The Whole30® Timeline, Version 2.0

An update to our original (and wildly popular) Whole30 Timeline article by Whole9’s Robin Strathdee, for those new to the Whole30®, and veterans who simply need a reminder.

When the  fine folks of CrossFit Springfield (my home gym, and a Whole9 Nutrition Partner)  embarked on their first Whole30® program, I was asked to provide a little perspective on what participants could expect during their 30 days. As I sat and tried to come up with a paragraph that would cover all the key elements, I noticed some trends in the emails, comments and personal accounts I was getting. That led me to create what the Whole30 community has come to know as The Timeline. Since then, I’ve noticed some new patterns and experiences that warranted an update.

As with any process that involves personal experience, your results may vary, but it’s my hope that this timeline will give you a hint (and a chuckle) at what you can expect during your Whole30 program.


Day 1: So what’s the big deal?

It’s 3 p.m. on day 1. You had a guilt-free plate of steak and eggs for breakfast, breezed through the morning with coffee and coconut cream by your side, and had a nice big salad for lunch. Your body is telling you it’s snack time, so you grab a handful of almonds and an apple and head back to your desk to finish out your day. You’ve got a slow cooker full of chili infusing your kitchen with a heavenly smell, and right now you can’t see why anyone thinks this is hard.

This delusion is somewhat akin to the first episode of any given reality show on which the contestants are herded together and forced to live in one house. At the end of the first episode, everyone can just tell they are going to be best friends for life. Those of us on the other side of the screen know better, though, don’t we? No one really believes this mess to be true, but everyone humors it… because how long can it last, really?

The truth is that you’re feeling empowered by making one good choice after another, all day long. And you should! Take note of that Rock Star feeling, stash it away and bring it back out when days get rough. Because rest assured that after a lifetime of suboptimal choices, things are going to have to get worse before they can get better.

Speaking of rough…


Days 2-3: The Hangover

The alarm rings on day 2 and you pop out of bed expecting the same kind of Charlie Sheen winning feeling you had yesterday. Instead, you get the other side of Charlie…you know – the pounding-head-cross-eyed-can’t-see-straight side. You know you didn’t down a fifth of tequila in your sleep, so what the heck happened?!

Remember the pre Whole30 bender you went on? Pizza, cookies, Jim Beam, jelly beans (oh, the jelly beans)? Yeah. This is when it comes back to bite you in the butt. (And the head.) And it is definitely true that the amount of suck you experience in this phase is directly proportional to the amount of crap you consumed before you began the program. Especially if you consumed it consistently. This phase is especially hard for the habitual Diet Coke (and Diet Dr. Pepper here in my part of the world) drinkers. You know who you are.

Many Whole30ers report headaches, fatigue, and general malaise during this part of the program. This, my friends, is completely normal. Your body is working its way through a whole host of junk it stored from the foods (or food-like-products) you used to eat. This process lasts a day for some folks, but for others it can take a few days longer. Relax, drink a lot of water, and keep making good choices. And do your best to earn  sympathy and support from friends and family, because…


Days 4-5: Kill ALL the things!

Day 4 dawns and you tentatively step out of bed, expecting to feel like you took a strike from Thor’s hammer in the temple. Instead, your head is surprisingly clear. Your limbs all feel functional. This could be a good day! You walk into the kitchen and as you’re greeted by the smiling face of your significant other you are suddenly overcome…with the desire to punch them in the face for smiling this early in the morning. Congratulations! You’ve made it to day 4.

Now, I have no clue why this phase happens, or why it happens here (and not on, say, day 14).* I just know that it happens. Often. Even experienced Whole30ers (myself included) go through this phase. Every nerve is lit, temperance is non-existent and the only solution to the problem seems to be to Kill All of the Things.

This phase, too, will pass. Beg your spouse, children, parents, co-workers, for patience and forgiveness – as nicely as you can (and no, “shut up and leave me alone!” does not count as nice). Take a deep breath and eat some sweet potatoes. I promise, you’ll feel better soon.

*It’s probably because your brain is never very happy when you tell it that it CAN’T have something, and take it out of it’s habitual and accustomed comfort zone. An unhappy brain is a stressed brain, an anxious brain, a fearful brain. No to mention your hormones are desperately trying to keep up with your new food choices, your gut is trying to heal, you’ve had a headache for the last three days, and you REALLY MISS YOUR DIET COKE. So yeah, maybe we do know why this is happening now…


Days 6-7: I just want a nap…

Okay, so its day 6 and you made it through the last phase without smiting anyone. The thing is, today you don’t feel like you could smite anyone if your life depended on it! It’s 10 am and all you can think about is crawling under your desk for a catnap. As the day drags on, the surface of your desk is morphing, from hard wooden surface to snuggly warm pillow, right before your eyes. You hit the gym, but only halfheartedly, unable to face the barbell with any kind of conviction. You crawl into bed at 8 p.m. only to drag yourself out eleven hours later feeling no more rested than you did the night before.

So what’s the deal?! Isn’t eating like this supposed to increase energy levels? Yes…in the long run. Right now, your body is learning that it can’t rely on all those easy access energy sources it used to know and love. Gone are the days of cinnamon crunch muffins and Frappuccinos. Now your body is learning to efficiently burn fat and protein as its fuel sources, and that takes more effort – and some time. If you can hold out just a bit longer, you’ll definitely reap the benefits. (Besides, you could probably use a day off from the gym anyway, right?)


Day 8-9: For the love of Gosling, my pants are TIGHTER.

You’ve made it through the Hangover, and managed not to kill ALL the things, and you’re starting to feel like things are back on level ground again.  Then, you put on your pants. They’re just pants, completely normal pants. In fact, they’re the pants you wore just three days ago. (You were too tired to wash them. It’s okay, we understand.) And three days ago, they fit.  But this morning you had to take a big deep breath to get that button where it ought to be.  What gives?!

The same processes that ran over you like a truck a few days ago are still working their magic in your body.  Your body composition is not actually changing for the worse, we assure you. The enzymes that digest your food and the millions of bacteria that live in your gut are adjusting to your new intake of meat and vegetables, and the lack of easy-access sugars.  This is something they do naturally, and these adjustments have contributed to humanity’s ability to flourish throughout our history.  However, these adjustments can be a bit… uncomfortable. Bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or all three may appear as your gut starts to heal, rebalance, and process this new food effectively. The good news is that most people find this phase passes relatively quickly, and their pants are easy to button again within a week or so.


Days 10-11: The Hardest Days.

Fact: you are most likely to quit your Whole30 program on Day 10 or 11. By this point, the newness of the program has worn off. You’ve made it through most of the unpleasant physical milestones, but you’ve yet to experience any of the “magic” the program promises. You’re still struggling to establish your new routine (read: you’ve eaten eggs prepared ten different ways over the last ten days), and while you’ve been trying really hard to have a good attitude, today you are incredibly aware of all the foods you’re “choosing not to eat right now.”  Everywhere you look, you see the things you “can’t” have: the melted cheese on a greasy burger, the creaminess of that double-scoop cone, the cold beer in your best friend’s tailgate cooler. Dammit, this is hard! And right now you’re wondering if the results will really be as good as “they” all say it is.

You’re cranky, you’re impatient, and you’re really, really tempted to just eat the stupid cheese.

This is where you really start to experience the psychological hold that your food habits have on you. You’ve put in a lot of effort to get to where you are right now, but you’re still waiting for the results you’re hoping to see. Your  brain tells you that you deserve some kind of reward (don’t you?) and, of course, we’ve been conditioned to think of food as the best reward out there. Right now, you’re craving that ice cream, beer, or whatever treat you think would make for just the right reward. But, instead of that treat, you’re standing face to face with the realization that you have 20 more days of deprivation ahead of you.

The key here is to redefine your idea of reward.  Think long and hard about the foods you’re grieving and ask yourself what need you’re expecting them to fulfill.  Are you feeling anxious and looking for reassurance?  Are you feeling sad, and looking for something to cheer you up? Are you worried you won’t successfully finish the program, and it’s easier to self-sabotage than fail? Remind yourself that food cannot fill that void for you—cannot make you feel truly accomplished, comforted, calm, happy, beautiful. Then, find another way to fill that need that does not involve those foods. Prepare yourselves for these days, knowing that all you have to do is see them through to the other side before things get much, much easier.


Days 12-15: Boundless energy! Now give me a damn Twinkie.

Hurray! The slump is over! Your pants fit again! Your energy levels are better than normal – you’re downright Tigger the bouncing tiger! But something weird is happening. You’re dreaming. Not crazy nightmare or strange surrealist dreams, either. Incredibly normal and realistic dreams – about donuts. Or Twinkies. Or Snickers.* In your mind, sometimes you get caught and feel guilty. Sometimes you just brazenly eat the contraband. But then, the feelings start following you into the waking hours. Suddenly, you’re craving things you don’t even like. (For me, it’s Diet Coke and Twinkies, for Melissa Hartwig, it was fast-food cheeseburgers!) Your co-workers’ heads transform into giant Girl Scout Cookies as you gaze on in disbelief. Seriously, you’ve almost hit the halfway mark, and now this?!

All joking aside, though, this phase gets really intense and for some people. This is the part of the program where our minds try to drive us back to the comfort of the foods we used to know. Our food relationships are deeply rooted and strongly reinforced throughout the course of our lives and breaking through them is really big deal. Journaling can be especially enlightening and helpful during this phase, and helpful for reflection later. Take some time to jot down what you’re craving, how you’re feeling and what tools you’re using to work through the cravings.

*The cravings people get, and the dreams they often have, rival those of pregnancy. One person told me they craved pickles and Doritos (together) during this phase!


Days 16-27: Tiger Blood!

You’ve hit the downhill slope of your Whole30 and life is beautiful—which means different things for different people. For some (generally people who came to the program eating well, exercising regularly, and feeling pretty good to begin with), Tiger Blood means someone flipped a switch and turned on the awesome. Energy is through the roof, cravings are under control, clothes are fitting better, workouts are stronger.

For others, this Tiger Blood stage feels more like a real sense of self-efficacy. It doesn’t mean things are perfect (or even easy), but you’re proving to yourself that you can do this, things are getting better, and you’re seeing improvements (small or large) almost daily. Your energy is steadier, you’ve got a firmer handle on the cravings, and you’re experimenting with new, delicious foods.  You may notice that your ability to focus is keener, your body composition is changing, your moods are more stable, you’re stepping up your exercise, or you’re just plain happier these days.

Of course, this may not happen like magic at the halfway point. There are a huge number of factors that influence which benefits you see and when. If you’re one of those folks who has hit the halfway mark and isn’t seeing or feeling the dramatic changes others have reported*, know this: You’re not doing it wrong. If you began the Whole30 with a medical condition, a long and rooted history of unhealthy food habits, or a chronically stressful lifestyle, your “magic” may take longer to appear, and probably won’t be a “light switch” moment. Don’t stress about whether you’re feeling honest-to-goodness “Tiger Blood”—be patient, and be on the lookout for small, gradual improvements to keep you motivated. Slow and steady still wins this race.

*There really is no such thing as a “typical” Whole30. Honestly. There are just trends and common occurrences.


(Interlude) Day 21: I am so over this.

You’ve solidly settled into week three of the program at this point. Your clothes fit better; your skin is clearer; your inner awesomeness is shining through. But despite the many benefits you’re seeing, you went to bed last night dreading the thought of breakfast. You weren’t much more excited about it this morning, either. Come to think of it, you’re not thrilled with any of your meal options right now.  In fact, if Iron Chef Bobby Flay were to walk into your kitchen right now and offer to cook you any Whole30 compliant meal you wanted, you’re not even sure you could think of one. Just about anything sounds like more fun than sitting down to a big plate of Whole30 grub.  You’re loving the way your body is responding to the program, but you’re just not sure if you can make it through 9 more days. And if you see even one more egg, you are going to scream.

Somewhere in the third week of the program, serious food boredom sets in. For some folks, it gets so overwhelming that they lose their appetite altogether for a few days. Don’t let the food fatigue overtake you – plan ahead! Get to work in week two and hunt down some new recipes to keep the fire burning! Find inspiration from our recent meal plan round-up, cruise the Whole30 section of Chowstalker or The Foodie, or pick up a new cookbook (like Well Fed 2…wink wink, nudge nudge). Find some exotic produce in the grocery store, try some exotic recipes – do whatever you can to get over this little speed bump. Being bored and hungry is just a recipe for disaster, and this, too, shall pass.


Day 28: 28 is as good as 30…right?

It’s day 28. DAY 28! You’ve almost made it!  You pushed through all the rough spots, fought off the food boredom, and you’re really loving where you are right now.  You’ve had a solid breakfast, packed a delicious lunch, and planned a stellar new recipe for dinner. You’re primed to make it through day 28 without breaking a sweat. But then you get to work. Today is your department’s monthly birthday celebration, and at the mid-morning break a co-worker teases, “You’ve been so good for 28 days! Isn’t 28 as good as 30? Just have one cupcake with us to celebrate.” You brush the comment off – you’re used to them at this point – but it really gets you thinking. What have you got to lose at this point?  What benefit could two more days possibly bring you? Isn’t 28 days just as good as 30?

The answer is a loud and resounding NO. 28 days is NOT as good as 30, and we’ll tell you why: You owe yourself 30 days. You made a commitment to give yourself 30 full days of Good Food and improved habits. When you make a commitment to self-improvement, it’s a big deal! If you cop out now, you’re telling yourself that the commitments you make to yourself are open to compromise. You’re telling yourself that you are not important enough to honor your commitment to you.  But that’s not true, is it? You ARE important. You ARE worth a full commitment. Require that of yourself and celebrate with a renewed sense of integrity, not a cupcake.


Days 29-30: HolyOprahIt’sAlmostOverWhatAmIGoingToEatNow?!?!?!

It’s day 29, and you’re still rocking. The thoughts you had yesterday of throwing in the towel are gone. You cruise through the day and as you crawl into bed you have a small thought that then grows into full-blown cold-sweat panic. Holy crap. Tomorrow is day 30. The last day. What the hell are you going to do after that?! You worked so hard, fought through all the anger, the naps, the cravings to get to the awesome you’re feeling now. The rules have been your backbone, your lifeline, your excuse for being “that person” in social situations. Are you just going to give them up on day 31? No. You firmly resolve that there will be no deviation on day 31. If it ain’t broke…

It’s totally normal to feel a twinge of panic as your Whole30 comes to a close. For the past month, you’ve lived, breathed, and literally eaten the rules. You feel incredible in your new high-octane body. It’s natural to hesitate at the thought of making any changes – even if the change is a return to what was “normal” for you before. And, the truth is, you don’t have to go back to the way you used to eat. But keep in mind that the Whole30 was intended to be a reset, an introduction into the world of Good Food. I know it’s scary, but keep an open mind, okay?


Day 31: Deep breathing. And maybe some ice cream.

Your sanity returned at some point on day 30 and you realized that eventually, you will have to come out of your perfect Whole30 bubble. Try as you may, you won’t always be able to make life fit inside the Whole30 rules. Does that mean you’re headed off-road at 90 miles per hour? No. But it does mean that you’ll give the reintroduction protocol (in It Starts With Food) the same attention you gave the last 30 days and be honest with yourself about your reactions – physical and emotional – to food. And tonight, that might just mean a bowl of ice cream. And that’s okay.

We don’t expect you to live your life Whole365. We do expect you to take what you’ve learned and use the information to carefully evaluate how the foods you were eating before make you feel now that you’ve eliminated them (and any of their negative effects) from your body. We do expect you to listen to the feedback your body and mind give you and change your food relationships. And we do expect you to make conscious choices about when and how to go off-plan…and when you do, enjoy it!

Your Mileage May Vary

Of course, no two people’s Whole30 experience is the same, and you may find you breeze past some of these phases while being stuck in others for longer than you anticipated. Either way, we hope you use The Timeline to help you prepare for your first Whole30, or to look back on after your Whole30 and reflect on whether we were more right than wrong here.

Have you done a Whole30? How spot-on is our Timeline? Want to propose a new phase, or modify a phase we’ve written about above? Share it in comments!

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    • Lee says

      Well, I’m going to try this, it seems logical. I’m a nurse working 5 out of 6 days this week, but that’s not typical. I’m wondering when the best time to start this plan is, but I’m going for it. I will stay out of the break room and avoid all sugars-as nurses know, we have THE most CRAP food around.

      In the past I couldn’t commit to plans like this and want to make THIS Whole 30 something I can do at least ONCE in my life, a plan to stick to…we’ll see how I do.

      I once heard an interview with Robert Downey Jr. someone asked him HOW easy it was to get sober…his response was EASY-ONCE you make up your mind to COMMIT, if not, the journey can be filled with relapses! SO TRUE eh?

      Just COMMIT, you’re not in some third world country, not wondering where water is to come from this week and if it’s clean so just BUCK UP and DO IT…I tell myself! We’ll see. BTW, when I succeed, It will be a miracle as I’ve never stuck to anything this long! :)

    • Bernadette says

      Day 3 of my first Whole30 and couldn’t work out why I’ve had a headache on and off throughout the day, feeling tired and want to crawl into bed at 6.30pm. So glad I found this timeline. I don’t feel so bad about it anymore. I can feel the onset of Day 4-7 symptoms of wanting to kill everything in sight. Feeling very irritable and cranky already I’ve pre-warned hubby of day 4-7 so he’s aware and hopefully supportive and ignores me. BUT I will get through this phase and succeed with the Whole30 experience!

    • hope says

      day 11 for me today and yes def hardest day..no energy, menstruating,bloated and work overload ugh! im also pescatarian so no meat for me but fish and last nite had such a craving i think i ate a whole huge fish! question is i feel im needing more protein and getting sick of nuts..any other ideas in the vegi dept? also getting sick of spinach and beets and ALWAYS thirsty and feeling hungry..:) thanks!

    • Ash says

      Today is day 19 for me. I got excited last year after reading the book and jumped right on the Whole30 wagon! I only made it to day 10. This time I prepped for months and planned it for March 2015. I’ve been doing really good and I’m super proud of myself. This is the longest I’ve gone without drinking for sure and definitely the most will power I’ve ever had. I feel great, my pants fit better and I started sleeping a little better. I’m starting to get nervous for the end and am afraid I’ll lose all these positive effects. Anyone out there with after Whole30 advice?

    • Nancy says

      I too am a Nurse who works 12 hour shifts. There is no perfect time. Just do it. Find recipies that have the same ingredients and make a ton on your day off (HAHA). Toss stuff in a freezer bag and defrost it day by day. You can do this,

    • Sharon Moore says

      I’m on day 2. I was at my sink washing dishes after breakfast – yes there are a ton of dishes to wash – when all of a sudden the world began to spin, got light-headed, slightly nauseous.. I thought WTH, a moment ago I felt fine. Then I read the Whole30 Timeline 2.0. It said , Day 2: hangover from carb/sugar detox. Now I’m resting and just feeling “normally hungover” Thank goodness for the support materials and the Whole30 Daily in my email. CAN ANYONE ELSE RELATE??? And I warned my husband that Days 4-6 are Kill everything.

    • Bex says

      I’m almost done with my 30 days. I knew previously that I have leaky gut, so was expecting the worst. But my head continually got clearer, and the fatigue wasn’t too debilitating. The worst was excessive diarrea for the first 3 weeks. But a good probiotic helped with that, and I moved on. I look forward to an occasional rice dish. To not feeling like a cheat if I happen to taste the honey on my kiddos sandwiches. But I’m planning on this being a life-change. My body needs it.

    • Gretchen says

      Whew. I’m so glad I found this timeline! I’m on day 17 and have been seriously bored. Yesterday, I ate a banana, a few almonds, some olives, a few grapes, and a sweet potato. I was just eating to stave off some hunger, but just could not think of a single thing that I actually wanted to eat. Last night, I put a little more effort into a frittata, with compliant sausage, spinach,mushrooms, and onion, and I made a salad dressing with homemade mayo as the base. I felt better this morning, but as I’m choking down my black coffee, I thought, “would a little creamer be so bad?” I mean 16 perfect days is good, maybe a little give wouldn’t hurt. So I googled “why thirty days on whole30″ before I caved and found this. OMG, I’m almost to Tigerblood! Man would I have been ticked if I went through all this and then caved at the good part! My focus is renewed and I’m thinking I Already feel happier and more energetic. I’ll choke down my second cup of black coffee and feel happy about it. ;-)

  1. says

    Today is Day 28 and this has been the best decision I have ever made for my health. Thank you for this timeline as it’s helped me understand what to expect and get through it just fine. I’m looking forward to Day 30, as I’ve never stuck to something for so long because I was worth it. Now I know better :)

  2. Tether says

    On Day 4 I had to work, and I wanted to shred all my coworkers to pieces! (Kill ALL the things!) Today is day 5, and I think my coworkers are safer, but I’m still reacting poorly to stupidity (where usually I’m able to handle it).

    Days 4+5 are pretty spot-on, but last night I dreamed of coffee-flavored ice cream smothered in grated parmesan+cheddar cheese and chamomile-infused honey… The dreams are starting already.

    • Dana says

      I had crazy food dreams 3 nights in a row! Sourdough bread smothered in butter 1st night, pie and quiche second night and 3rd night bagel and cream cheese… Last night I had a dream that I went to get sushi and I asked them to leave out the rice, so I think I’m improving! I really couldn’t believe the dreams though, I have done cleanses before and never had them, so funny! I’m on day 10 still feeling a bit tired and bloated but hopefully that will improve, soon!

  3. Brett Hand says

    Just started day 3. Needed to crash at 6:30pm last night. Skipped the gym this morning after sleeping 10 hours. I feel better today. Just a dull headache again.

  4. Mark says

    I’m on day 9 today and feeling really tired and unable to concentrate at work. Tonight I had a dream about eating an aquarium-sized bowl of pasta. Feelings of guilt ensued..

  5. Shira says

    Day Two. Feels exactly like day two. And it’s only 10am. I thought it was from the awesome workout I had the past two days and possibly not quite enough water. But no, I’ve been chugging down the water like it’s beer at a keg party. Good to know it’s the average feeling for this point. Looking forward to the rest of the month with some delicious new recipes!

  6. john says


    I started well – first 4-5 days were a breeze and I felt great. But I’ve rapidly gone downhill and the thought of 20 more days is tough.

    Day 7 I wanted a beer!
    Day 8 I was angry and depressed.
    Day 9 (yesterday) I was exhausted and still feeling pretty low.

    I’m on day 10 and feel pretty average but better than yesterday.

    Anyone else had depression type feelings brought on after the first week? Doesn’t seem normal to me but perhaps it is. Hope it lifts soon.

    No energy to exercise at all today or yesterday which is frustrating.

    Must not give up!

    • Ana says

      Day 9 & 10 you are on point!!! Today is day 10 for me, already I can tell itll be better than yesterday. Yesterday I wanted to just curl into a ball and hide under the desk and fantasize about ice cream

    • says

      Yes! This is my second go with the Whole30, and once again, right on schedule, I am feeling quite depressed (on day 5, currently). This happened the first time around and I expect it to pass within a couple of days (hopefully, ha!). Good luck but since I am responding to this almost a year later, I’m sure you did great!

    • Kelli says

      I am on day 9 of my second whole 30. I feel great overall. But I desire a beer after work so much, and going through this process makes me aware of my weaknesses. Coming from a family where liquor poured freely on a regular basis, this is making me reevaluate long standing habits. I have to say it’s hard, but definitely worth it. While I look forward to losing some weight at the end of this, I look more towards the happiness and freedom of breaking bad food and drink habits. Press onwards!

    • Maralee says

      I am only at day 5 and this is a year after these posts. I have read this week about a lot of research regarding sugar triggers to depression. I do not think it is a coincidence that these symptoms appear as we remove it from our eating routine. Very predictable.

  7. Alaina says

    Day 9. Finally don’t feel like I have the flu anymore. Had a dream last night that I was at a party, scooping up cheese dip with my hands and shoving handfuls in my mouth. Can’t wait to see what I’ll dream about next!

  8. says

    John, I think that’s totally normal. The first few days are exciting and new, and then things start to sink in (20 days left!) and you haven’t hit the “Tiger Blood” phase yet, and so it all seems a little overwhelming. Just hang in there – I think within just a few days, you’ll start to feel amazing, and that will give you the boost you need to just keep going! In the meantime, make sure you are eating enough (especially enough carb-dense veggies and fruit to support your activity).


    • Jennifer says

      I had a question for you. Just finished Day 1 and after reading all about the different phases, I am glad I committed to it before I read the information. My sister had told me about the headaches and I was wondering if I can take Advil to help ease them. Also, can I take probiotics during the Whole 30 to help with the digestive issues?

