“Working with a Whole30 Certified Coach during my Whole30 was an absolute life-saver: Taylor’s Story”

Taylor smiling and leaning on a railing on a lake

I did the Whole30 twice on my own, but I failed to do Reintroduction both times. For my third Whole30, I knew a coach would provide the accountability I needed to do it right this time around. Whole30 Certified Coach Lisa Bruns helped make that happen.

Working with Lisa during my Whole30 was an absolute life-saver. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I would have quit on Day 6 if it weren’t for her. A few members of my family said they would do it with me but then, right before we started, they backed out. I was on my own the whole time and that made it much harder than I anticipated.

Lisa’s daily check-in texts were super helpful and usually gave me a good laugh! Her weekly educational webinars were informative and enjoyable. I could text her any questions about compatible food, express frustrations, or anything else and she was always quick to respond with wisdom and encouragement.

I’m immensely grateful for her help and would highly recommend working with her!

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