Robin R.


I don't hurt anymore.

I’ve lived a lifetime in pain. I was born breach and my hips and knees hurt regularly. Heredity has also played a huge role in my bad joints. My shoulders have been injected 6 times, my left shoulder was frozen for almost a year, with pain that kept me awake most nights. Sleep was almost zero. I took cat naps.

Then, my husband had a stroke and it caused us to look at our diet. My son took it a step further and introduced us to the Whole30 program. We finished our Whole30 and I am happy to say I don’t hurt anymore.

I am sleeping and I love the way I feel all the way around. We eat at home and cook so much we fill the dishwasher twice a day. Before, we ate out so much we ran the dishwasher maybe twice a week! Thank you … Whole30 changed my life.