  9. Rebecca says

    I am on Day 5, but it feels more like Day 6 according to the timeline. I didn’t really have a desire to kill ALL the things, mostly just to take a nap. The flu symptoms were spot on, though! I hope I don’t just have an extended period of fatigue, because that would suck. I’m powering through! Any ideas on foods to add to avoid cramps during running? I am getting plenty of water, but my legs feel heavy and they cramp when I run over 5 miles.


    • Jodi says

      I’m so glad I read your response to Rebecca…….I use Natural Calm a couple days a week and I was wondering if it was Whole30 approved. SO happy it is!

    • Suzy says

      The flavored Natural Calm have stevia in them…just an FYI. I had the raspberry lemon flavor and after having a dose before bed, I realized this. The original does not contain stevia though!!

  10. Tina says

    Day 5 today. Days 2 and 3 I had terrible headaches. Been trying to cut down caffeine as well. Not that I drank a lot but my coffee just isn’t the same without my flavored creamer. ;) My mood has been down and my energy very low the past two days as well. This afternoon my husband emptied the ice bucket and didn’t dump the trays to refill it. I totally went off on him! Guess “kill all the things” is here! Last time I only made it to day 8 before caving. Determined to make it all the way this time.

  11. Kesley says

    Day 3 today…I woke up thinking my head was going to split in half. I felt feverish and sick this morning. The flu symptoms are bang on.
    Not looking forward to getting through the next few phases but I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it and it’s only 30 days!!!!
    Good luck to all my fellow Whole30ers out there!! I’m rooting for you!!!

  12. Cierra says

    I’m on day 12, the last few days were awesome but today sucks. I’m definitely in the food boredom phase. I didn’t eat breakfast this morning because I wasn’t hungry and nothing sounded good anyway. I am a past eating disorder sufferer and can’t stay off the scale, weighing myself twice a day. I try to tell myself it’s no big deal, but I lost 8 pounds in the first 8 days and now they are creeping back up again. I’m driving myself crazy wondering if I’m eating too much fruit, not drinking enough water, etc etc etc.

  13. says

    Tina, hope your Whole30 is going better this time around!

    Kesley, Sorry that you’re in the middle of the worst part, but hang in there – it gets better!

    Cierra, I’m concerned that your Whole30 may no longer be healthy. It sounds as though you are veering dangerously back into disordered eating territory, and so I will caution you immediately to seek some help, and consider stopping your Whole30.

    Please read this article in full, and see if this applies to you: http://whole9life.com/2012/02/whole30-gone-bad/

    I enocurage you to seek some counseling, and do what you need to do to get yourself back in a healthy place. The Whole30 will be here, should you decide at some point that you are ready to come back to it in a healthy way, with a healthy focus.


    • Heather says

      Whole 30 gone bad link above is a dead link. Can you please repost/email me. Thank you!

  14. Sea Brz says

    So glad that I read this before joining the program. I completely understand the physical/mental response because I went through these same days when I quit smoking a couple of years ago. The difference is that, while I knew that I did not need tobacco to survive, I DO need food.

    IMHO, life is too short to go through 30 days of misery like this for FOOD. Good luck to those of you sticking this out. I am sure it is a healthy way to detox. I am going to take baby steps to get there myself instead of trying to undo 50 yrs of bad eating in just 30 days.

    • Natalia says

      I am so sad you see it that way! This is not a detox, is the initial step in healing your body, starting a healthy relationship with food and really identify what kind of food does what to your body! It may be tough, but it is worth it! A lot of people choose to focus of what they can’t have, but a slight change of mindset will allow you to see all the things you CAN have: delicious meat, fresh fruit and veggies, beautiful spices and filling and healthy fats… your palate will change and you will appreciate the flavors! Do your baby steps, and hopefully you’ll give this a go at a later stage, you won’t regret it!

    • Emily says

      The first few days are, without a doubt, ROUGH. Finished one in March and starting another one tomorrow because I am SO much happier in Whole30 mode!! I wasn’t even able to sit still I had so much energy and happiness during the Tiger Blood phase. It lasted as long as I kept eating delicious, AWESOME, healthy foods. There was zero misery aside from the first week of dealing with the bummer side effects from bad eating habits. I’ve fallen a bit off track (hence the second one starting tomorrow!!) and have had miserable moments of not feeling good/low energy/etc with my less-than-perfect food choices. Whole30 is the opposite of being miserable, you just have to push through two weeks of mild discomfort to get there. You can do it!!!!

    • Cami says

      I am sad you see it like this also. It’s not a quick fix, it is a fantastic way to introduce a different way of thinking about food and no longer allowing sugar cravings to run your life. Yes, it is difficult to alter the way you do anything, especially eat…but it is absolutely life-changing. Also, in the grand scheme of things, what is 30 days, especially when it’s JUST food we are talking about here.

  15. Indu says

    Yikes, I am on day 13 and I am in the “I just want to nap phase” plus “food boredom” phase…wonder whether that is okay? I have been always overweight since high school and started having inflammatory diseases 5 years ago with them only getting worse. Food is a big part of my life as I love cooking too, so trying to clean my body with food sounded good, when I first came across whole30. I feel great that I have made this decision for myself to eat clean. But I cant but wonder whether I am doing it right. Especially with fats, am I supposed to have a portion of both a cooking fat and a eating fat in my diet every meal? I eat only three meals a day – no snacking as I did not want to plan for them. So I eat a large meal with protein, vegetable and fat ( Am I eating too much or too less?) that keep me satiated till the next meal.

    Thanks Melissa, Dallas and fellow whole30-ers for all the tips and information.

  16. says

    Indu, the fat recommendations per the meal planning template are per meal. If you are using more than one fat in your meal preparation (which is pretty common), you’d adjust each of your fat sources so they were on the lesser side of the recommendation.

    For example, if you were eating hard-boiled eggs, a small fruit salad, and avocado, you’d maybe eat a whole avocado, as there is no fat used in the preparation of that meal.

    If you are eating fried eggs and sweet potatoes (cooked in clarified butter) and avocado, you’d use cooking fat in the preparation, and probably add only 1/2 an avocado.

    Make sense? Use fat to help you fill in calories if you find your meals are too small and leaving you hungry an hour later… maybe that second meal still gets a whole avocado, if you’re hungry enough! It’s a little bit trial and error.


    • Jen says


      Bravo on the audiobook. I could not find the downloadable documents on iTunes. This is day one for me. Very excited!

      I wish there were a more precise answer as to how many or what is recommended amount of fats on the meal planning guide. The way it’s listed made me think I could have all of those things. It should be more clear.

      For breakfast I had two fried eggs, one chicken sausage and some vegetables prepared in olive oil. This was accompanied by a handful of coconut flakes and a small handful of macadamia nuts. I ate a whole avocado as well since I saw it listed. I’m a volume eater.

      For lunch I had a chicken burger cooked in coconut oil, Kale prepared in olive oil and a handful of nuts.

      Coffee with coconut milk on my way to work.

      I’m at work now and starving so I got some almonds. Question: on the package says just almonds but then says manufactured in a plant where they process peanuts, wheat and soy. Is this a no no?

      Is this too many fats? Trial and error I guess. Is the recommendation one cooking fat and one eating fat per meal or is this part of the experiment?

      Also what is the main difference between this program and the palo in general? Looking forward to transforming my life!!

  17. Nancy O. says

    Day 1….doing this with my 15 year old daughter. I am a physician’s assistant who has exercised regularly and eaten “healthy” for 20+ years. Yet, I still suffer from water retention, bloating, gas, and constipation (not severe enough to be IBS, but enough to be uncomfortable). She is a 15 year old with acne, a heart arrhythmia (under a doctor’s care), and back pain. We are hoping the detox will help us identify specific foods that cause us difficulty. She is especially interested in the link that dairy may play in her acne. Our own “science experiment” as you call it!

    • Merky says

      I would love to know how this turned out for you both and where you are today with your eating habits :)

  18. Jean says

    I am on day 25 and so happy I went on this journey! I am feeling so much better, and have much more energy now. 0n day 17-18 I had bad headaches and almost threw in the towel, so glad I didn’t!! I know I am not supposed to get on the scale, but I did and was so disheartened to see I had only lost 4 lbs. I couldn’t believe it, because my clothes are fitting much better, and everyone is saying I look thinner. I am worried about going off of the challenge, I do not want to slip back into bad eating habits again.
    My daughter bought me the book, ‘ It starts with food’. I love the recipes in it, especially the mayonnaise!! We love it.
    Thank you Melissa and Dallas and everyone at whole9life.com for all you wisdom, tips, and advice.

    • says

      Jean, we are so happy for you! You should be very proud of yourself for sticking with it. Now you get to reap all the benefits! Keep up the fantastic work, and tell your daughter thank you for sharing our program with you! Melissa

    • Ali says

      I am on day 18 and am having EXACTLY the same headaches and low weight loss, clothes fitting better but not showing on the scale and everyone saying I look thinner as you Jean! It’s challenging at times. My head is still not clear, but I’m getting there!

  19. Jean says

    I forgot to add, I was having terrible back pain for months before doing this challenge, and now it has subsided, also my head feels so much clearer.
    This is truly a miracle

  20. says

    I am SO proud of myself. I did it, I got through whole30, lost 10 pounds in 30 days and I feel like a new person. I must say, the discipline required for this is the real life changer, never mind the food. Thank you!!!!!! <3

  21. Holly says

    I’m on day 9 of my 4th Whole 30. Since it’s been a few months since my last one and I ate SOOO bad during that haitus, this time has been almost as hard as the first time. I have a much bigger arsenal now to fight the bad symptoms I’m getting, though, which makes it easier. But days 4-7 were KILLERS! Major cravings, headaches, fatigue, crankiness… awful. I’m feeling much better today, although still a little tired. I remember during my first one it was shortly after this phase that I started struggling to keep my eyes open at 8pm but was bouncing and ready to go at 5am! I loved that! It made life so much easier to be a morning person again! I’m hoping I’ll have the same experience soon so I can add back in my morning workouts that I love so much. Can’t wait for the end of the 3rd week because that’s when the magic happens!

  22. Rabya says

    I’m on day 8 of my first whole30. I have to say, day 4-5 are spot on. My sweet husband was cooking for me and I just wanted to throw the pan and the damn veggies at the wall :)

    On a serious note, I am so happy to have stumbled across this timeline. I came to the forums today because I was worried I was perhaps eating too much fat (even though I am eating the recommended amount). My jeans were tight this morning. I have not weighed myself even though I have weighed myself probably every single day for the last 7 years.

    I’m choosing to trust the system and not worry about my jeans feeling tight (after all, you guys called it!).

    I’m not even a third of the way there but I feel excited about accomplishing this for myself. I have never stuck to any food plan for very long…even when I was getting ready for my wedding. I think the difference here is I am doing this for my health and losing a little bit of weight is only a secondary goal whereas in the past I was so focused on being “skinny”. I hope to improve my endless allergies to everything and whole30 is just the beginning to my new and improved lifestyle. Will keep you posted on anything life altering ;)

    • says

      Rabya, glad you are finding the Timeline helpful! You are only 1/4 of the way there, and lots of “magic” happens in the very last week. Hang in there – things will get better and easier. Melissa

  23. Ray says

    Have just started whole30 on day seven now,i am participating in a half triathlon in 4 weeks and am wondering if the window is to small for me to change my diet within this period ,anyone got any advice?

  24. EllyKB says

    @Ray –

    I’m on Day 11 and my second half marathon is on the 27th of this month. I’ve already noticed a difference in my mile times! The first week was the hardest and was sort of discouraging – my legs felt super heavy and I just wanted to sleep (not run!) all the time. But as my body has learned to adjust to the new food, I’ve felt more motivated and physically well. Just getting the crap out of my system has totally changed my mood and I’m much more willing to train harder for this half. I’m expecting things to keep improving, as I’m only on Day 11 and haven’t hit the “Tiger Blood” stage yet!

    Just be aware that in the first two weeks (or so) there most likely will be days where you don’t feel so hot and your workout won’t go as well as expected. But don’t give up! You never know how fast things can change :) Good luck!

  25. Fran says

    on day 7 and have been sick most of the week! Sore throat the latest, with nausea the first two days. And tiredness. Friends have been dropping like flies with a flu, so I am being smug that it’s my healthy eating keeping the worst at bay. I’ve been vaguely paleo for a while so I don’t attribute all these symptoms to a reaction, but am taking comfort that some might be. Otherwise my healthy eating would be all for naught.

    So, it’s good to see the experiences of other and also to see what I may be in for! I am noticing some changes in body composition – less visible cellulite – but pants fit pretty much as they did last week. I know that when I dream it will be of wine and cheese and I thank this blog so much for identifying the emotional connection to wine as NOT GOOD (ie French and romantic) as I definitely feel much better in my head and in my body. Less aches and pains when I wake and more clarity in thinking.


  26. Patty says

    My 4 year old son had the flu today and was throwing up. I assumed I had what he had after feeling so awful all day and napping for 2.5hrs this afternoon. I am praying for tomorrow as I am a mother of 3 young children, am breastfeeding and have thanksgiving dinner with my extended family tomorrow night.

    This 30 days is for me. Its just going to be very tough as the cook of the house, a husband who is not interested in doing this (he is drinking pop and eating a bag of chips while I am on here) and 2 kids who love their milk and carbs (which I am trying to change, but dont know how to explain it to a 2 and 4 year old). I have to do this for me though… I have to figure out whats causing all my troubles with rashes, IBS, migraines and bloating.

  27. says

    Melissa- I have been trying to not snack between meals, but today (day 3) even after eating a huge lunch post 8.5 mile run (a palm size serving of chicken, large sweet potato, plate full of spinach and green beans, and a banana) I was still hungry, so I gave in and ate 12 almonds and an apple an hour after lunch. If I snack, will I not get the benefits of my body using fat and protein as its energy sources?

    Also, can I get the benefits of the Whole30 if I cut out all the foods you suggest except continue to drink one glass of milk each day? I have at least 6 more servings I need to finish or toss…

  28. says

    Lisa, after a long run like that, you’ll probably need an extra meal. Next time, just eat a mini-meal (or another full meal) with protein too. Also, it generally takes a few weeks before the three meals a day thing feels comfortable, especialy if you’re used to running on sugar for energy. Until things even out, just do the best you can, and if you have to snack, it’s not a big deal.

    As for the milk, either start your Whole30 when you’ve stopped drinking the milk, or toss it – drinking milk on your Whole30 is kind of missing the point.


  29. says

    Fran, I hope that you feel better soon, and think that you are doing the best thing for your immune system and your health by sticking to the Whole30. Recover fast!

    Patty, I’m sorry things are so hard right now. Just do the best you can with the resources you have, and don’t try to do the “perfect” Whole30. If this week just isn’t going to happen because of illness or family issues, then do the best you can this week and try again next. I wish you the best – hang in there.


  30. Em says

    This is attempt number 2 to complete a whole30. I made it to Day 15 with my first one but sadly fell prey to the screaming pleas from my brain. This time around there is no doubt in my mind that I will do this (last time I was filled with doubts and the part of me wanting the sweets knew it!)

    This is Day 2 for me and the withdrawal symptoms have already made an appearance but my meals are planned for the week and I’m prepared to veg on the couch for the next few days while my children destroy the house if thats what it takes to not reach for that sugary goodness.

  31. Megan says

    Day 10 and Day 11 couldn’t be more accurate. It was the strangest thing I went from being excited, tired but pumped about feeling better to hatred. I seriously woke up hating the program and the fact that this was even something people do. I didn’t have results. It wasn’t like I felt good This was of course exacerbated by my having the worst cold I’ve had in years. Unable to even stand up on day 10 I started to hysterically laugh/sob to myself as I tried to chop a sweet potato. My dad came home to find me in tears waving around a giant knife with a sweet potato stuck to the end of it. You know? Like a crazy person.

    Knife and potato confiscated I lay on the kitchen floor trying to find a way to swallow without setting my whole esophagus a flame. I had to fight back the little voice in my head telling me “This is stupid. You’re so sick and it’s probably the diet change. You know? What you need right now is a lot of ice cream because let’s be honest that’s the only thing you actually want to eat and you’re sick.” So I pictured day 16 when I’m supposed to be feeling awesome. When there’s a good chance I’ll feel like a tiger and not like illness incarnate. It worked! Hopefully that boundless energy shows up soon cause it’s day 12 and I’m still sick as dog.

    • says

      I loved this. LOVE IT. Because on one of my Whole30’s, around day 10 or 11, I found myself in tears at a Mexican restaurant, complaing to Dallas that there was sugar in the SALSA, and who puts SUGAR in SALSA, and these rules are totally stupid because I am a GROWN UP and I should be able to eat SALSA if I WANT TO. At which point he reminded me it’s our own damn program. I think I even wrote an article about it. So yes, the Timeline is eerily accurate because we’ve been there, too. Keep it up, and feel better Megan.


      PS Shared your comment (edited for length) on our Whole30 FB page. Thought it was too good not to.

    • Cat Sims says

      I am on day 12 and have the worst sore throat and sinus drainage. Is this common? What do people do about cough drops? In the past I would have also done ice cream or other dairy to coat my throat! It us burning terribly!

  32. Lisa says

    Melissa – two questions. 1.) Is it really possible to reverse years of bad eating habits and a screwed up hormone balance with 30 days of eating whole? I’m on Day 17 and feeling good. Committed to the end. One thing I have been wondering though, are my hormones back to normal yet? 2.) How do you feel about vitamin supplementation during the 30 days? I take a multi-vitamin daily along with glucosamine.

  33. says

    Lisa, if you mean “reverse” as in “get everything in your body 100% back to perfect balance,” probably not. But 30 days can make a HUGE difference in how your gut, immune system, and metabolism works–so much so that most folks notice dramatic differences in how they look, feel, and live after just a month. I doubt your hormones will be 100% back to “normal” through dietary intervention alone–so many other factors affect hormonal balance, including sleep, stress, exercise, and your environment–but food plays a huge role. You are on the right track.

    We don’t have an official stance on supplements or vitamins during the Whole30. As long as the ingredient list doesn’t contain off-plan ingredients, feel free to keep taking what you want.


  34. Lisa says

    Thanks Melissa! I plan on making this way of eating my normal diet from this point forward, even after I reach my goal weight. I am already noticing the natural “I’m full” signal, and there is still food on my plate which has been very surprising to me. I’ve trashed my system for so long with diet soda and donuts, so I know it will be some time before I reach a great hormonal balance, but I do believe what you said about how much of a difference can happen in just 30 days. I’m feeling it already and it’s only been 17 days!

    And thanks for being so accessible to us! I appreciate the advice!

  35. says


    I began my whole30 on my 31st birthday, September 8th. Now I am on day 2 of the reintroduction phase.

    A brief background: My motivation for accepting the whole30 challenge is to try to get my recent diagnosis of RA under control. Although it was only diagnosed this year the doctors believe I probably had juvenile arthritis, as I have suffered from chronic pain since I was young. It is severe, so much in fact it completely destroyed my hips. I had no cartilage. I had bi-lateral surgery over the summer and I am working hard to make a full recovery after spending the last year homebound and totally crippled. I am currently on the highest dosing of Methotrexate and it is not enough, my doctor wants to begin an additional biologic injection to try to manage my symptoms. I hate medications, and I believe our bodies have been created with the amazing ability to heal itself… given the proper environment, ie nutrition, exercise, psychological balance, spiritual resolve, etc. I would love to show my doctor that eating clean and well can manage my symptoms so I do not have to add any more drugs and hopefully reduce if not stop the ones I am already on.

    I have seen many of the symptoms you describe throughout this journey: mood swings, fatigue, bloating, constipation, weight loss (not desired…), cravings, and moments of feeling encouraged, while mostly feeling discouraged throughout. However the order I experienced my symptoms did not line up with your timeline. In trying to draw up a timeline my symptoms seem really sporadic, so in general here is what I experienced.

    Throughout: The discouragement stayed with me throughout. The autoimmune protocol thrusts the whole30’s strict rules for changing one’s eating habits to another level of restriction. Many of your suggestions for making this new style of eating more palatable in the recipe index of It Starts with Food were off limits to me. I did my best to get creative with my options. During the first week I structured my meals around: meat, vegetable, fat. As I continued I found it was important to have more variety at each plate. That helped a lot.

    Pain: I am not pain free but I have been managing without any pain meds, including my go to
    NSAID’s. I had been taking 1100 mg. of Naproxen a day. Some days were worse than others, and there were some days if I hadn’t made the commitment to not take any pain pills, I would have. I’m sure my stomach lining and liver thank you. In keeping a strict food journal I also took note of when there were weather changes. It seemed that rain and pressure and temperature changes take the biggest toll on my frail little body, truly making me feel under the weather. No energy, muscle weakness, joint pain and feeling overall like crap.

    A note on my cravings: I’m not a big sweets person, but knowing I couldn’t have them made me want them! I wanted cookies, and cakes at random throughout. I also craved peanut butter and nuts a few times throughout. I did have one food craving dream, after talking about it before bed: mac & cheese, and cake, on day 10.

    Day 1-3: Initially I thought I was going to gain weight, which for me would be great. (I started at 98 pounds and ended up at 91). The first three days or so it felt like my belly had a bit more fat, not bloating per se. but fat. But that went away. On my third day I was having crazy mood swings, from feeling elated and inspired to feeling overwhelmed and depressed.

    Day 12: I know we were supposed to stay off the scale, but I was definitely noticing a change in my body composition. I lost 6 pounds. Also my doctor prescribed a high dose of vitamin D twice a week I began taking on this day.

    Day 15-17: I was having dizzy spells during this time. This symptom passed on its own. Day 15 I began B12 and fish oil supplements. Day 17 I was craving nuts, like almonds and walnuts.

    Day 21: I stayed up way too late as I compiled a blog of my experience thus far. (http://ramblingoki.weebly.com/blog.html) Pros: no pain pills, clearer skin and even tone, no more post meal bloating and food coma. Cons: I’m just not into this structure of meal planning. I dislike meat but I am consuming generous animal proteins three times a day. It is expensive, and a lot of work, I feel like I’m in the kitchen all the time. I can’t imagine how someone does this working full time and taking care of a family and other social obligations. I have the advantage (well I guess it’s an advantage), that I am disabled and spend all day at home.

    Days 27-29: The weather had been cold and rainy. I experienced insurmountable fatigue. I was very tired and unmotivated. I had a random bout of bloating and constipation. Day 29 I had a strong craving for some apple cake.

    Day 30: Glad I made it, but in planning for my reintroduction, I’m feeling discouraged, I’ve got at least another 35 days of this. This day I had a strong craving for peanut butter and nuts. (I wonder what it is that I’m craving, the fat or the protein?)

    Question: As I reintroduce things, if I don’t notice an adverse reaction, can I continue to eat them after the 3 day evaluation? The first item I reintroduced has been eggs. I don’t think eggs are a problem for me. Would I be able to add them in as I go through this next phase? Or should I only have them for the one day, and leave them out the rest of the reintroduction?

    Thank you! I am quite thankful that you have taken the time to create a plan to help people identify potential food triggers that might exacerbate the ailments that plague us, while encouraging health and wellness through nutrition. I have always had a strong interest in nutrition and health science and I am going to use my experience with your whole30 plan as my topic throughout my public speaking class! So while it has been hard, and I feel like I’m only halfway there. Thank you!!!

    Rambling ‘Round,


    • Sarah says

      Do you mind if I ask what was your total weight loss. I too am starting off under 100 lbs, and do not want to lose too much.

  36. Diane says

    Day 9! I can’t believe how great I am feeling! So much energy, no cravings yet, but a little bit of food boredom. I went to Sprouts yesterday and picked up some veggies that I don’t normally eat to see if that helps with the boredom. I don’t think I can eat another turkey burger, so I picked up wild salmon burgers. Also, I toasted some raw cashews and macadamia nuts and sprinkled on some cinnamon to add a different flavor to my breakfast ‘monkey salad’. Lunch has been my toughest food challenge, because a salad (even with meat) doesn’t do it for me and I always end up hungry by 3 pm. I’ve pushed through it (no snacking) but today I will try eating a dinner menu for lunch to see if that helps with the hunger.

  37. Maggie says

    Day 10 was spot on. Not a good day to have pms, and have a trip to Chipotle planned, I so wanted chips and cheese and sour cream and the darn fajita veggies cooked in soy oil! Also the day before a camping trip and I packed some less awful marshmallows for the kids and trying to figure out how to eat out in Monterey without drilling every server. I think we’ll find a farmers market and get some local fish and cook ourselves. Also tried to peel 18 eggs, I think I actually threw one and declared to only buy them from now on! I went to bed early and woke up early to finish getting ready, otherwise I just would’ve cried my way through the prep, I feel much better this morning and it didn’t even phase me when I realized I had packed all of my coconut milk in the pop up and couldn’t make sunshine sauce. We’ll just dip in nut butter instead.

