running buddy and suggested I try it. I was skeptical. I hadn’t run without pain in 50 years, but I gave it a try. There was no pain. My daughter and I have been running 5k races for two years now.

Now I am 63, and I’m not old anymore. – Brian