Mallory Aye

Mallory A.

Los Angeles

I am so grateful as a physician to have this program available to my patients.

After completing several rounds of Whole30 myself while in medical school, I began recommending it to my patients once in practice. My patients who have completed the Whole30 rave about how it changed their life and their relationship with food. I recently finished a telehealth appointment with my latest patient to successfully complete a Whole30. They reported to me that they were no longer experiencing sleep apnea, were enjoying the foods they were eating, and were having more energy. I was happy to see their triglycerides cut in half and LDL values were beginning to drop.

I am so grateful as a physician to have this program available to my patients. It makes my job so much easier to know I can send them to the Whole30 platform and they will be in good hands. I love how inclusive and body neutral this program is. There is no discussion of weight loss, counting, or tracking. My patients show up and are enveloped into a community and taught about the benefits of whole foods. Thank you Melissa Urban and everyone at Whole30 for making my job a little bit easier.

Published by Nuala

Danielle Nuala Schoen (Nuala), lives amongst community in the mountains of western North Carolina. She is a massage therapist (LMBT) and RYT-200 yoga instructor with a background in social work. Nuala is passionate about redefining health and wellness in order to center the self-determination and self-actualization of each unique individual, and thereby, the actualization of the collective.Nuala enjoys ecstatic dance, contact improvisation, creek dips, travel, and sharing Whole30 meals with her loved ones.