  38. Halima says

    I am on Day 4 and I have the biggest attitude evah! I am sitting at my work desk and I am giving the look of death to anyone who looks my direction. I have turned down my co-workers attempt to put a smile on my face by bringing me a bag of my favorite chewy-fruit-flavored-oh-so-yummy jolly ranchers. I just want to go home and go to sleep until day 30. If I eat one more veggie, I might go crazy!

  39. Em says

    Well its day 5 and I feel fantastic! Bloating is gone, fatigue is gone for now (I have a feeling it will come back.) I surprisingly do not want to punch anyone in the face yet(another one I think will change.) Planned out meals amazingly this week and will decide what next week entail once I pick up our CSA share tonight. I’m spending tomorrow and Sunday at a friends so I’ve been preparing food for me so I stay compliant.

    Question: We’re going to Chipotle for dinner tomorrow night. Anyone have any ordering advice for me so I can stay compliant?

  40. Lisa says

    Em – I’d probably order a bowl on lettuce instead of rice. No beans. Add plenty of pico. No sour cream or cheese. Get the guac.

  41. says

    Well I’m only on Day 1 and I had the dreams last night – before I’d even started! I dreamed I was halfway through a choc-coated muesli bar then realised I wasn’t allowed to have it. And that is not even something I usually eat. I also dreamed that my mother ate my steak so I had nothing to cook for dinner. Deprivation fears?

  42. Fran says

    Day 12 – Tiger in the morning, sloth in the afternoon. Limbs like lead after lunch. Dreams of crusty bread, parmesan and pinot gris. Quite nice really! Living vicariously through my dreams.

    Ate out for the first time last night and i think there was sugar in the broth my pork and asian veg came in. I didn’t eat it, but felt quite … heavy … when I got home. Melissa, does this mean a start over?

  43. Em says

    haha I spoke too soon about not wanting to punch anyone in the face on Day 5. After my almost 5 year old talked nonstop to me for about 2 hours I went into the kitchen to make dinner and he was STILL talking!!! That urge to punch him arose and I just had to tell him he wasn’t allowed to talk to me while I’m making dinner because I needed some mommy time. It was a really good and I felt very happy and full of energy, even when I want to punch him.

  44. Anne says

    Today is the morning of the 6th day. I still have that “rock star” feeling she mentioned having on the 1st day. I have had some fatigue at the tops of my hamstrings which i attributed to sitting all day and not working out like i usually do. I changed my daily schedule so I can do nothing but sit at the table and eat my meals, including eating breakfast with in 30 minutes of getting up. I used to go to the gym then eat at work more than 2 hours after I’d gotten up. Before this i had a horrible sugar habit. And there was one day when i saw a package of Oreos (on somebody’s desk I think) and the first thing that ran through my head, practically as a reflex, was “just grab them, fast”. Luckily the feeling passed. LOL

  45. Lucy says

    Today is day 8 , feeling tired and my back aches. Yesterday I really wanted to eat chocolate cake but instead I ate a bowl of berries it worked! I have already noticed changes, my skin is clearer, brain fog almost gone, sleeping better if I don’t eat to late, waking up early. My energy on most days is the same in the morning and the evening I don’t crash later in the day. I know this is worth it so I am sticking with it, I am following the autoimmune protocol and want to try eggs again but honestly I’m scared how my body will react!

  46. Halima says

    I had no idea how much sugar and bread I actually consumed. I can’t seem to eat any of my all time favs. This is crazy. I even have to look at the online menu to a Restaraunt before going. I figured if I picked out my dish before getting there I won’t be tempted by the food around me. I normally eat a bag of microwave popcorn a day and just read on a paleo site that I should replace my popcorn with cauliflower! Really? Cauliflower! It has to get better than this. I’m a little less frustrated this morning but it seems like all I can do is sleep!

    25 more days to go

  47. Lucy says

    Yesterday was day 9 and I failed, ate some cake and cookies. I felt really guilty and like a complete failure. Was it good ? Yes! Worth it , maybe, because today I realized I don’t need that stuff on a daily basis. I can commit to the whole 30 and after if I occasionally want to indulge in a rich dessert on a special occasion it will be worth it. I didn’t sleep well and this morning the dark circles are back, my back hurts and I still feel guilty. So I made myself breakfast following the whole 30 guidelines and I am reading through some of the struggles others have dealt with during this challenge. It helps to see other people have struggled just like me. I am committed to completing this journey and changing my way of looking at food. Back on track and moving forward!

  48. says

    Oki – Thank you for sharing your experience with us! While we know you can’t reverse years of damage in one month, it seems clear that you were able to identify some of your triggers (weather, for example) and experience some benefits of the program. Everyone’s experience is different, and we appreciate your different perspective.

    About your reintroduction question: Especially with the AIP, we suggest reintroducing each item for one day and then removing it for the rest of the program so that any reactions are clear and noticeable.

    Diane – definitely mix up the menu if you’re feeling bored. There are so many cuts of meat, a cornucopia of veggies and fruits, and even exciting sauces to add to your plate. Turkey burgers be gone!

    Maggie – glad to hear the Day 10 feelings passed :)

    Em – just for future reference, you’ve got to be super careful at Chipotle. Most of their items (in most locations – each varies), including the carnitas, are cooked in soybean oil. Glad you made it through Day 5 with all family members intact. :)

    Natalie – it does sound like your fears are expressing themselves in your sleeping hours :) No need to fear, however – Whole30 isn’t a deprivation-based program. We want you to eat as much as you need and enjoy it!

    Fran – Glad to hear about the Tiger Blood, but boo for the slump. I wonder if you ate enough in the morning hours (and at lunch) to carry you through. I wouldn’t recommend a restart over the broth, but always ask questions when you’re eating out.

    Anne – it sounds like you’re nailing this! Not everyone experiences the hangover and fatigue, so enjoy your rock star days!

    Lucy – good for you for going right back to what makes you feel good. You’ll be amazed at what a difference 30 consecutive days can make.

    Halima – Your post sounds right on track for someone on day 5 :) Let our meal planning template, and not your desire to recreate old food habits, drive your menus.

  49. Halima says

    Lucy – Thank you for posting that message. I am a wedding photographer so I am tempted with wedding cake ALL the time. Yesterday was my first wedding since I have began the Whole 30 and the client had a candy bar with all of my favorite candies along with wedding cake that everyone was raving about. The client kept insisting that I take some of the cake home because there was so much left over. I kindly declined and slowly walked away. I kept thinking, just one piece, maybe. So hearing that you gave in and learned that you didn’t need it is encouraging to me. I know for sure that there will be some guilt associated with that decision so I am trying to avoid it.
    This week, I am doing my best to stay away from so much fruit, I have been eating fruit, veggies, fruit, lean meat and fruit. My pineapple never tasted so good!!! What can I do to get rid of my new fruit addiction?

  50. Lucy says

    You are a brave soul , wedding cake is the best kind and I would have a hard time being around it all the time. Congratulations on sticking to the plan and walking away without any candy or cake! I appreciate your message, I hesitated on posting anything thinking I would just stop now and start again another day. Instead I am going to continue for the next 30+days, I am committed to improving my health and I hope to eliminate my many food allergies. I have also been eating to much fruit, I know berries have less sugar and I also enjoy apples. I finally bought some avocados and coconut oil and this has helped me to remain full for a longer period of time. I know I am addicted to sweets so the fruit is a good substitute but I am still eating to much of it. Maybe someone else will read our posts and offer some advice!

  51. Neecy says

    Has anyone else noticed increased sweating?
    Also, suddenly my face is all broken out w acne! I’m on day 14.

    • Michelle says


      I’m on day 17 and am having the same problem. My face is breaking out on my forehead – which it never does. Plus, last week I couldn’t believe how energetic and awesome I felt, but last night and today I feel exhausted, puffy, and depressed. What gives? I’m going the wrong way..

  52. Painter513 says

    On day 24.
    Sadly, I see little change in things. Although I have followed IASWF religiously, I feel no surge in energy, no improvement in sleep quality, and no lessening of the coughing spasms that prompted me to try the Whole30.
    Yes, I appreciate veggies more ,and fruit is a real treat when I have some.
    My reflux is better (tho still rears up after certain meals), and diverticulosis is some better, but the hopes I had for this program seem to have been too high. I’ll stick it out another week– I don’t break my commitments– but am losing hope that this is going to change my life.

  53. Diane says

    Day 23! I think I am over the cravings! Today was the first day I jumped out of bed and didn’t think about food or that I was following a program. I got right to work and when my stomach growled I went in and fixed breakfast, and went right back to work without another thought about food. All the thoughts about what foods I was missing or wish I could eat (right now!) didn’t happen. Wow! I never thought this day would come. I feel good all over. And my high blood pressure – gone! I went from 160/100 to 109/64 in 3 weeks! It’s amazing that just eating grains, dairy, and sugar caused so many health problems for me. My doctor is still skeptical and thinks I should return to a ‘balanced’ (Standard American) diet, but I am feeling too good to listen to anyone except how my own body is feeling.

  54. Kitty says

    On day seven and the bloating that started yesterday is getting really bad, sort of ‘how it gets when I’m really stressed and eat really spicy food’ bad. It’s like pockets of painful pulsating gas in my intestines, sometimes I can actually push it along (sorry for being so graphic) or get it to escape by doing all sorts of weird poses but as it stands, it’s stopping me from sleeping and that’s not really what we are after. Any food suggestions? Fennel seeds maybe?

  55. Emily S says

    I am on day 21 and I feel so much better. I almost wish I didn’t feel better so I could pretend this is all nonsense and go back to eating some chocolate! But I am so thankful for my friend who recommended this to me.

    I have struggled with severe allergies for years. (I was constantly drugged up on several over the counter allergy medicines and still could barely function at times). I have also always struggled with my digestion. Bloating, feeling sick after eating any meal big or small. I’ve tried so many diets and lifestyle changes (Vegetarian, vegan. dairy-free, gluten-free etc) I can’t believe the difference it has made!

    I do have one question, I have developed a rash around my eyes. My skin is yellow under my eyes with red, puffy and itchy eyelids. I’ve tried doing some research to find the cause, but no luck! Am I still detoxing something?

  56. Tori says

    Day 13. Yesterday was hard. Today is harder. I usually suffer from crazy mood swings whilst pms’ing. Whole30 seems to be helping :) although today as I mentioned, is hard. I’m weepy & pms’ing & hungry. I was hungry after breakfast, ate lunch too early, and then had a snack – nuts, a banana & some coconut milk in my coffee. Then I felt like a failure. And the psychological food issues reared their ugly heads – ‘what’s the point?’ ‘you’ve failed anyway’ ‘what harm will one biscuit do?’ ‘it’ll make you feel better’ etc etc.

    See now, there is no doubt that the program is working. Remarkably. I feel great most of the time (have been 80% paleo since January so I was lucky enough not to get the carb flu or mad cravings!), I’m losing inches, my clothes are baggy, I keep catching my boyfriend staring at me and then commenting on how beautiful I’m looking, my eyes are brighter, my skin is clearer,

    The self doubt though… that’s the killer. The voice in my head that wonders what happens after this. How am I going to deal with allowing myself the occasional treat without going on a bender… It’s hard to make it work in the ‘outside world’ – it’s easy to say no for 30 days (okay, not easy but manageable), but beyond that?

    Anyway, I’m trying to focus on living in the moment. Because this moment right now I can make a good choice. I have to remind myself that I am a work in progress, and will be for the whole of my life, not just for the whole 30 :)

    I’m playing at a music festival this weekend and I’ve planned my meals and I’m taking everything I need so I don’t feel tempted by backstage hip flasks & chickpea fudge at the vegetarian food stalls :) Thanks for existing, I’m grateful xx

  57. Amanda C says

    I am on Day 37 of Whole??? I am going to get through the Holidays with out eating sugar. I am feeling so much better, my mind is clearer, my workouts are stronger and faster. My sleep is sound. Although last night I had my first food dream, I was eating a hot glazed donut, yum! My husband said I was also laughing in my sleep, I think it is from the joy I am experiencing in having power over my food choices. I have also stopped caffeine for 4 days now. I feel more calm and relaxed, communicating a lot better. I don’t want the sugar demon to win, and I love to eat whole real yuumy food. I am so glad I made the choice to do this and keep doing it.

  58. Painter513 says

    Dear Joann, nope, no blood pressure meds, only synthroid for sluggish thyroid. I won the genetic lottery on blood pressure(100 over 60).

    Sadly, I saw no real benefits from the Whole30.
    Still coughing spasms, so I have a referral to National Jewish Hospital in Denver in December.
    Lost a couple of pounds (can lose those the first day on Atkins).
    Since I have no allergies(acc. to all those tests), I didn’t see the big changes so many of you mention.
    I adhered strictly to Whole30 for 30 days and only felt a surge of energy when it was over.

    Yes, I proved again that I have the willpower to break the bondage of sugar. Reading labels was an eye-opener. I will continue to avoid grains, just because I know my gut.

    I wish you all well, but I’m done with this.

  59. Mindy says

    Day 10 of my first Whole30. Am I doing something wrong? I’m eating everything I’m supposed to be eating and avoiding all junk, sugar, and soda (serious diet Dr. Pepper and Dorito addict!!), trying new recipes, forcing myself to eat breakfast…and since day 6, I have felt better than I’ve ever felt before! I wouldn’t say I’m bouncing off the walls with energy yet, but I wake up easily in the morning and get through my day with consistent energy levels and no crashes. Days 1-5 were MISERABLE! I felt so sick and tired and wanted to punch someone in the face!! But something just clicked on day 6 and I’ve been going strong and feeling great since! This can’t be right, can it? What am I missing? No, really, not a drop of sugar. Not one grain. Not one tiny little bean. No cheats, not even caffeine, as I can’t stomach coffee unless it’s drowning in sugar. Nada. Is this just temporary at this point?

    • says

      Mindy, you’re not doing anything wrong! Some people just get over the tough times faster than others. You may also encounter tough days ahead, out of schedule with the Timeline. But for now, just embrace the new, energetic, happy you and keep doing what you’re doing! Obviously, your body LOVES the Whole30, and it will only get better from here. Melissa

  60. Jill says

    I thought people were kidding about the headaches.. I am off to bed early for the second night in a row with a raging headache… However, today I wanted to KILL everyone and I am just on day 2…. I hope it doesn’t get worse before it gets better! :)

  61. Lise says

    I’m on day 12 and I can finally feel my energy level rising again. Day 3 was my hangover day, with headaches and felt like I was coming down with something. Day 4-5 went by pretty ok, and I didn’t want to kill anything really. Then day 6-11 I have just been extremely tired and no energy at all. Worst feeling ever, especially when I have nothing to do at work as well.
    I did not experience that my pants were getting tighter, rather the other way around. I can finally fit my favorite jeans which I haven’t been able to use for the last 2,5 years :-D YAY!
    My main reason for doing this challenge is that I have had big skin problems the last 4-5 years and I think it is mostly due to sugar. My skin is getting much, much better now. What I miss the most is my daily coffee mocha, so I’m hoping my cravings will soon end. But to think that I made it almost halfway is a very good motivation for the next 2 weeks. I just have to make sure to keep myself busy with something so that I will not think too much about all the stuff I cannot eat.
    I’m planning on continuing with the paleo lifestyle after my 30 days, although I’m not going to be totally strict on all food though. I will probably reinstate cheese and butter (for cooking), and the intake of wheat/milk/sugar will be at a very low – probably keeping it to weekends only.

  62. Sandra says

    I am on day 8 today. My sister is the one who told me about this program when I had mysterious symptoms for 3 months no one could figure out. At first I thought I had just caught a virus because I felt lethargic, fatigued and my brain wouldn’t function. I could see a problem and what needed to be done, but couldn’t think through the steps to fix anything. My heart would start to race with minimal effort (things like walking up a flight of stairs) and my breathing would become labored. Since I work our 3-5 times a week, this just wasn’t like me. I ruled out virus because it would leave for a few days, then come back. Viruses don’t do that.
    My sister works at a hospital and discussed my issues with some of the nurses and they suggested it could be my heart. After being blown off by my regular doc (your young, your healthy, your tests are fine; go home) I insisted on seeing a cardiologist. After a few tests with him, again, no one could fine anything wrong, even though my symptoms still persisted. When everything came back normal, my sister told me about the Whole30. I decided it couldn’t hurt and since I was done with the doctors who kept blowing me off, I would try this before I went back.
    Day 8 is great! I have been very fortunate not to have the cravings and crankiness I thought I would! I do have impulses to go for the foods that I used to (a roll of Ritz with chicken salad or a quesadilla) but I will say that I haven’t actually “craved” anything… yet. My sister keeps telling me just wait.
    This weekend was the first weekend in 3 months I have gotten off my couch! I scrubbed my house, fixed up my yard, cleaned out my garage and did quite a few errands as well! And today at work was the most productive I have been since I started feeling like crud.
    I do only have one question… I know that supplements aren’t frowned upon nor encouraged but what about over the counter pain meds for the Whole30? Cleaning out my garage over the weekend I hurt my back picking up a box was heavier than I realized. After a few hours in pain, I finally broke down and took some ibuprofen, but I am still not sure whether it was compliant or not. I woke up the next morning and my back was fine (last time I had hurt my back it was 3 weeks with the chiropractor before it felt better…). So, my question for anyone on this website and with this program is… how compliant is over the counter pain meds? Tylenol, Advil, Excedrin, etc.

    • Julie says

      Hi Sandra,

      I’m just starting Whole30 after 8 months of a still-undiagnosed illness that sounds weirdly similar to what you were experiencing (very extreme fatigue and weakness = can’t walk, racing heart rate and shortness of breath with minor exertion, alternating periods of really bad symptoms with periods of being relatively OK). I’ve been in and out of the hospital and have been tested for just about everything imaginable, and I’m hoping that adjusting my diet this way may make at least some difference in my health.

      How did you end up feeling after the rest of the Whole30 program? And did you ever find out what was causing your symptoms?

  63. KKdownUnder says

    Hi Melissa and the Whole30 team :)

    I did my First Whole30 about 6 weeks ago, but sadly (due to circumstances beyond my control), I only lasted to Day 11. BUT!!! That is in the past now, so moving forward….

    My first few days of the first time, it was by the letter according to your Timeline…all the signs/symptoms were exactly what I was experiencing on that specific day.

    This time round though…nothing!!! I am only on Day 4 so still early days, but all I’ve had is a slight, dull headache…is this normal??? I was not eating particularly well before I started, so I honestly expected to feel awful again initially…but it never happened??? Do you think I am in for a nasty shock in the days to come? I have felt great in the mornings, springing out of bed when I would usually feel like I wanted to (and could) sleep all day. No mid-afternoon slump where I craved a nap. No wanting to go to bed at 7:30pm with my kids! I did CrossFit Mon and Wed morning and ran 8km yesterday morning. It sounds rediculous but I almost WANT to feel crap, because then I know it’s working. I am overweight, yes, I have around 15kg to lose realistically (ideally – I’d like to lose 25kg..we’re never happy are we..lol…??!!).

    Is this “normal” or is there something I have missed? I have followed the Whole30 100%.

    One last thing, I take a few supplements – fish oil, multi-vitamin, magnesium (the one you recommend), glucosamine and vitamin C. Is this ok on The Whole30?

    Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    As for everyone else – I just love reading your posts and seeing how you are all doing. It’s inspirational and keeps me going :)


  64. Jenn says

    I’m on day 7 – I’ve almost made it through a whole week! The first few days were rough, though not terrible – I ate pretty well before starting the Whole30 (lean meats and veggies, not a ton of junk) so no huge deprivation symptoms, and I consumed little caffeine, usually just a cup of coffee in the morning, so no headaches from that either.

    I did have some super scary mood swings, and was quite tired for the first 4 days or so (days 2-4 were “I WANT TO KILL ALL THE THINGS… but I’m too tired”). But then I started sleeping much more soundly, and the mood swings and sleepiness went away. Over the weekend (days 5-6) I worked on renovating my dining room, and had SO much energy!

    I am starting to get bored eating the same meals over and over, the same veggies, etc. I never get sick of chicken and fish though.

    But man, I would do some horrific things for a bottle of wine and a block of cheese right now.

  65. Nickie says

    I just heard about this program today from a friend. I have decided to eat paleo and have read a couple of books, and after posting on Facebook a friend mentioned this website. After reading the timeline it reminds me of when I quit smoking. I guess all addictions are the same. Withdrawal here I come :-(

  66. John says

    Dreams: Day 6 – I won a prestigious Cake Baking contest. I was really chuffed! Naturally I was eating cake.
    Also in another dream; I eat a big bag of Candies plus 3 other chocolate bars. Shockingly, I decided to ignore this and carry on without restarting. Even more shocking, I decided not to tell my wife!
    I’m resisting the urge to dream about cheese on toast tonight.
    Loving the programe and the re-education of my relationship to food as well as a wake up call regarding the food industry.

  67. Erin says

    I have Celiac disease and have been gluten free for nearly four years. I also avoid dairy most of the time. I’m not feeling the same feelings as the timeline. Other than a bad headache on Day 2 and trouble sleeping at night, I feel great. I guess because I’m so used to restricted eating, this has been just another layer to add to my regular routine.

    I do miss the grain-free baked goods though and will look forward to having those again once my Whole 30 is over!

  68. burl says

    day 6 and I have felt fantastic every single day! Hubby has felt like crap every single day.
    I miss chewing gum as I chewed A LOT. This might be the thing that snags me up…

  69. Beverley says

    Day 6 and hardly been able to move today as I feel so tired. My skin feels lovely and I haven’t wanted to kill anyone but I feel like pants and I am soooo itchy. Are you meant to be itchy on the plan? Before starting I took an anti histamine every day on the advice of my doctor as i have M.E. and lots of low grade allergies amongst other things, which I stopped before starting W30, but I still don’t think I should be itchy all over so much. I also wanted to see if anyone knew if w30 works as well if you’ve had your gall bladder removed. I had it removed a year ago and am worried I’m not processing all this fat properly.

    • says

      Beverly, you may want to consult our low-histamine shopping list. It sounds like you have a histamine sensitivity, which is generally improved after a Whole30. However, you may need to focus on lower-histamine foods for the first few weeks. Please consult with your doctor on this–you should always speak with your health care practitioner before beginning any new diet or exercise program. The same advice goes for your gall bladder (or lack thereof). You may need to modify our meal planning template to accommodate for your medical condition, so please work closely with your doctor to ensure you approach the Whole30 in the healthiest way possible. Melissa

  70. Beverley says

    Thanks Melissa :)
    I spoke to my doctor who said that I should be fine digesting fats although too much fat was bad for me (lol) and I can still carry on with this but he would recommend taking my anti-histamines to stop the itchiness. Which I did and it did stop it. I did say it has maize starch in it which was one of the things I was trying to cut out but he said well you can’t be reacting to that if it helps your itchiness. Sighs. Can i Still do the Whole30 if I’m taking my anti-histamines with maize starch in it?
    Beverley x

    • says

      Beverly, unless you are exquisitely sensitive to corn, I don’t see any issue with continuing to take your antihistamine. I’m very glad your doctor is on board with the program, and that you are working with him to implement the Whole30 in the way that is right for you.


  71. Darin says

    I’m on day 4 and feeling kinda lousy but I thought it was my cold :( I’ve been eating a paleo “inspired” diet for several months although certainly not as tight at Christmas. I occasionally have freak out moments when I just can’t think what to eat, or feel deprived. I think, after reading Mel’s Week 1 planning post, maybe some sauces will help. I like sauces and kind of skimp on them because it is yet another thing to do during my weekly prep. But, I’m a sauce girl so I think that needs to be added to the plan. See, I feel better already :) Really appreciate the time and energy you have put into making this easier for all of us to figure out!

  72. Heather says

    I’m on day 2. I was eating fairly well before. My main issue is getting used to eating larger meals fewer times a day and not snacking. Today I did drink a fresh squeezed apple juice, but I definitely need to work on my snack cravings, especially my after dinner snack. However, I made sure to eat larger, more dense meals and haven’t experienced the snack cravings I did yesterday. No headaches, so I’m happy about that. Is it normal for someone with good eating habits to not experience some of the things described?

    • says

      Heather, your mileage will always vary, but the general idea is that the closer you’ve been eating to Whole30, the less likely you are to experience some of the negative effects that tend to occur during the program’s first week. Sounds like you are on the right track!


  73. Jen says

    Excitedly started my first Whole30 on January 2nd. Made a big batch of pea soup so I’d have something on hand that I really liked. Ate it for a couple days, and re-read the website. Oops. Restarted on January 4th. I’m on day 8 now and I’m feeling pretty great. I’ve had headaches the last few days, but nothing Advil doesn’t help with. I haven’t had a single thought of quitting. I’m worried I’ll accidentally eat something I’m not supposed to, so I’m very diligent when I’m near food. I’m really enjoying the plan and I feel so good about what I’m doing. Although it’s Saturday night and I’d love to have 5 or 6 beers. Guess I’ll go work out instead :) Thanks, Melissa and Dallas!

