Pri A.


By the end of my Whole30, I saw a dramatic difference in my energy levels.

I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries (or PCOS) and as a result, I struggled with irregular periods, weight gain, fatigue, and infertility. I was struggling with my health and eating, and my friend Dee told me about Whole30. I read all the resources and books on Whole30 and it aligned with my belief that food is medicine so I took the plunge. I started creating Whole30 compatible Indian recipes and loved experimenting with food. By the end of my Whole30, I saw a dramatic difference in my energy levels, my skin and hair were healthier and my sugar cravings disappeared. Through Reintroduction, I was able to create my own food freedom which helps me steer away from things which don’t agree with my body. My friend Dee and I now share Whole30 compatible Indian and Indian-inspired recipes over at Masala Paleo. Through Whole30 I have found a strong, inclusive and welcoming community which I enjoy being part of.

Published by Stephanie Kelley

Stephanie Kelley, our Social Media Content Manager, lives in Denver, CO and is a wife, mom and wanna-be shredding guitarist with an immense love for meeting and connecting with people. She thrives on sharing her life experiences, whether it’s writing a blog post about overcoming a personal struggle, creating a new song with her drummer husband, or simply sharing what she’s making for dinner. These experiences all matter to her, especially if she’s using her creativity and making meaningful connections along the way.