“I feel better each day knowing that I’m fueling my body and giving myself grace: Carlene’s Story”

Denver, CO
Carlene Wickens

I just finished my 5th round of Whole30 and it gets easier each time. The NSVs have been a little harder to find during the pandemic, but doing the delayed Sept 2020 round with Whole30 Coaches Alexis, Jacob, and Luke was really positive because I had a group to talk to and I realized that a bunch of us were struggling more than normal with cravings and energy, which made me stay on the path and realize that outside factors still affect your Whole30. The Whole30 Coaches were also great at giving us easy yoga to do, giving us new food ideas, and checking in to ask how we each felt and troubleshooting if necessary (or just giving us perspective that elevated stress levels can affect other things in our body).

Now, after completing the January 2021 Whole30, I didn’t even think about reaching for a snack when it seemed like the world was falling apart there for a minute. This round I felt like everything was in my control food and attitude wise. And with the stress going on everywhere right now, having to not think about what foods I should eat felt like a burden off my shoulders. My cravings are so much more in control right now, I feel better each day knowing I’m fueling my body and I’m giving myself grace to know that might be enough for now until this pandemic starts to fade away. I also love that I’ve learned to really listen to my body. I know an ice cream sundae will give me a stomach ache, or gluten pasta with cheese will as well. So if I eat those foods, I’m intentional about it and prepared for the effects afterwards.