  74. Bailey says

    I am on day 8 and since last night I have been feeling so bloated. I had roast chicken breast, avocado and lettuce leaf for dinner last night and my stomach was bloated like I was 4 months pregnant within an hour. Reading the timeline, this is normal, I guess….I am bloated today as well and its so annoying! I have definitely been sticking to plan….reduced salt intake though, just in case. I didn’t read any other comments about being bloated on here so thought I would add and see if anyone else has felt this way on day 8 too.

  75. Karen says

    On day 8 I felt like I was walking around in a fog. I couldn’t remember anything. And felt “off”. Got a pep talk from my brother. (He did the plan first.) That helped…a lot! I am typing this at the end of day 10. A little irritable. But, not as bad as I’ve heard it can be. I keep telling myself “it’s only 30 days”.

  76. Rene says

    Day 2 here: Today started out ok but I didn’t sleep well last night At. All. I am digging up recipes as fast as I can and in mass quantities, and planning and preplanning and planning again. This is my first Whole30 but I am a dedicated CrossFitter for the last 8 months (ok, lets be honest….I sort of took the last month off…oops!) and my performance is still lacking (duh). Overall I feel ok for now. I do feel like a nap would be super great as all I seem to be able to do (at work) is read this blog. (LOL) My husband is doing this with me (thank goodness) and my son is a wrestler who has to maintain his weight, so he is on board. I feel like I have support at work with a few others in the building (I’m a teacher) on the same Whole30 schedule.
    I figure I kicked smoking with my husband 2 years ago and kicked the 3-a-day diet coke habit last year….so what’s 30 days? I got this!

  77. Jenn says

    This was so interesting for me to read and in case it helps anyone else, I thought I’d share my experience. I knew that I’d be going out on Jan. 3rd and wanted to have a margarita and popcorn so I decided to start on Jan. 4th. As I was coming up on those days, however, I had what I’m calling (for lack of a better word) “trial run days” – for a few of those days, I was 100% Whole 30 compliant, for a few I was darn close. Those trial days aren’t part of my Whole 30 (which will actually be closer to Whole 40 b/c I’m going until Feb 13th) but they’ve helped me nonetheless. I didn’t have as extreme reactions and I seem to also be a little “ahead” of schedule I guess. My pants got looser a lot more quickly and my food boredom set in sooner too. Thanks for this great summary!

  78. Sueziq says

    I have completed day 10 today and no thought of stopping! While I have eaten fairly well in the past and been wheat free for a year, I needed to make a change. What this has done for me, is made me focus on what I was doing wrong and has encouraged me to start eating better! I realise now I was a full time snacker from 4 pm to 10 pm! I now eat the 3 meals and hardly ever need to have a snack, and if I do I have a carrot or a few frozen cherries. I am so excited that my weight was down 4.6 lbs in the first week, I know we aren’t supposed to weigh but I was so sure I had lost inches that I did! This was so motivating for me as for the last 9 months I have gained about 1.5 lbs a month due to thyroid issues. I am so excited to have found a program that focuses on whole foods and no starvation! This will be a new way of living for me. Kicking the sugar is the best thing I have done!!

  79. Keith says

    Finished day 3 today and everything has been good so far. No headaches yet as I know that I have eaten bad foods for the past 30 years so something will crop up in the next 10 days. Really looking forward to the Tiger Blood. Made a decision that God gave me only 1 body and if I continued down the path of bad foods then at some point it may give out or hinder me from enjoying life. I’m 45, 6’0, and weigh 200 lbs so Im active enough to keep the big weight off. Just booked our spring break beach house and look forward to the next 60 days trying to work on a beach body. Like Jimmy V said, ” Dont ever give up”, mind over matter.

  80. Cami Daigle says

    This timeline is SO helpful. It really made me feel like it was okay to struggle. I am on day 15 and everything is getting better. I am in the “food is boring” stage and I really don’t have that much of an appetite, but frankly, my entire goal was to break my emotional connection with food. So, it’s really working like a charm! :)

  81. Rob says

    I am on day 13 of my 3rd Whole 30 and was surprised there was nothing in the timeline about always being ravenously hungry for the first 10-14 days. Every time I have done this that has been the case and others I have done it with have expressed the same. Do you hear this very often?

    • says

      Rob, we hear either that people aren’t hungry at all, or that they’re ravenously hungry, usually for the first two weeks or so. We can’t really add that to the timeline, because your mileage really does vary, and it can come and go throughout the entire program. Your hunger mechanism can take a while to reset, and who knows how much of being hungry is cued from emotion/habitual eating and how much is cued from true hunger.

      I will say that if you’re hungry, eat! And you can always use our “am I hungry enough to eat steamed fish and broccoli?” trick to determine whether you are really hungry or just having a craving.


  82. FJW says

    My family is on Day 18 of our first Whole30. All 5 of us (my husband and I, plus our 8-year-old, 4-year-old, and 8-month-old) are all doing it together because each of us (except the baby) have health issues that we are hoping can be addressed by dietary change. (Of course, the baby still gets “dairy” in the form of breast milk, lol)

    This timeline is pretty accurate for all of us (just off by a few days), and the kids and I have noticed some positive changes in our health. Hubby says he hasn’t noticed any changes, but he’s sticking with it, just the same, which makes me very proud of him. :-) We have found that there are some foods we don’t even miss, and we don’t plan to add them back to our diet when Whole30 is over.

    Even with the good, healthy changes we are experiencing, I am a little disappointed that this hasn’t “fixed” my hypoglycemia (I still have to eat something every 2-3 hours to keep my blood sugar from bottoming out) and my neuro-cardiogenic syncope (I still have weak, fainting spells when I cut back on salt and drink anything less than a gallon of water a day). However, I am curious to see if my body can repair itself if I stick to a “mostly Paleo” diet for the rest of the year. If it does, I plan to continue to eat clean for the rest of my life.

    • says

      FJW, while the process of becoming fat-adapted starts in just a few days of your Whole30 Day 1, the “conversion” can take 6-8 weeks, depending on your context. It sounds like you’re a serious sugar-burner, so I’m not surprised that you’re still finding you have to eat every few hours. Stick with it, as I suspect that as your days go on, that will get better, and you’ll be able to go longer between meals without “bonking.” It may take you more than 30 days, however–again, how you came into the program has far more influence on your results than what you do in these 30 days.


    • FJW says

      Thank you for your reply, Melissa! Now at Day 22, we have noticed so many positive results that we are hooked on whole foods. Our 8-year-old’s eczema and asthma are under control, and her belly is no longer tightly bloated. Our 4-year-old’s hair has stopped falling out in clumps. I have more energy and less depression and anxiety, and I have dropped one clothing size. My husband has less heartburn. Everyone’s bowels are more regular. We are seeing food and the food industry with new eyes. We have stepped out of the matrix, and there’s no going back!

  83. says

    I am on day 17. I’m feeling pretty fabulous. The only thing I noticed that was not mentioned on here is the MASSIVE fluxuation in hormones for the first 2 weeks. I read online elsewhere that when you lose fat at an accelerated pace, it releases a bunch of hormones into your body- because fat stores hormones. It eventually will even out but wow. Constant PMS makes the “Kill all the things” stage a bit more intense.

  84. says

    This is my second Whole30. After we completed our first, my 15 year old son and husband couldn’t wait to eat and drink many things they had given up for 30 days. I was happy to reintroduce natural coconut sugar and maple syrup. After a 28 day break from whole30 my husband and teenager both came to me separately and said “please keep cooking healthy for me, I feel bad again, I’m not sleeping well and I am always irritable.” We started our second whole30 on January 6, 2014. I do not think any of us will ever go back to eating the way we used to. We are healthy in soooooo many ways that we never imagined. Thanks whole30 for saving our lives!

  85. Megan says

    I’m on day 16 today and am still finding myself exhausted every day. This was typical for me before I started Whole 30 as well and was hoping this would cure it? I have yet to see any ‘boundless energy’ or ‘tiger blood’ :( I am down 6lbs, however, as I found out at my Dr appt this week. I also feel better all in all, but definitely wish I wasn’t so tired all the time.

    • says

      Megan, at this stage in the game, it’s very often a question of eating enough–particularly enough carbohydrate, particularly if you are exercising. So if you are exercising, make sure you are purposefully adding some fruit AND sweet potato, winter squashes, etc. (carb-dense veggies) every single day. Also, make sure you’re eating enough fat–if you’re switching over to being fat-adapted, you’ll need to make sure you are giving yourself enough fuel.

      The good news is that if your energy issues are related to how much you’re eating, you’ll notice an improvement within just a day or two. Give it a try and let us know. Also, visit the forum… lots of discussions going on over there about lack of energy and what to do about it.


    • Megan says

      Thanks Melissa. I think I’m going to really break down what I’ve been eating at every meal. Just since you mentioned it I really think most of my meals have been more protein and fat centered and maybe not so much veggie carbs. I have been trying to make the wods still but find them very tiring quickly and have been subbing a lot of the metcons for strength instead. Sounds like I need to make some sweet potatoes! I will also check out the forum.

  86. says

    Holy sh*t, Megan… you are subbing met-cons for strength workouts and wondering why you are tired? Go eat a bunch of carbohydrate now. Right now. And then keep eating all day for the next two days, then come back and tell me how much better you are feeling. Do not be afraid of carbohydrate if you are CrossFitting and it’s coming from healthy, real-food sources!


    • Megan says

      LOL Melissa. yes I find strength much less tiring/taxing than the metcons (obviously I love strength). I cooked up some sweet potatoes yesterday and am fully prepared to carb fill for my workouts. I shall report back :)

  87. Lori says

    I am very interested in doing the whole30 program for health purposes…..to have more energy and better body composition. I am a naturally thin person, so I don’t want to lose weight, rather wouldn’t mind gaining a little muscle mass. How can I gauge that I’m eating enough to avoid losing weight? Thanks!

    • says


      No, that is not at all normal. You either have the flu, food poisoning, or something else is going on. Please consider seeing your doctor, because this is NOT a normal part of the Whole30 experience.


    • Jaq says

      I too had a similar reaction on days 5 and 6. I adjusted my meals to be smaller, and have 4 each day. Once I adjusted this, I was immediately back to normal (evening of day 6). For me, I think it may be that my body isn’t used to having the amount of food needed at each meal to keep me full all at once instead of spread out more and rejected it.
      I’m actually surprised more people haven’t experienced such huge gastric upset, or if they have that they haven’t said anything.

  88. Adelle F. says

    So far, I’m not really matching up with the timeline. I’m a little nervous about what this might mean for me going forward! I had some strange, very mild toast cravings on Day 1. Day 2, I was already a little bored with the food, though I’ve added some more variety and worked that out. Today is Day 5, and I wasn’t feeling too great this morning, mostly a headache and some bloating/cramping, but it all seems to have passed by early afternoon. No wanting to kill all the people yet. Hoping I’ve just gotten lucky!

  89. mila says


    Day 22!
    I admit, I weighed myself. After the first week I lost 6.6 lbs , the second week haven lost any weight and now the worst: At the beginning of the week 3 I have lost 0,22 lbs every day until I was 142,4 lbs and sins wednesday this week I am increasing weight, now I’m 144 lbs! Help! The whole time until now I have not made ​​sport and the last 4 days I do workout every day … and sins my first training I am gaining weight!
    At the beginning of Whole 30 I was 150 lb and I’m 5.8.

  90. Susan says

    Day 27! Feeling muy bueno!! Happily passed on naughty things at a marketing luncheon I planned, and didn’t bat an eyelash. I want to go another 30.
    Nomnompaleo and paleomg are true blessings.

  91. Kristen says

    I am on day 6 and am feeling very dizzy today. Is this normal? If so how long should it last and is there anything I should be doing to avoid the dizziness?

  92. Big Jim says

    Okay, so I am on day 1…was a little confused as to what I should eat today, but, lucky for me I found some left over Roast Beef and onions in the fridge. I shared that with some sauteed spinach and a 30 minute workout…feeling good. I then headed over to Trader Joes and picked up some grass fed meats and organic veggies…One thing Im a little confused about is should I add trader Joes coconut cream to my coffee? it has 2g sugar in it…any thoughts? Also I bought some Trader Joes sparkling raspberry lime water..is this acceptable to drink? thanks

  93. Sueziq says

    Just finished day 22. Love the new way of eating, had some serious stresses over the last week but no rules were broken! And the best part is that my weight is down 10 lbs. Only 5 more to go to lose the thyroid issue weight gain. Then I think I will continue this and see if I can fit into those cute jeans that have not been worn in a few years! In love with “Whole30″

  94. Courtney says

    I am doing a clean living challenge for the Crossfit gym I belong to and part of the challenge includes 8 weeks of clean eating. I joined the challenge to see how food, water, sleep and other aspects of your life can influence your mood, stress and energy level and how a good diet can improve the results you see from all that hard work in the gym. Also, the challenge will help me be more accountable for the foods that I eat and I’m excited to live a healthier lifestyle. I am currently on day 9 and I can say that my experiences haven’t been too drastic but I did feel some fatigue and head aches during the first few days. However, now I feel like the boredom is setting in, I am getting some what tired of the long hours of cooking and meal planning. I’m glad this site provides me with some things that I may experience throughout the next couple weeks and how to avoid falling of the path.

    • Carrie says

      I’m on Day 11 now and this is definitely one of the hardest days so far. I’ve kind of had a setback today, not in a “I just devoured a pan of brownies and downed a bottle of wine” kind of way – more of a “I didn’t prepare my food ahead of time so my lunch is happening 4 hours later than it should” kind of way (I’m going to have to eat lunch when I get home from work). I still feel pretty good about it considering before I started this whole30 program I had to ask my fiancé where the on button is for the cooking thing (stove).
      This timeline has helped tremendously, since last night I was ready to just order a pizza and call it a night, but I remembered I am in the midst of the hardest couple of days. So I stayed strong, used the cooking thing, and made myself a nice healthy dinner. Knowing that it does get better after this phase kept me going.

      I’ve also had two people tell me I look skinny today, so win for me! Thanks whole30!

  95. julia says

    I am on day 6 of my first whole30 and I’m feeling right along the timeline. Headaches. Cravings. And even dreams of feeling yucky. I’m sick of eggs and I want better breakfast choices. Working today on making my menu and shopping. Tomorrow I will prep food for the week. I’m gonna keep on keepin on. But a nice glass of wine sounds so good.
    Keep on keepin on…right? :-)

    • Christina says

      I am totally with you–currently on day 5 and really wine is that one craving that is knocking me down (oh, and a lot of eggs). ;)

    • Tracy says

      I know this is a few days late, but what if u stopped using the terms for meals and called them meals. A fellow 30er told me that before I started so I have done things like sweet potato with sausage and onions. Good luck!

  96. Sam Lancaster says

    I am on day 12 right now, I haven’t found the actual diet change as hard as I thought I would. I was expecting a Requeiem for a Dream like withdrawl from my beloved cheese and bread. It seems like the hardest par of this for me has been making sure that I have food prepared ahead of time, and having plenty of nuts/veg at the house to make an actual meal that will fill me, and not just be an afterthought. My biggest temptation has been when I was visiting my brother who is in the ICU at Vanderbilt. My family go to eat all the takeout food and everything and I was having to scour through stores and menus to find enough food for me, when they ordered pizza I almost caved, luckily I have a great wife who encouraged me through the mean, then told me afterwards that the pizza wouldn’t have been worth it.

    • says

      “Requiem for a Dream-like withdrawal.” Bahahahaha! I am picturing that scene in my head right now and it is NOT pretty. I am glad you were spared. Keep up the good work, and keep us posted. Melissa

      PS Pizza would not have been worth it. Your wife was right. Good lady you got there.

  97. Ben Mitchell says

    Day 12/56….just over 1/5 of the way done. I’m doing an 8 week challenge for three main reasons:

    1.) As a competition at my Crossfit gym. I’ve been at CFN for about 16 months, and while I’ve made some pretty big strides in the way I feel on a day to day basis, my energy level and body composition doesn’t really seem to have changed that much. I know that diet has been the reason for that.
    2.) As a challenge to myself. I’ve never really watched what I ate. $12 at Taco Bell was pretty normal. 12-pack over the weekend….or on a Saturday afternoon depending on what was going on. The problem has always been that I’ve always recovered quickly and never really felt bad. Then again, it’s been so long, maybe I’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel GOOD.
    3.) For my girls. My daughter is approaching 4 months old and there are days that I struggle getting up and down to play with her. Part of that is being sore from a good workout, but if I’m being honest with myself I know that if I could lose that 20, 30, 40 pounds….none of that would be an issue. My wife is the strongest, most loving person I know and eating healthy will go a long way to being able to spend a very long time with her. My family has a long history of heart disease as well as cancer. I’ve ignored what my diet has been doing to me for too long. It stops now.

    Well hell.

    It’s been an interesting day today. I typed the above, for the most part, early this afternoon. Visitors, baby, getting out to Costco on time…the day slipped away. I was tired, hungry and followed a man out of Costco who was carrying 3 pizzas and the train went off the tracks. Day 12-15 dreams? They’ve been here. Mine have been about pizza. Tired, hungry, dreaming about pizza and having it almost literally slap me in the face…I gave in. Minsky’s called my name. I don’t feel good about it, and I think that’s a good thing…

    Tomorrow is a new day, all the hard work my wife and I have put in the last 2 weeks – hopefully not undone. I know that not all is lost and that the Minsky’s debacle will serve as a point for renewed focus; an experience to build on.

    I think that there might be a football game or something soon…maybe I can redeem myself there.

    • says

      Ben, this is why we say planning and preparation are key. You don’t need to redeem yourself–this isn’t a moral failing, my friend. You just got really hungry and your brain was craving and you tapped your willpower bank earlier in the day. It happens. Now, make a plan for what you’ll do the NEXT time it happens. Think about emergency food (like Primal Pacs) you could carry with you at all times for those super-hungry moments. Think about who you could call when you REALLY feel the urge to call for pizza but really don’t want to–someone who could talk you off the ledge and help you stay on track. Make a plan, because the brain likes a plan, and you’ll feel so much better knowing you have a back-up in place.

      And now, let it go, and move on with your Whole30. Start over or not–up to you–but let this next meal be a good one.


  98. Miranda L says

    I am only on day 4 and I feel kind of foggy or irritable but for the most part all I find myself craving is chocolate. So that has been the hardest for me and I know that this craving might only get worse. I’m not quite sure how to get rid of this yearning for chocolate but besides that I am still feeling relatively positive, so that’s good.

  99. Stephen M says

    I am on day 9 of my Whole30 so far I have lost around 12lbs, so I am more than happy with my results so far. However yesterday I was feeling really good but with a bit of a sore throat. Then today I am starting to feel achy and my sore throat is getting worse. I have read a bit about so called “Carb-Flu” is this common when on the Whole30 plan and how long do the symptoms normally last?

    I just wanted to check this out before I take any medication, I dont normally get colds or the flu so hoping this is what it is.

    • says

      Stephen, this actually sounds like a cold or some virus, not anything related to the Whole30. You’re a little late to be experiencing the fatigue and general malaise that goes along with ditching sugar, and the term “carb-flu” isn’t associated with a sore throat.

      People do get sick during their first Whole30’s… your immune system is working so hard to recover, repair, and heal from all the damage done by the foods you used to eat that sometimes, a virus or bacteria slip on by. Just rest a ton, keep eating Whole30 foods (which will allow your immune system the best chance to fight it off), and consider these tips for feeding a cold: http://whole30.com/2011/02/stm-feed-a-cold/

      If you do decide you need to take OTC medications to relieve your symptoms, just do the best you can, and if your doctor recommends something, remember doctor’s orders always trump Whole30 rules.

      Feel better soon!


  100. says

    I have been wanting to try this for a long time but never trusted myself to actually have self-control and do it. I am currently on day 8…I am already so proud of myself. The trick for me is to never let myself go hungry. We have eaten about 60-70% paleo the whole past year so it wasn’t a super shock to me. I do have to say that this write up of side effects is pretty bang on for me! Day 1-3 were very hard and I thought it was stupid I was doing it. Day 4 was my hangover. Day 5 great. Day 6 – my family was afraid of me…super irritable. Day 7 – my husband thought i was sick I was so tired. Today I am still tired, but all in all I do feel better. I know I can do this… But I am tempted everyday. It’s not easy. I have noticed how my blood sugar levels are so much more stable and I am not having the “crashes” I used to have every day. I can’t wait to get to the last 15 days and start really feeling awesome! 22 more sleeps and then I can breathe :)

  101. says

    On day 2 of my first Whole30 and man was I sore and woke up with a terrible headache. Working on being a healthier me after my drastic health change that came with my pregnancy and PPD, time to be a better role model for my little one. Will and perseverance each day yeah? Really excited about this community and the support I see. Not excited about killing all the things phase matching up with my cycle that already wants to kill all the things. :sheepish smile:

  102. Lucas G says

    I slowly weened down to starting the diet after my wife was about 2 1/2 weeks into it. I think that helped me get over the Kill Everything stage.

    Of course, now I’m on Day 14 and I’m HANGRY (Hungry and Angry) and I want anything but veggies, fruit, and lunch meat!! I’m hoping this phase passes real soon so I don’t decide to take a bite out of my dog or even my wife!

  103. Ame says

    I am on day 21 and am so over it!! :) This is my 3rd whole30 in 3 years and it feels harder all of a sudden. I am bloated and tired. Looking forward for this phase to pass!

  104. Carrie says

    On day 6 and whenever I lie down in my bed I swear I smell root beer and can only think of root beer floats all day. Also I dreamed I accidentally ate a potato chip. But I spit it back out in the dream so I wasn’t even dream-cheating! Other than feeling tired and being sick of doing millions of dishes everyday I’m doing pretty well though.

  105. Ellen says

    Day 9 of my first Whole30 and feeling pretty good so far. I know we (my fiancé and I are doing the 30 together) have a tough week ahead. Week one wasn’t too bad. I guess the way I feel is what is motivating me right now- haven’t felt this healthy in a long time. Not gonna lie, it’s not been easy, but so far it’s been worth it. Here’s to week two!

  106. Mari says

    I wonder if anyone can help… I am on day 14 of the 30 day challenge. I am pretty consisent with the experience you documented on this page, and I feel pretty good thus far, except this odd change in my body: I lost inches (yay!), gained weight (ok…), and gained body fat % (what?!). I have lost about 1 inch in most places on my body, gained about 4 lbs total, and gained about 2% overall body fat. Can someone help explain what’s going on?

    I have a body fat measuring scale that I have been consistently using for the last 2 years. I know that those scales might not be the most accurate, but I am experiencing the highest body fat % I have ever had since I own the scale. I measure myself weekly using a tape measure in the privacy of my bathroom by myself, so the measurement is consistent and not cheated. I am not exercising, just eating better.

  107. Mariann Sabolic says

    I am on day 16. Thankfully, I did a strict Paleo last year for about 4 months, then slowly added junk food into my eating habits. My Whole30 quest was to right the ship. Paleo helped me in the label reading zone and Dr. Phil helped me in the preparation zone. Yes, Dr. Phil. Several years ago he had a guest on his program who planned her meals for her family for an entire year. He was making fun of her. She placed each meal on a calendar and made an appropriate weekly shopping list. My husband and I adopted this plan 5 years ago (on a weekly basis) and it has saved our butts and wallets. We have three teenage football players and not having a meal plan was NOT an option. Shopping from a list gets rid of a cluttered, box/bag filled pantry and saves $$$$$. No waste.

    I’m a tiny bit unenthused about counting the days of my Whole30 experience which is why I am writing this post. So, I will share a funny. Last week I had back-to-back dreams about cheating on my plan. Woke up in a panic on both occasions – I DO NOT WANT TO START OVER.

  108. denise says

    Day 2 …. headache from hell, shaky, tired. Heaven help me it’s only DAY TWO!!!… but reading the timeline has helped cos this is “normal”….. right????

  109. Clara says

    I have a question! I’m on day 2 along with my husband, our 4 kids 7 and under, and my brother who lives next door. :) I have had a slight headache today. I’m 13 weeks pregnant, and after reading about the detox you go through, I’m wondering if this is safe for me to do right now?

  110. Rachel says

    I would for sure agree with this timeline, I am on day 11 and the idea of just quitting has crossed my mind more times than I would like to admit, but taking a look at the book and the time again helped me realize I need to keep going, even if it kills me, (dramatic sigh) but I can do this, it’s for a good reason!

