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Whole30 was about finding a new and improved relationship with food.

For me, Whole30 was about finding a new and improved relationship with food and catalyzing a positive impact on my family.

Life before Whole30: lots of work, very little sleep, stress levels high, and eating on the run. I was always tired, fighting acne, and feeling crummy. I joined a gym and began to move again. That’s where I started to get curious about Whole30.

I heard many members talk about their experiences and I wanted to learn more. My relationship with food was always difficult and I knew I could not do the journey on my own. I didn’t have the confidence and I didn’t think I had the self-control. So, I decided to seek help and hire a Whole30 coach.

Whole30 Certifed Coach Robby Gustin was a world of knowledge and experience in Whole30. His calm, no judgment, understanding, and kind coaching style helped me achieve my goals. He set small, attainable goals during my 90-day coaching experience with him.

We started with one or two Whole30 meals a week and slowly built up to 3 meals per day. Then it was time to begin a Whole30. This preparation process was key to my success with the Whole30 program. There was never a time where I felt alone or that I did not know what I was doing. Robby constantly communicated and set expectations in a way that aligned with my goals.

My self-control with cravings dramatically improved. Now, I am able to respond to cravings rather than just reacting. I feel more in control. Restful sleep also improved and my skin has cleared up. I know which foods to avoid to prevent breakouts. I see food as my friend when it comes to nutrition and obtaining my health goals.

The most important non-scale victory is that it started a conversation about proper nutrition in my family. As I bragged about how great I felt and my family saw my results, the more their natural curiosity grew. I was able to share with them what I was learning about nutrition and health. Coming from a traditional Mexican household, it opened a conversation about how to enhance cherished recipes with nutrient-dense ingredients. Our mindset on nutrition and overall health have changed for the better. This ultimately, will have have lasting impact on generations to come.

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Published by Nuala

Danielle Nuala Schoen (Nuala), lives amongst community in the mountains of western North Carolina. She is a massage therapist (LMBT) and RYT-200 yoga instructor with a background in social work. Nuala is passionate about redefining health and wellness in order to center the self-determination and self-actualization of each unique individual, and thereby, the actualization of the collective.Nuala enjoys ecstatic dance, contact improvisation, creek dips, travel, and sharing Whole30 meals with her loved ones.