Meggie D.

Dallas, Texas

My Whole30 program was invaluable in helping me pinpoint idiosyncrasies in my control of type 1 diabetes

I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at the age of 11, and I am currently 27 years old. Over those past 16 years I have kept a pretty average control on my levels (Average being an HbA1c that was usually in the 6-7.5 range). I wear a continuous glucose meter (CGM) which gives me a moving average of my blood sugar over time. Although I have eaten a modified paleo diet for the past year and a half, I was still having problems with morning highs. I was noticing that my levels would stay perfectly flat all night, then I would wake up and eat breakfast and see a spike shortly after, sometimes as high as 250!

I went on a specially customized version of the Whole30 program, designed to both improve my overall blood sugar management and, most importantly, eliminate my morning blood sugar highs. During this time I continued to wear my CGM and monitor my blood glucose to see the effects of removing certain foods from my current eating regime. I immediately noticed that the morning spikes began to level out. After the 30 days ended and I began to slowly reintroduce, I noticed that the biggest positive effect came from the addition of extra veggies, especially in the morning.

My Whole30 program was invaluable in helping me pinpoint idiosyncrasies in my control of diabetes. I am currently on day 12 of my second Whole30 program, and am looking forward to the new findings my body reveals. My blood sugars have been great, and I am excited to see what my new HbA1c level is at my next doctor’s visit.

Published by Stephanie Kelley

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