  111. Paul says

    Massive headache on day 2? Check.
    Lashing out at coworker and spouse for no reason on day 4? Check.
    Falling asleep on the couch as soon as I get home from work on day 6? Check.

    I’m now on day 9, and frankly my pants are always tight these days so I can’t really tell. But this timeline has been a tremendous help in framing my expectations, so thank you!

  112. Wendy says

    I am on day 3. I have not experienced any headaches or fatigue. My blood sugar levels have stabilized (I am not hungry every 2 hours and I do not feel like I need several naps a day like before) and the stomach pains I used to have every night are gone. I PR’d last night at the gym in snatch and back squat. Not that I want a headache, but my experience seems atypical… just worried that a huge crash is coming. Has anyone ever sailed through a Whole30?

  113. Christina says

    This timeline has been a huge help for me, thanks for posting! I am a Type 1 diabetic so can actually SEE (through the help of my continuos glucose monitor, of course) that my sugars have been so much more stable on this diet. But that doesn’t mean I’m not getting the cravings for my favorites–I am on day 5 and it sounds like it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

    As someone who doesn’t hit a gym (I walk on my treadmill for 30-45 minutes a few times a week), just wondering if I need to be watching any sorts of intake so I don’t over-eat?

    Thanks for all this–we are trying to get pregnant and getting a handle on my blood sugars will surely help.

  114. Sarah says

    I am on day 27 and I’m disappointed at the moment. I feel ok, I’m not quitting, my clothes fit better, but everyone talks about their boundless energy and better sleep and workouts…and I am just not feeling those things. I’m tired, borderline exhausted and I still feel like I want to eat and eat and eat. It’s not the food specifically that’s troubling me. Clean eating is great, but I’m pretty sure I’m still not supposed to overeat, even if it’s Whole30 compliant. lol. I’m not sure if it’s the neverending winter we’re having or what, but I really want to see the miracles people are talking about. I’m less than thrilled about continuing compliance after day 30.

  115. Kathleen says

    I am on day 29 and this is the best thing I could have done for myself! I feel like I have taken back my life! Turning 60 in 2 months and quite excited by it. Yes the time line was pretty spot on. I found day 21 the one that stood out! Thank you so much for doing this. Much gratitude your way!

  116. Kristi says

    I just finished Day 7. Other than one morning that felt like I was death warmed over (I’m looking at you, Day 4), the ride hasn’t been that bad. One trick is to not think you must eat eggs for breakfast every day. I’ve had fish or nuts or a sexy salad and it was just as good. Hope that helps! ;-)

  117. Kime says

    I’m now on day 15 – half way! I started feeling the better effects around day 10-11 but then it went away and I haven’t reached the boundless energy yet. I’m starting to wonder if I’m doing anything wrong or if it will come I just have to be patient! I have to say the dreams have been the craziest part for me! It started around day 6 and they still pop up here and there…I dream of accidentally eating something I shouldn’t and then I feel so upset and guilty! I have to say those dreams have kept me on track though because it makes me not want to actually live the guilt of my dreams!

    I was tempted this past weekend when I went to a new restaurant with a bunch of friends and all I wanted was a glass of wine, but I felt like a million bucks the next day for not giving in…so my advice is be strong, it’s only 30 days =)

  118. Holly Bounds says

    I am starting this tomorrow in conjunction with Lent. I am terrified that I will actually Kill ALL The Things, since I generally feel that way on a daily basis, so if you see a news report on a girl in Atlanta going crazy for wine, chocolate, cheese, and such, yeah, it’s probably me. Wish me luck!

  119. Carl says

    Day 21 and this whole timeline is a farce. I ate lots of chips and drank lots of beer, had lots of Pizza and fried clams and ice cream and foods with preservatives for years prior to this challenge. I do not feel 1 bit different. I was at my winter weight but have lost less in a longer period of time than I did in previous winters on Atkins or Nutri System. I will complete this only because I made a commitment.

  120. Lori Anne says

    I really appreciate the timeline. It is good to know what to expect. Last night was the Kill All Things & I could have burnt down the entire house without blinking! Scary!
    Today I am on Day 5 & I feel terrible. Not hungry, sore stomach, everything is a HUGE effort & it is late afternoon & I am still in my pjs! But I will keep going!
    I made a salmon chowder (wild salmon, carrots, onions, celery, mashed sweet potatoes to make it thick) & I have a large bowl for breakfast. As a food Chemist I am enjoying the challenge of making the meals!

  121. Amanda says

    Hi, I am on day 3 of the Whole 30. Has anyone had a problem of getting enough calories? I am eating until full foods from the approved list and it is difficult to break 1200 calories, even though I feel full at the time. By today I feel pretty tired and run down. Any suggestions?…

    • says

      Amanda, you might want to try searching for this question in our forum, but if you’re following our meal planning template, it should be easy to break 1,200 calories a day (which isn’t enough for most teenagers, never mind a full-grown adult who may be exercising). Sounds like you are not including enough fat in your meals–make sure you are following our recommendations (found here: http://whole30.com/pdf-downloads) and see if that helps. Melissa

  122. April says

    Day 14. I attempted the program twice last year – made it 23 days once and 15 days a little later. My experience this time has been different. Though the timeline did not seem right to me before it’s pretty spot on for me this time – especially days 10 and 11 – boy howdy! If you’re on days 10 or 11 (or 9 or 12) and dying to quit: HOLD ON! It passes. This time I KNOW I’ll finish – not because I feel soooo much better than the last times (I don’t. I feel about the same.) just my head’s in the right space. I know I have to give it the full 30 and maybe even a couple more weeks, because I have been very out of nutrition. Even after “failing” my first two attempts our family’s health changed – mostly with regard to only eating healthy fats. So, don’t think any time on the program is in vain. You can always keep moving forward, even start over and do it right. Melissa, your replies are so encouraging. I love the spirit of this program. I always feel like I can move forward, press on, make each little goal. Thank you!

  123. mandy says

    I’m about to start the program, and am curious as to whether you can have flavored coffee? (Not sweetened)

    • says

      @Mandy – In my honest opinion, I would avoid flavored coffee a all costs. If you can find a compliant flavored coffee, then yes, have it. But, 99% of flavored coffees are flavored with chemicals.

      Instead, try using different spices mixed with the coffee while it’s brewing.

  124. Sarah H. says

    Today is day 9, I am easily annoyed/ angered at work. It seems like everyone and everything tests my patience, but 3 of my co-workers have or currently are partaking in this exercise and tell me it is totally worth it and to look forward to “Tiger Blood”…. I like the changes I already see- man, this is rough!

  125. Laurie A. says

    I’m on Day 7 (officially Day 4, but started 3 days before the commitment). Woke up to tighter pants. And was seriously tired this afternoon. Put the dogs down for naps and took a nap myself. So your timeline is right on the mark for me so far!

  126. says

    I’m on day 6 (although I had 3 ‘intro’ days before that where I ate compliant meals but had a few off limits foods while I waited for my friend to start day 1 with me- she wanted to wait for her husband to leave town so they could have their goodbye dinner first).

    Anyway, I didn’t experience any negative effects except ravenous hunger the first 3 days. I almost instantly felt better eating this way- no bloating, more energy, deeper sleep, great mood.

    I think part of the reason is that I did not replace the starch and sugars with protein and meat. The thought of eating any more meat than I do made me nauseated so whenever I was still hungry I would eat veggies and fat to fill me up. Carrots and guacamole, brussel sprout chips made with lots of oil and lots of big salads loaded with avocado and oil. Also I’m allergic to eggs so breakfasts for me are a handful of nuts and then dinner leftovers once I can stomach it. Maybe the flu type symptoms are from people overloading on protein? I can imagine it’s hard to metabolize so much of it.

    Also my husband is paleo and my oldest daughter is gluten free so I’m used to eating and making compliant meals and not keeping crap in the house. Before this I would eat healthy all day and then eat treats at night. So during the day I’m not eating that much differently than I used to.

    I feel like I have the tiger blood already and really want to keep this going beyond the 30 days. I was experiencing tons of dizzy spells/nausea before I started this, obviously from blood sugar and I feel no need to add rice and potatoes back to my meals. I think the only thing I’ll go back to is having certain foods at social events and some chocolate once in a while but as for day to day meals I’m hooked for life!

  127. Adriane says

    I am on day 27. I feel wonderful! I have been waking up early every morning before my alarm goes off!! I used to press snooze 3+ times. This is huge for me because I am not normally a morning person. I plan on continuing the plan for the most part as a permanent way of eating. The only thing I plan to add back in is my one cup of daily coffee with coffeemate. I know it’s horrible but that’s the only one thing I really miss. I feel absolutely wonderful though. My only complaint is that on day 28 I’m still having terrible headaches. Could it still be caffeine withdrawal this far out? It could also be unrelated to this challenge at all. Anyone else have headaches this far in?

    Thank you so much for sharing all of this information with us for free!!

    • Eva says

      thanks for your contribution. I am on day 27 with headache. During all Whole30 I suffered headaches, but not every day. I have never found what I am doing wrong.
      So happy to hear that I am not alone :-)
      Does anybody have any answer to that?

      Thanks Eva

  128. Casey says

    I am 6 month into a grain/soy/dairy/legume/nightshade free lifestyle due to my 2 year old’s issues with eczema. I have been to a lot of paleo websites and when I read about Whole 9 and Whole 30, I thought “wow I can send this to my family and friends who want to know what the heck we are doing and why?”. I read through the Whole 30 Day timeline and a lot of the information was similar to my experience when I removed grain (didn’t notice much when removing dairy, gluten, etc). Then I got to Day 31 and was shocked to read that it’s “OK” to have a little bit of ice cream. REALLY??!! You just turned this into another fad diet by that one statement. What a disappointment. I completely understand there is wiggle room, but I don’t think rewarding a 30 day clean eating plan with ice cream (or any food reward) is conducive to a better way of thinking about food!

    • TuckerB says

      I think you are missing the point here. May I suggest you take some time and read their book, “It Starts With Food,” where it clearly spells out reintroduction and using whole30 as a way to help you understand your relationship with food and it’s effects either helpful or harmful. You’ve heard the phrase “If you catch someone a fish, they eat for a day, but if you teach them to fish, they never starve” or something like it. This “fad diet” is teaching you how to fish. You can’t base your opinion of the program on this timeline.

  129. Sammi says

    I have LOVED reading about everyone’s experiences – so thank you, all of you!

    Today is Day 5 for me, and I’m seeing and feeling great results so far… I dont feel gassy or bloated all day, I feel more rested in the morning (which is shocking to me since i have a 3month old baby who still wakes up for a feed during the night!), I can see my hip bones making a tentative reappearance in the mirror and I feel full halfway through a meal and can recognise that I’m full enough to stop eating..

    Thats not to say I havent experienced some negative thoughts/feelings too… Day 2 i was ready to throw in the towel already! I have a ridiculous addiction to chocolate (at least one bar every day, and on weekends I could easily go through a family size block to myself (about 300g worth of choc!) so Day 2 was definitely my Hangover day! Fortunately for me and my willpower, I wasnt at work that day – at work I’m custodian of all the fundraising chocolates which sit and stare at me all day when i’m working! great test of willpower and so far, proud to say I havent caved! I have a constant dull headache but it is getting easier to deal with :)

    I have tried every fad diet known to man! I’ve tried diet pills, I’ve had successes and failures while trying to lose weight. And each time i lose enough weight that people start to notice and actually tell me I’m losing, I see that as justification to go eat more chocolate or KFC etc.. So each time I’ve failed and i think thats down to being in the wrong mindset and not having a good enough support network behind me…

    Things are different this time. Ive researched a lot about Paleo lifestyle and it makes sense to me, where all the other diets i’ve tried, it was just to lose weight. Nothing about how my body reacted to the different diets. I think having that basic understanding about this lifestyle has already made a difference to how I’m approaching it.
    This time, my family is not only supporting me, they’re actually doing it with me! we all started together so we’re all experiencing similar things at the same time which makes it easy to relate and push each other to keep going..
    This time I’m not JUST doing it to lose weight. (although I will admit that is one of my major factors!) As mentioned, I have a 3month old and I know that all too soon he will be running around and wanting to play, and i want to be able to do that with him without feeling exhausted. Not to mention I want to teach him good food habits when he’s older and I dont want to be hypocritical about it!
    I’m doing this for my husband. We’ve been together for 9+years, and married for just over a year now. He’s seen my weight fluctuate over the years, has loved me at my heaviest and most unhealthy, now he deserves me at my best, my healthiest.

    Finally, I’m doing this for myself. I’ve started to realise that there is no quick fix, that i’ve damaged my body in terrible ways with my yoyo fad dieting habits. I deserve better than that now. And I know it. Which is why I dont think I’ll go back to my old habits. I certainly dont want to (although its 1:30 in the arvo now and pretty soon I know that chocolate craving is gunna hit me pretty hard!) and I’m loving trying new recipes and I’m looking forward do day 31 – where I plan to take myself out shopping to buy myself something pretty as a reward for completing this challenge.

    Now I’m going to copy and paste this into an email that I’m going to send to myself AND my hubby so that I can read it again and again on days where I feel like quitting.. hopefully that will keep me in check! :) xxx

  130. NatalieG says

    Day 2: I woke up feeling hungover and it was helpful to read how normal that is. I need to have a better relationship with food–that it is just fuel for my body not my governing board. Thanks to the brave souls that posted–it means a lot to me.

  131. CJ says

    I just started today is my first day! I wanted to leave a post for some accountability as I really need to get my eating under control. I am getting married in December and need to get the 25lbs off I put on when I first started dating my fiancee. My problem is he loves loves loves to go out to eat, and I suffer from food jealousy! I am so worried I am not going to have the willpower to say no. And on top of that, now that the weather is warming up, we go to the lake every weekend…with beer, beer galore. Please help me to stay motivated!


    • Renee says

      Hi Cheryl, I’m thinking of starting tomorrow so I wold love to be accountability partners… I’m a 33 yr old stay-at-home mama of 4 kids with about 65lbs left to lose!! Interested?


  132. Betsy says

    I’m on Day 8! Thought I was doing something wrong and was about ready to quit when someone recommended I look at the timeline….THANK GOD!!!!! I’m right on track! Thanks for taking some of the mystery away.

  133. Jennifer says

    I am on day 6 and I cannot grocery shop. I was to sit is the aisles and eat Oreos. My mouth was watering walking through it yesterday. I cried about a Starbuck’s mocha and have negotiated everything or tried to get one. I am sure this diet is great but I hate it. I will keep trying but my cravings are seeming like an addiction I can’t kick. :(

  134. Can says

    Hey Renee,

    I can help you stay accountable! I’m starting my 3rd day. I’ve been feeling really hungry lately but hanging in there. How have your first couple days been?


  135. Wanda says

    Loved reading the timeline! I started my Whole30 on May 1st. I was eating fairly close (had to give up oatmeal and protein shakes primarily), so I didn’t have an extremely difficult first few days. I did experience a brief desire to kill on day 3, however, because I was away from home and without food for too long a period. Funniest thing though…I dreamed last night of biscuits. Homemade, hot, wonderful biscuits. It came a little early (I’m only on day 8), but just as you described–incredibly normal, but totally centered around the biscuits. Strangest thing, but hilarious!

  136. Tamara L says

    I have done Whole30 several times before and have had great results with this way of eating. This was my introduction into the paleo lifestyle. I go through bouts where I eat paleo, then start adding little things back here and there, then all out cheat for weeks at a time and it is getting old to say the least. I decided to revisit Whole30 because it helps me think more clearly and I just feel 1000 times better when I follow this way of eating.

    I am currently on Day 9 and man oh man is this timeline accurate. Tight pants, bloating and constipation…Oh My! I was honestly starting to feel discouraged, like maybe I am doing something wrong here, maybe not enough fat or veggies, something is wrong! But I revisted this timeline and here it was written out for me, exactly what I am feeling right now. I will keep pressing, I will not give up.

    For those who it is your first time, Hang in there, it gets better and you will feel amazing in the end!!

  137. DrinkAllTheWine says

    The timeline is great, but all of your comments/replies are even better!

    I’m on day 5 and have been craving a glass (or a bottle!) of red wine so badly today that it makes me think I have a drinking problem! Part of me thinks this craving is experiential, the weekend is quickly approaching, and I normally go out to a great dinner with wine on Friday nights; and the other part of me thinks the craving is chemical, I want ALL OF THE WINE! For the past year or so my diet has been mostly gluten and sugar free (I call it a gluten/sugar light diet) with some occasional treats so I guess it’s just my old/normal habits creeping into my day. I’m confident that I’m going to stay with the Whole30 plan and not have the glass of wine I so desperately want, but man it’s sad how difficult this is!

    I think just having a place to vent a bit to others who are doing the program and read about your experiences is very helpful, so thank you!

  138. DrinkAllTheWine says

    Day 9! Going strong! I woke up feeling guilty and couldn’t figure it out and then I realized I had had a dream of eating ice cream (and I don’t even love ice cream that much)! Sneaky food dreams…

  139. Amy says

    I’m on Day 13 today and i feel really fat! I didn’t need to lose weight beforehand, and I’ve felt energized and good these past 12 days. But today is really hard! I’m eating a lot of vegetables and normal protein and fats. I snack on fruit and veggies. Maybe the snacking is making me feel fat? Also, my period is driving my cravings. Today, I don’t feel as good as I have the past 2 weeks. I wonder why? Anyone?

  140. Sarah says

    Nausea on Day 2? Is that normal? Splitting headache too, and I didn’t really think my eating choices were that terrible to start with!

    • Marilyn says

      I had nausea at the beginning too. Everything looked horrible! I was scared I wasn’t eating enough because nothing tasted right but I got over it in a couple days.

  141. Leah says

    Day 8. All I want is wine. I feel like I can do a whole283783873838388383838. If I could have wine.

    • DrinkAllTheWine says

      Leah, see my May 9 comment! I couldn’t agree more!! I’m on Day 12 and going strong, but man do I miss the wine!!!

    • ECK says

      Yes, wine! I’m on day three and feel pretty good, but my husband and I LOVE enjoying a glass of wine together most nights (probably how I my pants became too snug!), so this has been the hardest part for us so far. To compensate, we’re putting fresh mint and a slice of citrus in our water. It feels fancy, but even better, it tastes delicious.

      My dream phase came early. Last night I was at a wine shop buying their BEST bottle of wine.

  142. Amy says

    I’ve been reading about your program after seeing a news story about a woman who transformed her life and lost 50 pounds. I’m going on a family reunion trip to Italy in 8 weeks and am starting to panic because I had weight loss goals that I haven’t been able to achieve. I want to do Whole30 to feel better and reset my body, but I honestly want to lose as much weight as possible in 8 weeks. Is this recommended? I feel like I don’t have the time to mess around anymore. Do you think this plan will give me both the health and weight loss results that I’m looking for?

    • says

      Amy, I’m sorry, ,but this program is not about quick-fix, unsustainable weight loss, nor will we support that goal by making recommendations geared just towards weight loss. I think the plan will give you the health results you are looking for, yes–it’s changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and changed their relationships with food to boot–but you may or may not lose weight in that process, because weight loss is dependent on so many factors outside of just your diet. (Even if you do lose weight, as almost everyone does, it likely won’t be as much as you’re hoping for. Crash diet expectations simply cannot be met with a healthy program like the Whole30.)

      I hope that you take on the Whole30 for the right reasons–and don’t attempt to modify the program to speed up weight loss, because that will surely backfire. But if you’re really just looking for that quick fix, I’m sorry to say we’re not the program for you.


  143. Mindy says

    Unfortunately, the things that may be contributing to my being so sick/unhealthy (at least in part), I cannot eliminate from my diet during the Whole30 should I choose to do it. My medication. I do sooo hope to be completely off of all meds one day, but my body is not ready for this step just yet. Have been on them for over 25 yrs. Not that easy.

    I wonder if you guys have had feedback from folks like me who have gone through the full 30 days and not experienced a whole lot of relief from negative symptoms?? I would hope that this would not be me, but, unfortunately have had this experience in past times doing things similar to this.

    I really like the idea of one-by-one re-introducing the restricted foods back into my diet after having completed the 30 days so that I can see what, if any, of these may be contributing to some of my issues. That makes more sense than many other things that I’ve read regarding health/diet. Otherwise, this whole thing would really be worthless and a waste of a precious 30 days.

    Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    • celiacmama says

      I think you’re going to have to try and see for yourself. In my experience when I went gluten free several years ago when I was first diagnosed with Celiac disease I was able to get off all of my prescriptions after a few months- even my inhaler. (I used to have severe year-round allergies and mild asthma.) I’m on day 26 of my first whole30 and I’m feeling really good. Have you read their book, “It Starts with Food” ?

    • celiacmama says

      You’re welcome! Another thought- you may want to consult your doctor before trying this out and during the process to see if you can monitor your meds while on the Whole30- especially if you have something like diabetes- you may not need as much insulin.

  144. CJ says

    I’m on day 14 and have been feeling pretty good for the most part. I tried my wedding dress on again for my upcoming December wedding and my fiance’s mother commented that she already can tell a different in how the back od my dress looks. That made me feel good and start to see the changes in my body. No real major cravings today but am getting worried about the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Everyone around me is going to be drinking beer and sometimes water just seems so boring. Trying to be strong!!!


    • DrinkAllTheWine says

      Cheryl, I’m on day 15 so we’re pretty much in the same boat and I don’t love the idea of not drinking over the holiday weekend. The food part has been relatively easy, it’s the booze that’s been a pain in the butt to avoid! That being said, I feel like having a club soda with some lime in it and in a nice glass has been very helpful when surrounded by others drinking. Good luck! Stay strong! :)

    • Mindy says

      I like the other poster’s idea of having club soda and lime.

      I’d encourage you to try that and add alot of fresh lime and/or lemon until you the taste is wonderful!

  145. DrinkAllTheWine says

    Day 17, no Tiger Blood :(…I was very excited for this Tiger Blood, but haven’t felt it. Don’t feel much different (better or worse) than I did prior to starting Whole30, but I’m continuing with it. Here’s to hoping for some serious TB!!!

  146. Michelle says

    Question? Saw this on dateline. They said, “if your tried everything and failed to lose weight…” so here I am. Two days into it. I did thorough research, and found only a couple of people saying they lost weight on this program. I actually saw postings that people 20 some odd days into this people actually have gained body fat. I’m really into it to learn how to eat healthy and feel healthy. However the weight loss is very important to me also.

    • says

      Michelle, in an ongoing survey of more than 1,600 Whole30 participants, 96% lost weight or improved their body composition. Focus on getting healthier with the program and the weight loss (slow and sustainable) will follow. You may also want to visit these articles (http://whole30.com/tag/weight-loss), and our @Whole30 Instagram feed for more weight loss stories and before-and-after photos. Melissa

  147. Sarah says

    I am on day 11 and feel fantastic. I am down 13lbs and feel so much better. Mi have never stuck to a plan this long and I am so happy I did. I did have the carb flu from day 2 to 4 and that was unpleasant but nothing else. I have been breezing thru. I have not wanted to kill anything nor have Imbeen sleepy at all. I have even been getting some household projects done that have been sitting around for a loooooong time. I love Whole30!

  148. says

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  149. Ronald says

    So far this time line is very accurate (a little scary)! Day four was really bad for me!!! I did want to “kill all the things”! Fortunately no one was hurt in the making of this day!

  150. neha says

    I am on day 2, and i didnt realize how much i depended on snacks such as kashi bars to settle my afternoon snack. my question is this: this program doesnt allow us to eat snacks in between meals, but what if between meal hours it is a difference of about 6 hours?

    • Tom Denham says

      neha, Eat if you are hungry, but rather than eating a piece of fruit or some nuts, it is best if you “snack” on a mini-meal of protein, fat, and veggies. One of my “snacks” is a can of sardines and a few bites of cold sauerkraut. You might also try a boiled egg or two topped with tomato salsa. The idea is to give your body nourishment and not just something to fill your stomach for a few hours.

  151. says

    I’m on day 9, which started with a lethargic morning round of crossfit, followed by “where the helllll is my breakfast”, then a desire to kill my assistant. I think I piled a few timeline days on top of eachother somehow…

  152. Meghan McCoy says

    My Kill All the Things days were actually days 14 and 15, and may have had something to do with PMS, I’m not sure. I’m on day 17 now and feeling much better.
    Btw, someone needs to make a special Whole30 PMS recipe book. Because that was ridiculous.

  153. Libberation says

    I am on Day 3 and the whole flu-symptom thing is NO JOKE! I had to call out of work for 2 days because I thought I had the flu! Achy, dizzy, floppy limbs, sore throat. Then thank goodness I read this article and learned that this is all normal. So interesting to see how the body responds! I’m grateful to have a community to share this experience with.

