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Owatonna, MN

My Whole30 has become my Whole Everything.

I had a snowmobiling accident a year ago. Before the accident, I had been in the best shape of my life at 42. After, I was unable to run, which was my favorite thing to do to stay in shape. I slowly slipped into a deep depression, eating junk food and drinking every day.

I gained weight and became frustrated. This was a cycle that caused me to eat and drink more.

In March, I went to San Diego to visit a friend. She had just finished her first Whole30 and couldn’t stop talking about it. She was sleeping better, had more energy, felt better, and had lost 10 pounds.

I knew I was in a dark place and had to do something to pull myself out of it. So, I committed to doing the Whole30 as soon as I got back home. On April 1, I started my Whole30. I listened to the book It Starts With Food every day as I walked my dogs, sometimes I listened twice a day. With the book audio in my ears, I knew I could do it, and I did.

I did not cheat or slip once. I kept repeating Melissa’s mantra, “This is not hard, fighting cancer, is hard.” Today is May 29th and I am almost at my Whole 60. I fall asleep, and I stay asleep; I wake up excited for the day. My anxiety is GONE; my depression is GONE. And 15 pounds, GONE! My Whole30 has become my Whole Everything.

Thank you, thank you, thank you: for saving my life, my marriage, and most importantly for saving me. – Polly