“I am no longer taking insulin: Greg’s Story”

Greg in his room taking a photo of himself in the mirror

I began Whole30 this past November. I was diabetic, overweight, and undergoing knee replacement surgery on one knee and going through rehab for the same surgery I’d completed on the other knee a few months before.⠀

Eight months after my first Whole30, I am 90 lbs lighter. I am no longer taking insulin. My internist and cardiologist have reduced my blood pressure medication and I think I will eventually be off it altogether.⠀

I’ve had quite a lot of heart trouble, 7 stents, 13 heart attacks in just three years. Now, my cholesterol is just 114 and it’s been more than a year since my last heart attack. My cardiologist says I saved my life! My internist says, “In over 40 years of being a doctor I’ve never seen anyone do this without gastric bypass surgery.”

When my general practitioner saw me, he wanted to know what I was doing. After outlining the basics of the program and reviewing my blood sugar readings, he was astounded with the extent of the success.

My Whole30 efforts continue to this day. Since my Whole30 in November, I keep up with my newfound healthy habits. I have no intention of ever changing that either. This is a new way of life for me. There is simply no reason to change back to any part of my previous lifestyle.⠀

I’m very thankful and appreciative to the common-sensical thought process that is Whole30.” – Greg M.⠀