  154. Kiara says

    Hi there @MelissaHartwig… I know that you have said that this timeline is a general collection of responses to the diet but I’m on day 5 and besides a stuffy nose and sinus- like symptoms every morning, I do not experience any of the other responses. I was wondering as to how long my body will burn off the carbohydrates before I experience these effects?

    I would also like to say that this morning I looked in the mirror and noticed that the bloating in my stomach has noticeably reduced since last week. Less than one week of eating clean and moderate cardio did some good. Thank you so much Melissa and Dallas

  155. Alexis says

    I am on day 14 of the Whole30! Woo hoo! I seem to look at this timeline every other day to see if the way my body is feeling should be expected. I would say though I am on day 14 it is feeling like the 10-11 day described here. I am still feeling like it’s a little difficult to be motivated at the gym and my energy levels are still feeling pretty low. Hopefully I will be having a little more energy in the next few days. However, I am really digging my food choices! I am of course going to keep at it. I am grateful for the support of your website for sure:)

  156. Gary says

    Day 23, and I don’t care if I ever see or eat another egg again! I wish I could say I’ve seen the tiger blood phase. While I do have a more constant stream of energy throughout the day, when I start to crash, I crash. Even with the more energy, it’s not an every day thing. I might have 2 days feeling really well then I have a low energy crappy day. The other issue that has risen is the need for antacids. For 20 days my stomach was fine, and now for the last 3 everything I seem to eat bothers it and gives me gerd. But I’m 7 days left, going to hang in there till I finish, but I’m not sure where I’ll go from there.

  157. Amy says

    The timeline is pretty spot on … And helpful because for the past couple days I have felt the boredom and loss of appetite described in days 21-24 or soo… I am on day 24 today. It was helpful to know that this is “normal” because I love the program and have been feeling the changes but the thought of a plate full of protein and and fat for breakfast was really a turn off the past few days! But I pushed through and look forward to the coming week!

  158. Marilyn says

    Day 12- Last night I had a dream about popcorn. OH how I love popcorn, but its not even one of the things I am missing most! In the dream I knew I was breaking my Whole 30 but I did it anyway- first with one kernel and then quickly shoveling it all in my mouth. I couldn’t even chew! It was delicious.

    Other than these oddly specific cravings I am going strong! almost half way!

    • Denise says

      Oh how I love popcorn too!!! I’m on day 10 and I just told my boyfriend we are not going to the movies to see 22 Jumpstreet because I am not sitting in there and smelling that popcorn, surrounded by people enjoying my favorite thing in the whole wide world. lol.

  159. Denise says

    I’m on Day 10. I made a trip to the grocery store to get my weekly bounty of healthy whole fresh foods, and all I could see were ALL the things that I CANNOT have. UGH!! I almost was in tears by the time I finished shopping. By far, the worst time I’ve ever had at the grocery store. lol.
    And then…I pulled into my driveway and saw a piece of trash in the middle of my yard. I went to pick it up and it was an empty box of Twinkies. The new kind with the strawberry creme. REALLY????

  160. Courtney says

    Day 12: I seem to be a few days behind the timeline, yesterday and today I’ve woken up mad and super tired after. ample sleep :( I never experienced the hangover stage and I’m actually getting into a nice routine and enjoying my new meals. However, my natural energy crisis is really starting to take its toll. I have things to do and my body/mind seem to be on vacation!! Anyone have any suggestions on boosting my energy?!?

    • Amy says

      I’m feeling the same…on day 13…more tired than usual…sure hope it changes soon!

  161. Sarah McNeal says

    I am ending day 6. I had headaches and a migraine at the beginning. Now, I don’t feel much going on. I do have celiac and have been gluten-free for three years. Is this why I don’t seem to match the timeline? No crankiness or fatigue…. Just missing half and half in my morning coffee. I’m a little confused and not sure what to expect or if this will work.

  162. Shevon says

    Well, today is day 16 for me. I am totally bored with food. I had to make a new recipe last night, but now I look in the fridge and don’t really want anything. I can’t stop thinking about ketchup. I love ketchup on eggs and meats. There are days when I eat a little of my eggs and throw them out because they just gross me out without ketchup. I could also go for a really good piece of chocolate. I decided already that on Day 31 I am going to Godiva and get 1 piece of excellent chocolate. I don’t think my body or mind could handle any overindulgence more than that.

  163. Kathy Eslick says

    Day 2 I had bad time with headaches. Day 3 I was very cranky and short with people close to me. I minded my manners with strangers. ;) Day 3 for my husband has put him in a fog. But, we feel good about this journey.

  164. Mag says

    End of Day 3. Had a ‘breakthrough’ if you know what I mean – releasing the Pre-Whole30 binge eating and feeling light as a feather! HA! Looking forward to the adventure…

    (if it hasn’t been done already):
    Can someone please, please compile all of these hilarious and realistic dreams, and do any of the following:

    1. make us an entertaining storyboard/comic book/graphic sequence?
    (to get us through that bit of the Timeline)
    2. create these meals as Whole30 compliant (to get us through that bit of the Timeline)
    3. plug them into a database and run statistics on how often and in what combinations the food items appear – just ‘cuz.

    Our dream world is an incredible wealth of knowledge – I would love to see Whole30 tap into the Collective Unconscious/Conscience! Thanks!

  165. says

    Tomorrow is day 5 for me. Had my MASSIVE head-splitting scary headaches on days 3 and 4 but it’s also a PMS week and I started a crazy stressful new job. So who knows on that score. Otherwise, feeling fine, the No. 2 was very weird for days 1-3 but was normal today (day 4). I do not “die” of food-deprivation exhaustion/blood sugar crash if i eat no snack bet. 2-4 p.m. I LOVE that most of all so far!

  166. Carrie says

    I’m on Day 29, I broke a rule and weighed myself but i will be out of town on Day 30 & wanted the same scale i started with & same time of day. I’ve loss 18pds!!!! ( i have many more to go) Whole30 has given me the skills to continue to get healthy & keep up the weight loss journey with great confidence in myself! Amazing what i learned about food, where it comes from, how its made & what’s in it is so important ( you are what you eat) I will be introducing some things back into my eating, however I have mourned & plan to give up several “bad foods”. I started this Whole30 to lose weight but also to reverse some health issues. i have been borderline type 2 diabetes for 2yrs, (i cant wait to see new results of lab work) & i’m turning 50 in 12 days & do not feel old but don’t want health problems as I age. I have never felt better! I’m putting exercise back into my life (yes slowly, but my energy helps) I also plan to start my 2nd Whole30 in two weeks. Thank you Whole 30! and those who are thinking of starting or just started, good job! your body will thank you!

  167. Katie says

    Day 24: 6 more sleeps until I’m done the Whole30!!!! I really should do a Whole45. I know you are not supposed to weigh yourself but it actually motivates me, so on Day 16 I did. I lost 10 pounds!!!! I have not lost anything else since. Whole30 gave me that, “I can do this” mentality (and I’m not even done with it yet) and I know that just continuing to eat clean when I’m finished will get those 45 more extra pounds off!

    I am, however, completely bored with food and have tried to come up with ways to make cooking simpler since I really don’t like to cook. When I am cooking and grumbling to myself about having to cook 3 meals a day, I always think of what people did before all the convenience foods took over our lives. They cooked. They were healthy. They didn’t have all the crazy diseases and issues we have now. I am grateful that I have the ability to cook for myself and my family.

    6 more sleeps! 6 more sleeps!

  168. jacqueline says

    It has been quite the journey. It was tough, I had the charbohydrate flu, low energy, cravings, etc….I am on Day 29. I feel a bit lighter and less bloated (unless I break my personal rule and have nuts). A few things I would change would be not to eat dinner so late or skip it because it’s so late. During the work week I am more on a good schedule but the weekends I get so busy with outdoor stuff or errands, grocery shopping,etc I forget to eat! Also, I did well with water but there is room for improvement. During this program I had my physical and found out I have a hypothyroid…sluggish thyroid which affects metabolism (slows it down, which makes it difficult to lose weight), low energy, amongst other things. Although, one of my big reasons was to drop some weight, and I got discouraged finding out about my thyroid, I kept with it and I am SO happy I did. I can’t see going back to the way I ate before and I THOUGHT I ate reasonably healthy. I have to say I am proud of myself for sticking to this. This is the 1st program that I have ever followed through on and will keep on at least 80-90% of the time. I know I will come back to the Whole30 if I need a reset at anytime. Best to all of you!!

  169. Shawnie says

    So glad I found this timeline. I am on Day 12 and was feeling really upset because the bloating has been so bad (almost from day 1) that I feel like I’ve gained weight instead of lost it. Glad to know there’s still hope!

    • Ana says

      Keep pushing! I’m sure you’re doing great. I’m glad I read this timeline too. I’m on day 10. Yesterday was a struggle but today I’m more motivated.

  170. Stephanie says

    I started this after being mostly Paleo for two weeks. I am medically speaking morbidly obese. I started out at 209lbs. I am 45 and 5’3″… On week two of Paleoish eating I had lost 4.4lbs. and 5″ overall. I started going to the gym 6 days a week, I do six days of cardio for 30 minutes and I do two days on and one day off of strength training.. I decided that I would give this a go as well. My morning coffee had to go because I cannot drink it without cream and sugar. I am now on day 12 and although I feel great about my food choices, I am exhausted all of the time. Headaches are starting to make a reappearance as well. I hope to heck I am not doing something wrong… I usually have a two egg omelet in the morning with onions, mushrooms, spinach and bacon… Then for lunch it is usually a huge a** salad made with spinach, mushrooms, chicken/tuna, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. Then for dinner I will have something like a homemade burger patty smothered in bacon,mushrooms, and onions on top of a bed of wilted spinach. I hope that maybe you can give me some insight to make sure I am doing this right. Oh and other than the problems above, I do feel much better after eliminating both grains and sugar from my diet. No more bloating, heartburn, etc… Thank you guys for your time and patience.

    • Carrie says

      Have you made sure you are eating enough fat? Coconut milk/oil, olive oil, avocados? You really need good fat to make it through. Given your exercise routine, perhaps you should be eating more. A serving of eggs is supposed to be as many as you can hold in your hand. Don’t be afraid of a sweet potato every now and then too! Also, I use the coconut milk (I’m talking organic coconut milk that is usually in cans, not the stuff you buy next to the real milk) in my coffee as a cream substitute. It is great. Good job so far, and good luck!

  171. Laurinda says

    Just waking up on Day 4 of my second Whole 30. Knowing what to expect – the question is why on earth did I plan this one so that “kill all things day” is on the 4th of July? I’m glad the house is clean and there is healthy food already prepped – those are two fewer reason to kill anyone :) wish me luck! Seriously though – I’m looking forward to next week because I know I’ll start feeling better. My first Whole 30 was in April and I lost 10 lbs that have stayed off despite my attempts to sabatoige. I also felt the best I had in years during those 30 days; reduced joint pain, sleeping through the night and actually liking this 52 year old body. Cheers everyone!

  172. says

    It’s day 4 for me, I’ve got chicken marinating for my BBQ tonight (thank goodness for coconut aminos) and plenty of seltzer to drink (I’ll just pretend it’s beer). But after breakfast I’ve had to lay down for a bit due to a headache. I’ve already caught myself trying to justify cheating, but as long as I keep catching myself, everything should be okay!

    • Lee says

      Don’t CHEAT! I just did, it’s my day 8 and just wanted a cookie, ate two, then iced tea. …. then a tamale. Tasted great but now it’s gone and I need a nap and feel bloaty. … didn’t realize how much better I felt when I DIDN’T eat that crap. Stay strong, it’s just food. … enjoy your yummy chicken! Celebrate YOUR independence! !!!!

  173. Laurie says

    I’m on Day 10 and I feel like my body is a lead weight. I’m weak and have no energy to even take a walk. My cravings were severe on Days 1-8. Headache only on Day 1. Depressed and irritable on Days 3-4. No cravings today. I was ready to throw in the towel today and go back to being 85-90% Paleo (eating rice 3-4 times a day). I increased my carbs today and still feel weak. I had Crohn’s my entire life before going 85% Paleo and lost two sections of small intestine. Not sure if there is some damage to my body that will cause this to not work. My 20 year old son is also feeling fatigued, but not to this degree. We are eating seven to eight times per day and are not hungry. When will I feel back to my usual bursting with energy self?

  174. says

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  175. Kate says

    I am on Day 2- and I feel like I am in a total fog. I really appreciate this timeline and wish I had found it before I went INSANE over the 4th of July trying to fit in every tasty treat and cocktail I wouldn’t be having for the next 30 days. So I blame myself for this “hangover” – but knowing my experience is not unique, that I am not “doing it wrong”, really helps! Thanks to you all and good luck!

  176. Liz says

    This saved us! My partner and I are doing this for the first time and didn’t read the timeline before starting out. Like clockwork, on day 4 we started arguing ALOT about ridiculous things, this continued for 3 more days until we stopped and thought “I wonder if the whole30 has something to do with this”. It was so out of character for our relationship and had us both very concerned. Glad to know that it wasn’t out relationship crumbling and now we are out the other side and feeling great :) Thanks!

  177. Jennifer says

    Day 2…feeling pretty normal, yesterday had slight headache, but went for a massage last night and I think that helped…have been eating better for a couple months before starting this but had drifted so I wanted to refocus, hopefully I avoid that hangover feeling! Loved reading all these posts, some made me laugh which always helps to know other people are struglling along with the same issues. Curious to see what my biggest cravings will be…I know I miss dairy and my morning oatmeal already.

  178. candace says

    One night (it was probably day 5 or 6, I’m not sure) I dreamed about drinking chocolate milk and when I awoke, I was worried and had to really think about whether I did it in real life or not. LOL

    • Heather says

      I had the same dream last night!! Well, not chocolate milk but certainly something unhealthy. Day 3 :(

    • says

      @Heather, those dreams are absolutely terrifying, in my opinion. I have woken up in a panic thinking I ate a snickers bar and would have to start over! Best of luck, you’ve totally got this.

  179. Kelli says

    Today is day 6 of my second Whole30. First was last summer and the timeline was spot on for my experience and the humor really helped me through the rough patches. I attempted another Whole30 a few months ago and derailed on day 10…yet another timeline match.

    This time I had timeline days 2 – 9 all at once on day 3! I had the carb flu hangover, I was angry at every living thing nearby (and afar), and sure enough my pants were tighter. Yesterday (day 5) I began to feel human again and even optimistic about life in general. I’m curious how I’ll feel for the next 24 days. Hopefully it will all be uphill, but if not, I’ll check back in for the Hartwig humor that kept me laughing through my previous Whole30 :)

  180. Jennifer Vogel says

    I am half-way through Day 1…I am scared. Scared I started something I wont be able to finish. My lunch (a salad I made at the employee café) looks yuk. I almost gag at the taste – why?? I have always loved salad.
    Pretty sure the S-bucks coffee was today’s mistake (black, no frills). I think the jolt of caffeine that strong is causing my sweats and anxiety.
    A couple weeks ago I hired a trainer at the gym. I see her for the first time since starting the Whole 30 on my Day 3 – can I do it??

  181. Kristy says

    I was wondering if this plan works for people with hypothyroidism and no gallbladder? I’ve been eating paleo and clean for 3 years and work out consistently. I ran my first half marathon last year! I recently discovered I have adrenal fatigue so no more running or strenuous work outs. I tried the Fast Metabolism Diet but I don’t think it’s for me because I had my gall bladder removed years ago. The scale has not budged in over a year no matter how well I eat or how much I exercise. Sugar packs on the pounds literally overnight. Any advice for me to be successful on this plan? I’m desperate to feel better.

  182. Donna says

    On day 7 of Whole 30 with my husband. So far nothing major. I’d say I’ve been lethargic the last couple of days. Meal planning and prep once a week is helping to keep the program going. Cooked all day on Day 1 to stock the refrigerator and put some in the freezer for emergency meals in the coming weeks. On day 6, Saturday, I started cooking and prepping for next week. A couple of things to finish up today and I’m hoping to sail through week two’s meals also. My birthday is coming up next week and that will be the trickiest day.

    We have been eating pretty clean for the last several months, so neither of us experienced the headache/flu or the kill everything phases. Before whole 30 I was having daily problems with GERD. As of day 7 I have not had to take any medication for it since beginning the program.

    Looking forward to getting to day 30. However, my husband and I have a weekend trip starting on day 31, and on this trip all the food will be catered. I am hoping there are some good options for making food choices while we are gone.

  183. Becky says

    I would add the word “hangry” to days 3-5. I was hungry more often than before whole30 (which I know is not a bad thing) and angry about it because I wanted my “go-to” snacks (cheese, yogurt, crackers). That feeling shut off like a switch on day 6 and I felt so much more balanced with my emotional side of eating. Yeah! Week 2…. Here I come!

  184. Stacy says

    On day 17, and food boredom has really set in. The timeline has been pretty much dead on besides the stomach issues. I still get stomach cramps and other lovely issues so that has been frustrating. Trying to drink more kombucha to help with the stomach problems and looking forward to making it to day 30. I had a lot of fatigue my first week and I also didnt sleep well for the first 12 days and it comes and goes now but everything is pretty good. I would really like a glass of red wine…but I will hold off until its over!! Almost there and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel :)

  185. Jen Crist says

    I am on day 22. Love, love, LOVE the freedom I feel on this program. No points to figure, no calories to count, no measuring food. Plan to make A LOT of these changes permanent. The only thing I’m really struggling with is my running. It has tanked since I started this program. I expected to notice a difference in the first couple weeks but am getting concerned since my stamina is still not returning. That is a problem especially since I have been in training for my first marathon. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! It is very odd to me that my running was so much better when I was binge eating & living on unbelievable amounts of sugar, dairy & baked goods!

  186. Doug says

    Type 1 diabetic. Day 7. Since I test my blood sugar multiple times a day, I have a numerical reference of the plan’s impact. Glucose levels are in a much tighter range. Zero swings high and low. And zero readings over 300. Most readings close to normal. Eyesight got a bit blurry due to change in glucose levels in eyes but better now. Energy is low and I am more of a curmudgeon than normal. I’ve had to cut fast acting insulin intake by about 33% already. Slow acting by 20%. Unfortunately this plan is not long term sustainable but I am learning that with modification my control can be much better. Also I now hate the egg in all it’s wondrous forms.

  187. Jen says

    The feelings I’m having are so perfectly described here but my days are all out of whack! Granted I am only on day 4 but I felt AMAZING yesterday and today I fee lethargic…why is my body feeling these things out of order? Was yesterday’s high just because I was proud of myself for sticking with something?! But also I rally want a Diet Coke!

  188. Christy says

    I am on day 5 and feeling much better than day 3, but not sure if day 3 was so bad because of Whole30 or what I ate that day. Half way through day 3 I felt very ill and tired, and it started after my lunch meal. I have many food sensitivities that cause mild reactions ranging from fatigue, muscle tiredness, brain fog, joint pain, neck pain to flu-like symptoms. I am concerned that I cannot tell the difference between the typical side effects from going clean and my other frustrating food sensitivities. Especially because I do not really remember which foods bother me. I have just gravitated to avoidance of many whole foods that cause symptoms over the years. This has led me to a carb-filled lifestyle. Since most carbs don’t “bother me”, I became heavily dependent on them for regular sustenance. Additionally, I experience anxiety and vertigo from time to time. I was hoping for the vertigo to be gone by now, but it is still present occasionally throughout my day. I’m not ready to give up yet, I so want that tiger blood feeling. I am ready to feel well! I just hope that I am not eating foods that are causing inflammation while I am intending to do the opposite. I know I have issues with leaky gut and possibly metabolic syndrome. I believe in this 30 day process to help those issues. But if I am eating foods I am sensitive to, will this defeat my hard work?

  189. says

    I am on day 25!! Woo-hoo!! Thought I was hitting Tiger Blood. And then…camping!!! The s’mores and snacky foods that surrounded me pushed me to grumpy. AND I prevailed through it. Feeling good this morning. Another BBQ and Bonfire tonight and I continue on to be “that person”. I CAN DO THIS!

  190. ashley says

    i am currently on day 3 and i feel especially bloated and my head feels so horrible that I’m considering staying in bed all day and sleeping. sleep sounds wonderful. goodnight.

  191. Patty says

    day 20 here, ok nothing. I do feel like I have lost weight. My clothes fit better. I have a terrible cold and feel awful. I got into a conversation with a kind lady on FB Whole30 about how it may take me longer than 30 days. She was on Whole45. I was hoping that was not the case for me but I am determined to hang in here. My problem is sugar. I have a huge sweet tooth. I have quit smoking and drinking and now I want to quit sugar. Over the years I have gained a total of about 100 pounds. I’d like to drop some of that. I want to feel “wonderful” like everyone else is doing….I guess my “wonderful” is taking a little longer.

    • says

      @Patty, it is true. It may take longer for some. I was also a smoker and drinker and sugar addict throughout my life before W30 and it took me a bit longer. I blame all the abusive I put my body through that required and extra 30 days for me. But, in the end, it was worth it and I felt wonderful, like everyone else did!

  192. JoAnn says

    Today is Day 5 … I’m feeling more “hungover” – tired, and don’t-want-to-move. I have to admit I didn’t think I would feel like this since I rarely, if ever, eat processed food, that’s why I cook most meals. I do miss my sour cream, and grated parmesan cheese, and bacon. I didn’t know there was sugar in my organic chicken broth. But why do I feel so darn bad … I don’t even want to walk across the room? Does my age make a difference, I will be 70 in about 5 weeks?

  193. Mike says

    I am on day 18 of my 2nd Whole 30 this year. During my 1st whole30 I lost 14lbs and felt great. Energy levels were way up, sleep was amazing (I have very severe sleep apnea as a 34 year old male- 6 ft tall – 200lbs and work out regularly). This time around however I am not experiencing anything remotely close to how I felt during the first go around, which is making it very hard for me to want to stick out the next 12 days. I feel like I may have done something wrong or ate something I wasn’t supposed to at times and I’m constantly checking and double checking to make sure everything I consume is compliant, and it has been. Can anyone else relate to 2 completely different experiences during their Whole30?

    • says

      Mike, this is actually a really common Whole30 phenomenon. Has your diet been pretty healthy (Paleo or Whole30-ish) since your first Whole30? Generally, people don’t experience the super dramatic results during their second program as they did on their first, and that can make it hard to stay motivated. I’ve got an article in the works about it, but for now stay the course (sometimes the magic happens late in the second round), and if things still aren’t rocking by Day 30, it’s time to look at your other factors–namely, sleep and healthy movement over on the Whole9 site (http://whole9life.com).


  194. Jessica says

    I’m on day 5 of the Whole30 Program, and I experienced the really bad cravings and irritation during the end of day 3. Day 4 and 5 have been a lot better, but I’ve been dealing with quite a bit of fatigue and headaches. I’m glad I found this timeline so I know what to expect instead of wondering what in the world is happening to me!

  195. Jessica DeHaan says

    SO, I keep re-reading the timeline to understand but need some help/advice – I am on day 8 (week one in the books, woohoo!) and I am down 10lbs (I know, I know, wasn’t supposed to weigh in but was too curious since I felt thinner) BUT I just do NOT feel well, like have not felt well all week. Super tired, weak-ish, cracked out and a little shaky…..how long do you think this will last for me?

    • says

      @Jessica, there is a possibility that you might be eating enough. I would head over to our free forum (forum.whole9life.com) and post a question asking the moderators to review what you are eating. But, there is also the possibility that this does take more time for some people depending on the abuse your body was taking before. I hope that helps!

    • says

      I felt pretty crappy for a week or so. The part where you ‘turn the corner’ and feel better will depend on how much your body needs to heal and flush the toxins. The ‘worse’ one is before can mean a longer ‘crappy period’. Drink PLENTY of water, don’t forget to eat your fats and SLEEP.
      I am on Day 26 and I feel FANTASTIC! It took time, I had headaches, couldn’t work out, was even nauseated at times. Push through! You got this!

  196. Doug says

    Day 30. This timeline was spot on and was an incredible resource for me from start to finish. (However, I was fortunate enough to skip the hangover, even though I ate my fair share of garbage prior to Whole30. )

  197. sharon says

    Day 29!! Totally get the day 28 ‘what’s another 2 days?’ but stayed strong and today feel even more awesome because now I know I’m in control :)

  198. Kerry says

    Any recommendations?… Myself, my husband, and my daughter are on day 8 of Whole30 and while my hubby and I feel good, my daughter is suffering. She is 17 and has leaky gut and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis – this diet is to help heal her gut. She is totally fatigued and her muscles are sore, especially her legs. Is this normal? Will it pass soon? I keep encouraging her to hang in there… just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing! Thanks!

