Jennifer A.

Gainesville, FL

The day I started Whole30 was the first day in weeks I didn't experience abdominal pain

I began Whole30 on December 22, 2022. I had every intention of starting after the new year, but I couldn’t put it off any longer. I had been experiencing abdominal discomfort/pain for about 6 weeks and it was progressively getting worse. I thought I could just push through the holidays and start afterwards, but my body had had enough.

The day I started Whole30 was the first day in weeks I didn’t experience abdominal pain. In fact, I didn’t have any pain during the Whole30. I also lost the fat around my belly that had been steadily growing over the years, despite regular exercise and eating what I thought was healthy. My energy level stayed high throughout the day, even in the afternoon when I usually needed coffee. Oh, and I also learned I LIKE BLACK COFFEE! I never thought I’d be that person! I learned I can live without foods I never thought I could give up – like dairy – because I don’t want to go back to feeling terrible. I love the way I look, too. I love not having that pesky belly fat and being able to see toned abs at 44 years old and after having 3 kids. I love having more sustained energy. I love how clear and smooth my complexion is. I love that I broke my sugar addiction and will only indulge in dessert if its truly splurge-worthy.

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