“My first Whole30 was when I shifted from unconscious to conscious: Rahma’s Story”

Rahma headshot

March 8, 2012: the day of my first Whole30 and the day my life changed.

I don’t say this lightly. If you read enough Whole30 stories, you know the NSVs that so many people experience and that are possible for you, too. For me though, Whole30 is so much bigger than the changes my body experienced. My first Whole30 was when I shifted from unconscious to conscious.

The Whole30 has been an integral piece of the new foundation that I’ve built my life on, allowing me a home base to come to when I’m working through the hard stuff of life. It taught me boundaries, self-care and self-advocacy. It showed me when I needed therapy and when I didn’t. It’s my #1 self-care tool and I use it whenever I need to feel empowered.

The program taught me how my body communicates with me, not just for hunger and thirst, but my intuition. It showed me what happy looks and feels like, because for the first time in my life, I wasn’t depressed. Did it solve my depression? Of course not, but it gave me a foundation to work from. I learned that food was essential to how depression manifested in me and how I had to manage it going forward.

I’m forever grateful for the Google search that led to me to The Whole30 (and also that I don’t need to make my own mayo every other day anymore). – Rahma