  199. Leslie says

    I am on day 21 and if I have to eat one more egg it could be the end!! Just kidding. I’m sticking this out. It has been a very insightful and inspiring journey and I am soo happy that I didn’t give up when the headaches came, the sugar addiction grabbed hold and the attitude and depression set in . I have tons more energy now which is wonderful when you work 9 hour days and have a 1 and 2 year old to come home too.

    • Alex says

      Thank you so much for saying this. I have been worried. This is very similar to my situation, and I can’t wait to have more energy.

  200. Kira says

    I am so ready to try this! Embarking on the Whole30 adventure tomorrow. Let me know if y’all have any recommendations :)

  201. Rachel Patino says

    Has anyone else experienced stomach discomfort when starting this program? On day 7 and I’m in a constant state of stomach ache.

    • Leila says

      Hi Rachel,

      I have had almost constant stomach ache and severe bloating, I think there have been perhaps only 2 days throughout the whole program when I haven’t been bloated – and I’m on day 24. I am a coeliac which might have something to do with it – I’m trying to stay positive and optimistic that my digestive system is just taking longer to heal than others, maybe because of existing damage.

      It can be frustrating and disheartening but I have felt other benefits (and people are telling me my skin looks fantastic) so stick with it! :)

      Good luck!

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  203. Lisa says

    I started doing the whole 30 and after day 3/4 i had a terrible mirgrain and was in bed off work sick and felt dreadful for at least a week. Is this normal?

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  205. Quitter says

    Day Two and I could hardly get out of bed. By 9:30 AM I was yelling at one of my four young kids and realized at that point that no food change is worth that. Kudos to everyone who is stronger than me who can keep this up for 30 days. I was hoping to make it, but when I’m a crazy person yelling at a 3 year old, it’s time to put this aside and focus on just cutting out excessive sugar and processed foods for the time-being. See you in a few years, Whole30.

  206. Acavaliere says

    I am on day 11 and so glad I have stuck with it! I am beginning to see some changes in my body and getting my energy back slowly but surely! I am even (re)enjoying having eggs for breakfast. That first week was pretty brutal but it’s all coming together now. Stick with it!

  207. says

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  208. Zeb says

    OK first off I have to say that I was a little intimidated at first to try this Whole30 challenge because of the fact it seemed really strict! Now this is coming from a guy that doesn’t have time to cook meals and always hit up the local Mcdonald’s or Burger King on the way home from work because it was way easier for me and my family. It didn’t stop there, we would celebrate our weekends with food by going out to eat at restaraunts. In our minds it felt good and we used food to cope with stress. So today I can report that my wife and I are on day 19 and this has not only changed my life, but my wife’s as well! I started 19 days ago at 255lbs and I work an office job sitting at a desk all day long. Since sticking with the program and getting over the hump I am now down 4.5 inches off my waist and weigh an amazing 240lbs as of this morning. I know I shouldn’t have checked my weight, but I had to because nothing like this has ever happened to me in my life! I am excited to keep going strong and I will always incorporate what I have learned to make better decisions for my entire life. If you are wondering about my wife……..she has lost 12lbs so far as well!!!! Crazy Right? Good luck everyone!

  209. Amy says

    We are on day 17 and still haven’t seen any real improvements in anything. We still kind of hate it. We’re eating turkey, chicken, tuna, tons of veggies, using coconut oil, olive oil and cut everything we were supposed to out. When will we start to see an improvement? We are sticking with it, and we know we CAN but we’re not sure why? Anybody experience this before? We’ve heard people who have done it more than one time and we can’t figure out why anybody would put themselves through this twice.

  210. Liz says

    Hitting the end of day 15. Giving up dairy and Starbucks (chai latte) were the biggest change for me, and I’ve noticed a marked decrease in congestion, I no longer wheeze all day, my skin is very soft/clear, and my knees feel much better. I’m overweight and almost 50, and this is one of the hardest and best decisions I’ve made. Looking forward to the next 15, because I am learning more about how food impacts me. I probably won’t hit Tiger Blood this time….but next time!

  211. Alexis says

    So I am on day 4 and I have had nightmares every night so far..I mean I never talk in my sleep and my boyfriend has had to wake me up cause I was yelling at someone. Yesterday I woke up to myself kicking at something. Today is also the first day I have felt like I have a hangover..i have a massive headache like I drank a bunch yesterday. Looking forward to day 30 though!!

  212. Brit says

    Day 4 for me! have had a raaaaging headache since yesterday was furiously hungry while walking home (I live in NYC). It is HARD here…amazing food at your fingertips! Kept telling myself “Go home and make a huge salad!!!”

    I must say reading the book before going into this was the ultimate boost of confidence!!! So excited to see this change and eventually demolish my auto-immune allergies!!

  213. Jessica says

    I am on Day 5 and I can’t get through my time on the elliptical without running to the bathroom every fifteen minutes to go #2. This should DEFINITELY be added to the time line! Yesterday it started. How to schedule time in the morning for the extra potty breaks when you’re trying to get ready for work. Yikes!

  214. Daniel says

    Off and on I have eaten a fairly clean Paleo diet for 2 years now but I always fell back into bad habits with over indulging in not so healthy foods and alcohol. Over time my habits got progressively worse to the stage where I was basically drinking every day.

    I am now at the end of Day 12 and it has been surprisingly easy with cravings for only the first 3 or 4 days and only headaches aside from that for the first week.

    I already feel better and have not fallen into bad habits. Once I get over this bloat once my body adjusts to good foods I will be happy.

  215. Gabrielle Drummond says

    On day 6 and totally feeling the fatigue! Had to reread this article to remind myself it does pass and also to see what’s next in store for me :)

  216. says

    I am on day 9. Day 2,3,4 were difficult because i experienced low blood sugar. Pre-Whole30 the Sugar Dragon was my best friend. Among other things (AIDS, heart disease, history of cancer) I also have diabetes for which I take two meds. One them is to immediately lower blood sugar. Well, I found that I was having these episodes about 1-2 hours after taking it. So I stopped the following day and so far, no more episodes. My blood sugar has evened out. Good news for me! THen today I had a similar episode but this one more severe. I won’t go into the details but eventually after googling my symptoms I thought I might be having low blood pressure. I have a cuff so I took it and it *was* quite low. So tomorrow I will stop my BP med (don’t worry, I will contact my doc in the morning) and we will see how it all goes.

    Actually so far, I have not had any strong cravings. The thing of it is, I am really making delicious, healthy, Whole30 compliant meals and I am quite satisfied by them. But we will see how I feel on day 20. One thing for sure, my relationship with food has definitely changed. I am really finding that so exciting!!

  217. Haley says

    I’m on day 8 and pre Whole 30 I ate pretty well. I pretty much ate a Paleo lifestyle most of the time (maybe some froyo on the weekends). I’ve also completed a Whole 30 in the paste (few years ago) However, this time around for some reason I have had KILLER headaches since day 2. I didn’t really experience any other of the timeline symptoms except being tired. No cravings, I’m okay with the food (I do really miss wine!) But I feel like I have had awful headaches every day around 5 pm-bed time and now I’ve started to get them in the day as well. I just started taking ibuprofen or tylenol but it is not helping. Is this normal? Will this eventually go away? I’m starting to not be able to take it and it is affecting my work.

  218. Lara says

    Day 8, First week was rough psychologically, I was afraid I would not have enough food even thought I have planned and prepared for the week ahead. I was so used to having access to foods that I now classify as toxic. Bloating and belly discomfort since day 2, but I try and think of the biological changes that are occurring in my body and I re-read this list everyday. Taking it day by day.

  219. Lex says

    I’m on day 10 now and I’m feeling great! Reading about cravings though, made me laugh.
    For some crazy reason, I’m craving a hot dog topped with canned chilli and cheese wiz.
    I have NEVER ever before even thought of cheese in a can as something I would entertain as a food choice.
    lol I’ll stave it off though and stay on track.

    Day 10! Woohoo!

  220. Sharne says

    I’m on day 11 and the timeline is BANG on how I’m feeling today. All I can think of it cinnamon scrolls and Ice cold white wine. The first 10 days I felt amazing though, thankfully missed the headaches and fatigue!!

  221. Heidi says

    I only learned about Whole30 yesterday. It sounds great and I’m seriously considering trying it. I read the timeline and a lot of the comments right before going to bed last night, then had a food dream myself! I dreamed about gourmet Doritos baked with cheese, which is especially weird because I hate Doritos! I woke up thinking it was hilarious that the dreams have started before I’ve even gone on the program.

  222. Amy Meyer says

    I’m on day 14, and our church had communion today. Last week, I brought a coconut chip for the bread portion. In a rush, I forgot them today and took communion. My esophagus burned and my heart started to race immediately afterwards. Is that a sign of wheat allergy? I discovered they are 100% wheat. My stomach, mid back and intestines started to burn, spasm, bloat and throb about 3 hours later. Is it possible all this is from that small communion wafer? Just wondering as I have not been “diagnosed” as having a wheat allergy. It just all seems too coincidental. But I am really surprised that such a small amount could cause such a painful reaction when I used to eat it regularly in the past. Or do you think I am just detoxing some more? I’m curious if anyone else had a similar experience. Thanks.

  223. natahlie says

    Good morning everyone, yes I’m new to this whole 30, I’m on day 16 and waiting patiently for the energy boost :) I’ve always eaten very well, always cooking from scratch with lots of flavor… WOW!!! I didn’t think I would have to learn to cook all over again… I guess I was more of a butter, cheese kind of cook always with rice, potatoes or pasta (I miss pasta)….

    But surprinsingly I miss bread, which is funny because I usually don’t eat bread??? Any ideas why?

    This is DEFINETELY going to be my new way, I’m not saying I will never cheat, but OMG I feel so much better…

    I miss wine…. hmmmm wine! Last time I went more than 3 days without wine I was pregnant LOL! I don’t miss it has much as I thought, yes the first few days were hard, I had withdrawels, night sweat, nightmares, lack of sleep, but I’m sleeping better than I ever did… I LOVE THIS!!!!

    Thank you!!!

    • natahlie says

      Oh another thing I forgot to mention… I’m not a big eater, meaning I rarely have breakfast, no snack, a small lunch and asensible dinner. Now on the whole 30, I’m terrified of not having enough food, I always carry an hard boiled egg for my breakfast and nuts just in case. I am constantly thinking about food??? Is that normal?

  224. Christine Morrison says

    I am on day 4 — Other than being exhausted, i have loved this! I cut the bad snacking out no problem because I am a rule follower and I cannot wait to feel better, and have stepped up my otherwise pretty ingrained paleo food habits. Until tonight. I licked some icing off of a birthday cake. I could hide it because no one saw, but I will always know. I am devastated and wonder if this means I should start over…

    • says


      Technically you would need to start over, however all of this is entirely your own decision. We can make recommendations, but ultimately you always have to make the choice that you believe is best for you. Good luck with your Whole30!

  225. Jeff says

    Day 12 and moving into my second weekend! Weekends are the toughest but it is awesome to have friends who are also committed to Whole30. I have definitely hit these phases and one of my friends that is also participating wanted to quit on Day 11 but I sent him to this page. He survived. I have quit smoking, and am definitely slimming down. The cravings are outrageous, especially since we have had more pizza lunch seminars at work than ever in the past 2 weeks. I am staying strong and can’t wait for a beer come Colombus Day Weekend!! I will definitely be adding plenty of @Whole30Recipes to my diet.

  226. Liz says

    I’m on Day 20 and definitely not feeling any Tiger Blood. On the upside, I’m not “hungry” all the time like I once was and I am very comfortable with eating three well-rounded meals each day. I feel more confident that I am feeding my body in a healthy way and I am hopeful about my results. Still want that Tiger Blood and fat loss, though. :)

  227. Sid says

    I read about whole 30 at a web page for LPR sufferers, I have LPR since last 1 year and I am determined to get out of this. I have constant post nasal drip that burns my tongue and throat and have a while tongue. This pain is affecting my quality of life. But here I am all determined, I will post every day to keep me motivated. I know the journy is not easy bit its worth a reward.

    Day 1 – Had a smoothie (Spinach, Kale, Brocli, Lemon, Rasberry, Blueberry, salt), omlet

    Preparing chicken with onion & tomato and some Indian herbs.

    No clue what I’ll have for dinner :) may be fish ….

  228. Faye says

    My daughter, who is an avid athlete and benched because of an injury, challenged me to do the Whole 30 with her. My eating habits are not bad per se as for the most part I do eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and overall pretty healthy I think – although I, like most other people, have a tendency to use quick packaged foods when time is tight. This timeline has been very helpful!

    I have FSH muscular dystrophy. This is the most common form of MD yet (ironically) the one that most people have never heard of. It restricts my ability to raise my arms over my head and affects the larger trunk muscles. My balance is also affected. Strong physical exercise is not an option for me. Last year I learned that contrary to previous beliefs, muscles of an FSH patient could be strengthened so after winning a 3 month membership on a silent auction at a charity function I gave it a try. That was last November and in January I hired a trainer.

    What others can achieve in 2 weeks I am close to achieving in 10 to 12 weeks so the going is slow but with my mantra is that “I”m not yet where I want to be but I’m better than I was before!” …

    I accepted my daughter’s challenge hoping that it would give me more energy and maybe the added bonus of releasing me from a plateau I was sitting on for awhile. I took it a week at a time because I wasn’t sure what to expect and now we are on day 13!! I did not go into this thinking of everything I could not have but instead focused on what I could eat – like seafood and with exception of a couple small glitches – me not her – so far this is success … I do have more energy and it DID help me hop off the plateau .. I am basically living off seafood, eggs and greek salad (no feta) with homemade dressing. Very rarely do I have a sweet craving but if I do I have a date or make “chocolate banana mush” (hersey coco with mashed banana). Thank you for letting me tell my story :)

  229. Jennie says

    I’m on day 22 and my energy is still at an all time low! I want to crawl into bed at 2pm. Then I perk back up a little after dinner. I’m not sure what’s going on. I’ve increased my starchy veggies but that didn’t seem to help, although they were super yummy!

    Thanks. Jen

  230. Sarah says

    Hi all!

    I am doing my 2nd Whole 30. I did one in May right before vacation and all my symptoms were spot on with the timeline. I never worked out (aside from walking around the trails around my house with my son) and I loved the results and I felt great. No more headaches and my lower back didn’t ache. I lost 15lbs and was super happy. Now I am doing it again before the holidays and all the junk eating that comes along with those. I am going to step up my workout routine. I am only on day 2, but no hangover yet. Keep it up everybody!

  231. Marie says

    I have gluten and dairy intolerances that nearly ruined my life during my mid-thirties. So I had already learned to live without those, as well as a long-standing sensitivity to shellfish, and the last thing I found out was that dates really hurt me too. I kept experimenting with foods to find something that worked. Removing gluten and dairy (and dates, and never having shellfish) stabilized me, but didn’t improve me. I was mystified that I did not seem to heal, and I was always overweight despite being very active; hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, mountaineering. I could keep up with my skinny friends, but I never lost weight from being active.

    So a friend had gone paleo and I looked at it and thought “nahh, I’m pretty much already doing that.” Not to mention that having cut out ‘so much’ I was hypersensitive to the notion of cutting out anything else. I did research and started to suspect that my alcohol consumption (love love love the beverages) was keeping me fat and digestively broken. In the course of that, I came back across paleo, and out of nowhere bought Dianne Sanfillipo’s book “Practical Paleo” and was motivated to try it. This after years of tweaking diet and being really unmotivated to try anything else (Fuhrman’s “Eat to Live” came close, but I do not fare well as a vegan). I asked my husband (who never wanted to be GF with me) if he wanted to try paleo and to my surprise he did! I’ll call his version ‘Paleo Light’ because he’s one who can’t live without his coffee creamer or the occasional english muffin, and he loves rice.

    So I started paleo almost exactly one year ago. I also started a new job and made the commitment to myself that I wasn’t going to eat ANYTHING provided by coworkers, the snack bar, or the cafeteria on site. Just to absolve myself of the pain of problem-solving every item of food, I used to do a lot of “well just this time” and suffered for it. I think I also had to break myself away from the social eating scenario. Doesn’t mean I don’t still value the camaraderie of food with friends or coworkers or family, but I needed to reset that as well. I can’t tell you how much that helped me–with my intolerances I get so tired of explaining the whole thing to people or waiters and they can have the best intentions in the world but without experiencing extreme pain like I do from gluten, rashes and bloating from dairy, how could they be expected to know that the flour dusting on the steak was a big deal? So it was almost liberating to just establish to the world that I would happily hang out with everyone, but don’t shove the food on me.

    Then, the weight started coming off. Flaked off 35 pounds without being hungry. Felt great. Stopping the alcohol really made a difference. Again, not a ‘never again’ scenario. In Feb I stalled in weight loss because I couldn’t resist hitting up the merlot during apres ski. So I stayed on a plateau from Feb until July because I was still having the booze, and I got a little liberal with the paleo-friendly sugars, and some SWYPO foods (which having my pants on doesn’t bother me…it’s been so long since I had real pizza that paleomg girl’s 5 ingredient spaghetti pizza bake tastes awesome.)

    But so I started a Whole30 in August. I went through all the stages and was feeling awesome until a mountain biking trip. My friends and I stumbled across a mountain music festival, everyone dancing with their beers in hand. I held out during that, but when we got back to the condo, totally dove into the wine others brought. That was day 11! Like clockwork. I proceeded to drink liberally for the next 4 days but amazingly stayed true on the food, didn’t submit to the crunchy salty craving…I actually felt ok. But so I restarted, back at Day 1, after I got it out of my system.

    Today is Day 31. As predicted, I feel a little chagrined that it’s over because the weight started coming off again just this last 2 weeks, 5 lbs. I could probably reasonably lose 8 more pounds but losing 15 or 20 would be on the ridiculous side for my activity level. So now that it’s coming off, I want to ride it out a little farther…the crux is that my birthday is coming up and my dad got me new wine glasses for my birthday. If I could just do one day instead of going off the rails for days…it takes so much determination to stay with it for 30 days that it seems a shame to lose the momentum…but since I am close to the high end of my goal weight, I don’t want to sit and obsess over it…so what to do…

    Here’s what happened to me though; between getting off gluten and dairy, going paleo, and doing a Whole30: hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, acid reflux, stomach pain, and rashes are all gone. My cholesterol went down (and the good HDL is way up). I was teetering on the low edge of borderline for diabetes, now I am way below the danger zone. my nutrient absorption was always jacked up despite my overweight size and I often had immune system reactions measurable in my blood. Both fixed. I used to have seasonal allergies, and exercise induced asthma during allergy season. both totally gone. I used to get migraines…haven’t had a migraine in years. My throat was covered with teensy skin tags (like reading braille), and it’s smooth now. I used to be hungry, really truly hungry most of the time and I didn’t fill up no matter how slowly I ate or how much water I drank. It was so liberating not to feel driven by food…I can skip a meal now without my blood sugar going nuts. For years I’ve eaten healthy in terms of lots of vegetables, organic meats and produce, minimal processed food, and not a big sugar junkie…but now in retrospect, I had those alternate grains (rice, corn, quinoa, millet), legumes, and my own version of processed foods. Getting out of the grocery store aisles, now when we shop we get maybe 5 items from the aisles (coffee, canned coconut milk, herbal tea, and sparkling water…) I didn’t eat much sugar in terms of treats, but even a lot of my paleo recipes had honey or maple syrup in them, it really made a difference to cut that stuff out!

    I also quit coffee during my whole30. Another slightly unhealthy relationship that I wanted to reset. I have never been a morning person, EVER, and now I find myself waking up just before the sun rises. I always called myself ‘anti-circadian.’ But maybe it was just because I was out of balance.

    Miracles aside, I will say for sure that I have suffered during paleo and Whole30. I have this weird instinct that all the toxic things that built up over the years and got stored in my fat is being released as the fat gets burned. No migraines, but I’ve had more than a few wicked sinus headaches. I admit I resorted to advil or Nyquil sinus once or twice (but during the first false start, not the second attempt.) I have been faithful with my neti pot and that helps. some warts cropped up, which I have never had, but ok, whatever. I also had a brief stint where I kept getting a cold sore on my mouth. I had tired days and grumpy days, and definite days with cravings, wine more than anything.

    So it says something that at day 31, when I am fully legit to have wine, that all that…the transformation, the work, the way I feel right now, is actually giving ME pause about drinking. I am even planning to try putting water in my wine when I finally do have some (I heard the aromas are improved and that makes your brain like the taste even more, despite the watering down…)

    So…This is HUGE, and long, but so is the transition I went through. I am trying to really get my mother to stop dairy because she has suffered from gunk in the nose and throat daily for years–she even gets up at 2 a.m. to blow her nose, make tea, use the neti pot, before she can go back to bed. She gets it, wants to try it, but can’t seem to get all the way there. She’s read “It Starts With Food” but then her friends made some kind of custard… I showed her the part that says “drinking your coffee black.Is.Not.Hard.” Well, she beat cancer, and she birthed babies, and she says “it IS hard!”

    So congratulations to everyone who’s made it and knows the value of doing it more than once! Good luck to you who are trying it…even if your life was not miserable before, you will get benefits you really didn’t expect at all, and you will feel amazing for fulfilling a promise to yourself. Thank you Melissa and Dallas, et. al. for really organizing this information and putting it out there in plain English.

    Whole is the Real Deal. can I get a hallelujah?


  232. Cynthia Villanueva says

    I am on day 3 and I have a pounding headache as we speak. I had a breakdown this morning and emotions are running high, but I understand Im in detox mode from all the bad things (and they were very unhealthy choices) I chose to eat. Im fully committed and Im hanging in there. Glad to see what I could be in store for as the days go by,

  233. Courtney Karr says

    I’m really glad I found this timeline! I’m on day 3 and my head has felt like it was going to explode since yesterday. I took my hair out of a ponytail, drank some tea, turned the lights off and even took some ibuprofen- nothing has worked! I thought something was wrong. Now, I will try and wait it out a couple more days.

  234. Melissa S. says

    I’m on day 21 and finally starting to feel the ‘tigers blood’ energy levels. (Love it!!) I have a question though. I’ve never been one to get heartburn more than once a month, but since being on the Whole 30 program I’ve had heartburn almost every day. Do you know if this is normal?

  235. Xayde says

    I am on day 6 feeling sleepy and weak at times, but then I get a rush of energy at times… is that normal? Can you take probiotics while on this diet?????

    • Xayde says

      I appreciate your Apply! Just finished watching the documentry “Fed Up” I recommend you and everyone on here to check it out! It’s about child obesity and the problems that plague America. Added sugar is the enemy! That just gives me more motivation to do this diet and to help my family change their eating habits! Thank you again whole30 team!

  236. says

    LOVE this! So incredibly helpful to have my thoughts, feelings, and physical reactions validated. I’m on Day 21 and I literally laughed at loud. You nailed it. It made me feel better just knowing that my feelings of “I’m SO over this!” are normal. Although I would love to have Bobby Flay come cook for me. That’s the other thing that I think would be important to add … even though I LOVE TO COOK, yes I’ll say it again, I LOVE TO COOK. I am feeling totally over it in cooking Whole30. I feel bad saying that and I’m sure in a few days I’ll feel differently according to the timeline, but I can’t wait to get back to the freedom of using some “restricted” ingredients. Okay, I admitted it. Now, enough with the whining … I am going to stick with this. Quitting is not an option! And I am feeling SO much better! So that is what I keep focusing on. Thank you again so much!

  237. says

    Wow, so glad I’m not the only one getting a headache on Day 3! I wasn’t sure what was going on, but after reading this I can see it’s pretty normal. And it all makes sense. Nice timeline, btw!

  238. Kim S. says

    Day 8 for me and I feel awesome (sort of).

    But let me start by saying I read this whole website twice and researched the program elsewhere and have a friends with medical/nutritional backgrounds I can bother with my process (lol). And when I went to bed on Day 5 with Tiger Eyes (I told my friend who had just finished her first Whole30 that it wasn’t Tiger Blood because I hadn’t gotten that far yet, but I was just so pumped that I was finally making a decision for my health and not just my waistline), I thought back to this timeline.

    No headaches. No contemplation of murder. Nothing. I was fine.

    Then I sort of freaked out: “OMG! I missed something… I’m doing it wrong! What label did I miss!” I hadn’t eaten out, I’d been making all my food and let my family know exactly what I was doing. I was super super careful!

    We (my then-fiance and I) had done Atkins a few years back and got hit real bad with a case of Days 2-5; we were like that for a month and a half then quit. I was expecting the same thing this time around.

    I told this to my W30 friend, who laughed at me reassured me that everybody’s different and it could mean any number of things, like our diet is way better than it was pre-Atkins, or my body’s just processing differently, which is okay. “Besides,” she continued, “are you actually telling me you WANT a killer headache?!”

