“Whole30 gave me the confidence to try new things: Edie’s Story”

profile-Edie|Edie on top of a board in a pool

Almost four years ago, I had a triple bypass which changed my life dramatically. I had to do something to change my lifestyle. Through cardiac rehabilitation, I gained the confidence to exercise daily and to eat proportionately. I joined a weight-loss program, paid a lot of money and hit a total roadblock.⠀

Last April, I started Whole30. My best friend brought the program to my attention and my daughter, who is an RN, encouraged me to go for it. It helps to have people in my life who have taken this challenge and understand how it works.⠀

I was amazed at how my cravings disappeared after four days on the program. It opened my eyes to how addicted I was to sugar and how my life revolved around it. Over time, my cravings disappeared and so did my constant hunger and foraging for food. My energy increased.⠀

And, I lost 20 pounds. My doctor was thrilled with my success. Together, we set a new weight loss goal and I am working to achieve it.⠀

Whole30 has changed my life. It has given me the confidence to try new things. At 68, I am truly rocking life and feeling great! Thank you.⠀