“I am just a happier person: Libby’s Story”

Bellevue, NE
Libby Ferris

I learned about the Whole30 program a few years ago and, I honestly can’t remember how, but I started following Melissa Urban on Instagram around that time. Her story is amazing, and she shares SUCH helpful content. I had been considering doing a Whole30 for about two years – I was constantly tired, started an antidepressant, couldn’t seem to shake any of my college and post-college weight gain with anything I tried, and I was frequently irritated, unhappy, and unmotivated. After a trip to see friends and before a big move, I decided that it was finally time to start the Whole30 on July 19.

In the first couple of weeks it was difficult to wrap my head around how much energy I was getting back! I’ve always been the person who doesn’t want to exercise or just wants to watch TV. I used to have frequent, intense craving for salty foods and especially bread which I would  eat with most meals. Now I am exercising regularly, and cooking different types of food that I wouldn’t have normally grabbed. I’m happier, my skin is brighter, my nails are growing strong (amazing for someone who has always chewed their nails!), and I sleep through the night easily when I used to wake up throughout the night. My cravings are also entirely gone – which shocked me and my close friends and relatives who have been supporting me.

I’m so incredibly thankful for this program and I am telling EVEYRONE about it and the results I’ve had. I lost weight, but that’s absolutely not my favorite result – everything else is so much better, and I am just a happier person. I’m even considering talking to my provider about coming off my antidepressant – that’s genuinely how great I am feeling after the Whole30. I can’t remember the last time I felt like this, if ever, and I am ready for Food Freedom so I can keep feeling like this every day.