    I’m still excited to get to the end, not for the lifting of restrictions, but for the feeling of acomplishment. Not because I can step on a scale and see how I’ve done, but because I’ll know how I’ve done well before I read that number (if it even changes). I’m loving my food, and the best part is it’s REAL food and it tastes WAY better than any of the other crap I could be shoving in my face. And I’m loving the questions I get from the family (Why can’t you have..? What about..? Why are you doing this again?) because I feel like I’m encouraging them to take better care of themselves, too.

    Before finding Whole 30, I never thought about the fact that food could be bad for me. I always thought of food in terms of whether it would make me fat/unhealthy. But now I see it differently. Some foods might not be generally unhealthy, but they might not be the best thing for my body, and that’s what I’m hoping to learn at the end of this.

    I have so much more to say, but I’ll save it for Day 31. For now I’ll just finish up with a thank you to Dallas and Melissa for actually being visible in the comments and so active and caring and all around wonderful.

    And I’m now proud to report that I am back on the timeline and squarely on Day 8… If I could get away with it I’d be napping under my desk… =]

  239. Jennifer says

    So, it’s day 6 for me, first time on Whole30. I really, really, really wanted to quit on day 4. Thankfully my husband is doing this with me and was a GREAT support to keep me on track. I have experienced a lot of the typical, more negative symptoms (headache, carb-flu), but I have also had some surprising effects. I feel like I am more grounded? More patient? More balanced? I know it sounds crazy, but I am normally wound pretty tight and I feel a little more relaxed than usual. I have know for a long time that I have an unhealthy relationship with sugar which was my main motivation for doing Whole30. Of course, the thought of weight loss and clothes fitting better are also quite appealing. At this point, I am really not sure what my “end game” as after this 30 days, but trying to just take it one day, one meal at a time. Celebrating small success (like passing up birthday cake yesterday….SO hard for me) and staying faithful to the plan.

  240. Sophie McGhee says

    I’m on day 3 and the hangover has kicked in with vengeance! I hope this phase doesn’t last too long for me. In a weird way though I don’t mind it, its letting me know that the program is working and that im de-toxifying, that’s definitely not a bad thing. Staying strong!

  241. Shawn says

    Halfway through day 2 of my first whole 30 and the headache has arrived though it’s head, neck, jaw… well, this too shall pass and so will the toxins I’ve been collecting for the past 45 years.

  242. Chrissy says

    I’m on my third whole30. First one about a year ago wasn’t so successful, I had a few cheats and one night of drinking. Although it wasn’t perfect, my habits and diet changed immensely following that. My second one was about 6 months later and I was skeptical but it was perfect and I felt pretty good. Again, my diet and relationship with food improved. Fast forward to today, I’m on day 20 of my third and I’m flying high! Major tiger blood. I’m pr’ing everything, sleeping great, and my energy is amazing. I think tiger blood hit about day 12. I have stomach and acid reflux issues. About 10 days in they went away which has been great. I can’t stop raving about whole30! It’s changed my life and my relationship with food. After struggling with eating disorders for my teens and twenties, I feel like I’m going to enter my thirties, and hopefully a pregnancy, having a healthy relationship with food.

  243. Bonnie says

    The link in the last post about how to handle after the day 30 is broken; I get a message page no longer exists.

  244. Daniel says

    Well I am halfway through Day 30 and am doing it easy (this time). I am still experiencing some joint discomfort so I am going to eilinate eggs, tomatoes, seeds, nuts and nightshades for an additional 30 to 60 days to see if I hae AI dramas causing this.

    So far this program has helped me break a self desructive cycle with alcohol, shed 35 pounds (35 still to go) and to drastically improve my overall outlook on life.\

    One thing I fin starange however is that I am still struggling to drag myself out of bed before 7:00am regardless of what time I go to bed. Before Whole 30 I would be up at 5:00am without fail even with only 3 or 4 hours sleep. Any thoughts on what could be causing this?

  245. Jenny says

    I am on day 27, this has been really hard but very rewarding! My boyfriend was doing it with me and quit on day 25. That was probably the worst day for me, seeing him order chowder and a beer at lunch but I decided to stick with it. I am very excited for a glass of champagne on day 31 after my road race! This is a remarkable program with lots of support/advice out there on the web. Your timeline has save me more than once! I have learned a great deal about my body, my habits and my food crutches through this 30 days. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF IT, the good and bad days!

  246. Aaron says

    Day 2 for my wife and I…I woke up with the worst headache I’ve ever had in my entire life (including through all of my college years). My wife isn’t feeling anything yet and I think I’m having the hangover and kill all things at the same time in Day 2 since I wanted to kill her for not being miserable like I am.

    We started on a Wednesday so that our Days 4-5 were on a weekend when we can help each other at home and not be week.

    I can’t wait to feel the benefits of it. We eat healthy and work out but there are a few bad habits we are both hoping to kick with Whole30. Glad we found the program.

  247. Ryan says

    Day 4 for me, and feeling the carb flu. Have had a headache the past two days, powering through it though by drinking lots of water and eating right. Days 2-3 I felt like my body (to put it nicely) purged a bit….

  248. Nick says

    So I have a question and a comment. First the comment, I’m on day 29 and did not experience any “tiger blood” or anything similar. Granted, I feel good and clear, but not much more than at other times pre-Whole30. That said, I’ve lost about 12 lbs and am surprised how I’ve been able to operate on such little calories. I can see myself doing this again for the sole reason of challenging myself (like running marathon).

    I’m now looking forward to this being over and getting some of my food-freedom back. In looking at what I’ll be reintroducing into my body over the next few weeks, I imagine I’ll feel certain negative effects. But how am I suppose to differentiate this from any negative effects I felt in the first two-weeks of Whole30? How can I be confident that the negative effects of Whole30 in the first two weeks were “good” and just my body getting rid of toxins (as opposed to just adjusting to a radical new diet) and the negative effects of dairy / grains / etc. in the first few weeks of reintroduction are “bad” and my body adversely reacting to those foods (as opposed to just, again, adjusting to a radical new diet)? It seems a little bit like circular reasoning to me.

  249. Alicia says

    Just finished day 1 and I have the worst headache ever. I think the hardest part for me will be the no Diet Coke… I know what this headache is from and know exactly how to cure it, but I’m not giving in!!

    • Acjones71 says

      When did your headaches finally end? Starting my first W30 in the New Year, already eat paleo, but having trouble kicking Diet Coke. Have tried before, know about the headaches.

    • Delilah says

      My headaches days 2-5 were almost crippling. I started on Jan 1st so it would be easy to count days. So I’m on day 8 and my head has been totally fine the last three days. I did find that keeping a steady water consumption all day helped my head immensely. I like to take a 100 oz jug and mark lines for each hour to keep the consumption even.

  250. Rebecca says

    I’m on day 16 and am trying to train for a 5k. My muscles are sore and achy all over while I’m running, even though I’m running at a slow pace that i have always run with no problems prior to whole30. I incorporate sweet potatoes and root vegetables into my meals every day in order to get enough good energy carbs. What could be the issue here? I’m ready to give up so I can exercise normally again.

    • Acjones71 says

      When did your headaches from giving up Diet Coke finally end? Just starting my first W30 on the New Year, already eat paleo, just haven’t been able to kick the Diet Coke, but have tried before & know about the headaches. Just want to know approximately how long you had them.

  251. says

    I’ve read this page dozens of times and I FINALLY made the commitment to do a Whole30 – no excuses. I’m on Day 4 and wanted to come back and see what “normal” stage I was in. I was mentioning to a co-worker this morning that I thought it was Kill All The Things – and I was right. However, it’s incredibly mild. It’s more like I’m Irritated By All The Things. I guess that’s good news, right?

    I am wondering, though, why my reactions to the first few days aren’t as strong as I anticipated (or feared) they would be. I hope that doesn’t mean the Tiger’s Blood phase is going to be more like Kitty’s Blood and that I’ll dream about Whole30 compliant food. I do find that I’m already bored with Whole30 compliant meals, so I guess the time to start getting creative has come sooner for me. 26 days is a long time to go when I’m already bored with the menu. :)

    I don’t know what I was thinking, starting a Whole30 in November – seriously, Thanksgiving is going to be a nightmare!

  252. Rachel says

    Hi! I’m finishing up day 6 and I am so incredibly bloated!! I’m nervous that I’m putting on weight.. I haven’t been able to exercise this week because I’ve been so busy at university. Will this phase pass??

  253. Bizza says

    Day 5 for me, and ugh, battling serious nausea, bloating and running to the toilet every half hour. Not pleasant! I keep telling myself it’s all the nasties exiting the building.

    Other than that I’ve been a bit headachey and had a mammoth 11 hour sleep the other night, but I can see glimmers of the good feelings that may be coming my way – it’s easier to get up in the morning, I don’t feel as anxious – maybe it’s all in my head so far but I’m not arguing!

  254. Tamra says

    Thank you for this entire program. From the bottom of my heart, I am so appreciative and grateful that I found this.

    My story: It has taken me about one year to finally do the “Pure Paleo”, just quietly adapted to taking away wheat, grains, beans, etc. On October 8th I decided to do everything except for my Chai Latte in the morning with the goal of “pure Paleo” on November 5th. I am now on the 10th day and doing very good, except for the pain in my muscles, joints, and bones. Since November 5th (and giving up the dairy/sugar), being extremely true to the ME, I have been hurting. I rub magnesium oil on my belly, take all my supplements, drink LOTS of water (almost one gallon each day) and get plenty of fat/protein/veggies.

    Is there something more that I should do, or is this typical? I am 55 years young and walking every day about 5 miles – very healthy anyway, except for on the insides. Thank you again!!

  255. Barb says

    The above was pretty bang on!! Except, I never really had that big energy boost.
    The BIGGEST benefit for me was my achy bones and joints aren’t so achy any more.
    If I would get busy and sit at my desk for a few hours, I would get up from my chair crippled. Now I just get up and I am not in bent over like I’m walking on egg shells.

    The boredom with food was dead on. I would be like … ugh, I would just rather not eat.

    All and all, my Whole 30 is up tomorrow and I just made it through Thanksgiving with just the slightest of cheats. I know no cheat is good, but this has been extremely successful for me!

    If I can do it … ANYONE can do it!!
    Prepare – plan – cook and prepare more – Stay ahead of the cooking curve – SUCCESS

  256. says

    Day 10 and I have experienced no kill all things, tired or other adverse effects in the ‘early days’ of my Whole30; hope to get the ‘Tiger Blood’ feeling though. I am elated that my blood sugar has ‘stabilized’ consistently, am due for lab tests and waiting to be closer to day 30 for that.

    I began my WH30 on the day before Thanksgiving and my 30th is Xmas Day; I thought “Why not”? I had been in ‘holiday’ eating mode for about a month already; in the Fall, that means I start on the egg nog and pecan pie; in fact, some days that’s all I ate, 2-3X a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And my ‘concerned’ housemate brought back a pie and egg nog for me several Xs weekly, despite knowing I was ‘struggling’ to get my sugars down; I rarely shop myself.

    Day 9 I ‘thought’ a lot about the egg nog but have had no food dreams.

    One thing that saves me is I actually like broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, spinach and many foods others complain about. The only thing is I love beans and corn bread, buttermilk and corn bread, and liked a really big plate of food and Rite Aid ice cream regularly! Did I mention I love beans, dried beans, not string beans!

    Eating paleo, I absolutely love that I am not hungry between meals. A couple of days, I didn’t want lunch or dinner–a first for me (I’d lost weight over 2 years on a schedule eating 6 small meals daily), then regained all but 11# over the next two years once back to my old habits. I really believe eating the paleo way is resetting my system and I hope to stay as clean eating as I’m able to after the 30 days.

    I pray this is the answer I’ve searched for, for so long. I can only keep walking; I keep uppermost in my mind that the days WILL pass whether I do this or not and that things cannot change unless I change what I’m doing.

    Thanks, everyone, for your inputs And ‘keep on keeping on’.

  257. Heather says

    Very excited to try this program currently feeling completely disappointed.
    Day 15: no tiger blood. No weight decrease that I can tell. No improved sleep. No high energy. No explosive workouts. After two weeks and I feel the same. Thoughts on this? I’ve also liked cooking so I enjoy making meals mostly.

    Perhaps my expectations were too high

    Prior to the whole 30 I had lost about 15lbs over the last 6 months. Slow going so I thought jump starting my diet again would help


    • Jenny Fredette says

      I personally never got a tiger blood stage and although I lost a little weight I felt like the internal advantages outweighed the external I was looking for. Hopefully there is something in your skin, stomach or internally that is better off. And wait till you take measurements. Sometimes the scale just doesn’t see it! Keep going you are halfway there!!

  258. Kari says

    I’m currently on day 2 and feel like I did during the 1st trimester of pregnancy…nauseated, fatigued, bloated. I will feel full one minute and hungry 15 minutes later! Lots of chicken, veggies in coconut curry sauce I made, and eggs so far. I find myself snacking a lot on fruit. Maybe too much? I do pretty hard workouts 5 x per week so I’m always hungry. Is it ok to do more like 6 small meals a day? I’m definitely in detox sugar mode and I don’t want to screw it up with too much fruit !

  259. Amanda Frison says

    I am so happy I found this timeline. I am on day 4, but I am still having major headaches and extreme fatigue! But I am definitely a food addict and this is one of the strictest diets I have attempted to break my food addiction. So I expected it to be difficult and take longer to get through the detox of it! I did find the timeline to be hilarious. Right before finding it, I was explaining to my husband the desire I had to punch him in the face for absolutely no reason! I needed the laugh and needed to know this normal! Thanks for this!

  260. Shannon says

    I’m on day two, and the “hangover” is no joke. I’m so nauseated that the thought of food at all is off-putting and I just want to sleep! My husband and I are doing the program together, so let’s hope we survive the “kill all the things stage”! Lol

  261. Savannah says

    Okay, so I know you aren’t supposed to weigh during the program. But I’m on Day 5 and didn’t weigh the day before starting, so I wanted to get a good idea of where I was. I weighed this morning and it’s the most I’ve EVER weighed, when when I was eating junk! Is this normal? I thought this wasn’t supposed to happen until days 8-9? I was feeling really good on the program, but now I’m a little discouraged.

  262. Laura S. says

    Day 5-6…..I just want to enjoy my coffee phase. I’ve tried coconut milk, vanilla beans, coconut cream, ghee, you name it. Blah…..I haven’t gotten over the creamy an sweet deliciousness that WAS my morning coffee. And I never even liked the artificial garbage either! Just plain old organic half and half and some unrefined organic sugar or stevia was my go to….amazing how hard it is to give up that one routine item!

    • Karen says

      I’ve said many times over these past 10 days….”I’m so glad I drink my coffee black.” It has been my comfort food.

      I hope you can find a suitable substitute.

  263. Ann says

    Just finished Day 5 and nearly fell asleep at my desk, and there was no way I could go for a run after work. I have had “energy spurts” come and go since I started. I have also decided that I am going to have to remove nuts from my apartment. I clearly abuse them. I am sticking with the plan. I have felt better in the last 5 days than I have in the last 5 months. Extreme tiredness does come and go though… hopefully will be gone soon. Good luck to everyone! We are all already successes for trying to improve our lives!

  264. Lindsay says

    Day 6, today and spot on! I woke up with energy, but haven’t been able to shake the Z’s all day. I’m not overweight, but I have always had an emotional relationship with food. Needless to say, we’ve had a number of mini-disasters including a large water damage in our home on day 3. The restoration was handled wonderfully, but after finding out that in order to fix the problem, we would have sleeve or reroute the plumbing in the entire house (and the expenses along with it), I was VERY tempted to give up immediately – wine and chocolate which had already been calling my name were now yelling it. Instead, I went to spin class. It’s only day 6, but I feel like Whole30 has given me so much already. Clarity and peace of mind!

    • Ann says

      Lindsay – Good for you for sticking it out through a super stressful event – nice job!!
      I am just finishing Day # 6 myself. I noticed my skin looked better than usual today – excited to start seeing more improvements!

  265. Charmaine says

    Getting through day 4 as we speak and had drag myself out bed this morning. Felt better after some burpees and body weight exercises, but now that I’m at my desk my eyes are drooping, I can’t concentrate and I’m feeling really irritable.

    This to shall pass I realise, just wish it’d come sooner.

  266. Bryan says

    I am on day 8 and i feel great, mind is wandering a bit but my abs are peaking through. My fiance approached me with this idea 2 months ago ( I chuckled over some string cheese). We cut out the majority of bad stuff in our diet in December which has helped up breeze through the first 7 days. I am a cancer survivor and I think this should of been the first prescription i received from the Dr. I have done the paleo and zone diets here and there, but this has truly opened my eyes to what i should be putting in my body. We are only doing organic meat, veggies and few raw nuts (I.E almonds and Macadamia) and limited fruits, and we discovered Ghee. We get majority of recipes from your instagram and its followers and our nomnom book we just bought. We love it, just cant wait to celebrate the personal accomplishment and the life long changes to come.

    Thanks Whole30,

  267. says

    Second time doing this…and I was wondering why I feel off…great 2 weeks off…ate some crap…and knew time to return..sugar gets me…no stress with alcholo..it’s sugar..which wine thrives on…this timeline nails me…organic cashews no salt..l love you..

  268. Ann says

    Today is Day # 8 for me and I had to come back and comment that I had the food dream last night! LOL. I totally dismissed it when I saw it on the timeline thinking that it probably doesn’t happen to everyone, but I dreamt that I ate a Chick-fil-a sandwich (I have always loved that place) but I felt like a terrible failure afterwards in my dream. Just goes to show… imagine how bad I would feel if I cheated in real life??
    For anyone curious… so far I have noticed the following benefits:
    1. For the last 3 days I haven’t needed my alarm to wake up in time for work
    2. I can go several hours without eating and feel totally fine (previously I could barely make 2 hours without a nibble on something…)
    3. I am actually getting better at cooking and even LIKING it!
    4. More energy for sure – judging by my super clean apartment :)

    Thanks Whole 30!

  269. John says

    Hey all,

    I was wondering is it normal to be on Day 5 but feel more like the Day 8 – 9? I did a caffeine cleanse prior to starting my Whole30 so i wouldn’t have the withdrawal on top of it all. I was wondering why I feel like I’m closer to “Day 8 or 9″ and not Day 5?

    • Karen says

      Caffeine is what is keeping my mornings semi-normal. I’m a black coffee drinker, and for me to take away grains, sugars AND coffee would have been a killer. I do notice I’m probably drinking a cup more coffee than I was previously. But in a 6 month span prior to this I went from a two pot of coffee day down to about 24 ounces. I consider that a success. As for this timeline of emotions, I find I’m delayed by a couple of days. You seem to be ahead of schedule. (Thank goodness I have seemed to skip over the headache days!)

    • Ann says

      Hi John – I am certainly no expert (only on Day 9 myself) but if i had to guess, I bet you feel “ahead of schedule” because maybe your eating habits weren’t horrible to begin with. I feel really bad for the people who started doing this after having pizza and soda all the time – it would really be hard for them! But if you weren’t eating like that beforehand, you are likely ahead of the game so you feel that way too?!
      That is just my very uneducated (but seemingly logical) guess. Good luck to you, sir!

  270. Karen says

    Day 10 and feeling pretty darn good. I’ve been through a few of these emotions, and I won’t lie…I did take out the scale on day 6! I HAD to see if I was losing anything for all this work. I had lost a few already and that gave me motivation to continue. I found RX protein bars that are keeping me going. I dislike eggs so breakfast has been a chore for me. But these bars are making it manageable. Chicken soup in the crock pot for game time today. Life is good. Health is getting better. Have a great day everyone.

  271. says

    I have been following the program and loving it. I’m on day 7 and I like how I feel. I make up my meal plans for the week on Sunday. Things are going good but I’m concern there going to good. Outside of feeling tired in the beginning, I’ve not had any other side effects. Which I usually get when I start eating healthy. Is something wrong?

  272. Paul says

    This timeline is pretty much spot on for me. A tremendous help, indeed. I could not help but laugh when I read the part about binging right before starting the whole30 plan.
    I seriously went on a binge and had cookies, pizza, fried foods, and a ton of Jim Beam and coke the weekend before I started. Ouch!!
    We are now on day nine- I would say day 8 was the a day of bloat, sleepiness, and diareah(sorry, but it’s truth). We are not too far into day 9 yet so I have not had the pleasure of seeing what it brings, but now I know what to look for.
    Before starting whole 30 I had big plans to do whole 30 and workout at least 3 days a week. Day 1 I injured my upper back lifting, so I have not been able to workout at all to this point. I was hoping to see the benefit of the program and workouts combined, but looking at it now, maybe the injury was a blessing in disguise… Allowing my body time to adjust before killing it with WODS.
    Hoping to return to the gym next week and combine the two from this point on… We shall see.
    Thanks for posting this article to help us better understand what the future holds and why.

  273. says

    I only found out about the Whole30 yesterday and I’m reading everything before I make a start in a couple of weeks and as I started reading your day two timeline and saw the mention of jellybeans I remembered I have a packet of jelly beans in a drawer – you know the funny thing is I’ve been eating these and jelly lollies for years saying that they don’t have any fat in them so they are ok to eat – having only recently discovered that its actually the sugar that makes you fat rather than the fat – which is why I’m overweight even though I don’t eat much fat but I’ve discovered I eat a shit load of sugar !! so I’ve just pulled out that packet of jelly beans (yes I’ll probably finish them off – but I’ll enjoy them for the last time !!) and for the first time read the label – eeeep 96 grams of sugar in the 150 gram packet – 96 grams OMG !! but the funniest thing is that I pick up a packet from our local chemist (pharmacy ? – I’m australian and our chemists are supposedly good health places) whenever I get a script for inflammation filled – bells ringing loud and clear now !! thanks so much for providing all this amazing information for free ! Looking forward to trying out the Whole30 !

  274. Heidi says

    I’m on Day 12 of my first Whole 30. Everything is going fine. I have not experienced the problems listed on the timeline – I hope that doesn’t mean I also won’t experience the increased energy! My main effect is that I feel fine after eating – I haven’t felt “yucky” the way I sometimes do after eating bread, cheese, etc.

    The one negative thing is that my normally barely-noticeable period actually was noticeable this month. My breasts were more sore and I had mild cramps, which I rarely experience now that I’ve been on The Pill for so long. Perhaps chocolate usually masks these symptoms?

    • says

      Heidi, maybe the bad stuff DID mask the symptoms of feeling yucky from a period! I was on Day 4 of the W30 when mine started last week – I’m on the pill too, and it was barely noticeable but I did have horrible cramps for the first day, which NEVER happens. I suppose the temporary pain was better than having crappy food in us :)

  275. says

    I’m on Day 7! All the compliant recipes and meal ideas I’m finding are FANTASTIC so far but all the prep is so tiring lol. I’m also exhausted and finding it hard to focus. I did lose 2 lbs in the first week and feel completely de-puffed so that’s motivation to just keep going!

    • Ann says

      Hi Jessica – I am on Day 12 and I promise you it will get easier. I have found some chili/curry/burger recipes that have made it fun. Sounds like you are good and motivated! Awesome!

  276. juli says

    I am on day 14. I have been surprised at how well I have been able to stick to the program without flipping out. Surprisingly by day 4 I had noticeably increased energy and was not getting tired throughout the day. But since yesterday I am having a lot of stomach pain and some bloating. I have IBS and I felt like it was improving during days 4-10 but now I feel really sick and exhausted again. Any recommendations? Is this likely to go away? I already take align probiotic and magnesium (calm drink) to help my stomach.

  277. Zack Gober says

    It’s Day 4 for me and my body feels like it’s burning fat but my mind is firing 1 neuron per hour. Feeling pretty slow and tired today — could use a massive nap. Hoping this will turn around soon and staying strong!

  278. says

    So, I’m on Day 11 of the Whole30, and I’m a little…confused? Aside from craving chocolate chip pancakes with a passion (which I never even liked that much before), I haven’t really experienced many of the things listed here, even the hangover phase. I just feel…normal. This isn’t supposed to be some “look at me I am great at this” humblebrag; I’m mostly concerned that I’m doing something wrong. Or does this happen to other people too?

    • Banzai42 says

      Hi Andi, I am another person who experiences the same…no-so-much-effects-after-all. Today is Day 15 for me. 1st week wasn’t as bad as expected from what I read here and there. My pants feel a little looser, but I have sooooo much to go regarding weight loss that I try not to focus on that (I did take my scale to a secure place so I wouldn’t be tempted). I learn a lot about prepping food, taste and spices, it’s time consuming but also rewarding. I am now focusing on getting to better portions… bad habits die hard, but in this 2nd half it’s my goal to reduce to more “normal” my food intake. I get to bed earlier (I don’t fight sleep anymore), I always get up without my alarm clock but I would love to curl up under my desk for a 20 mn nap! I’m with Zach on that one!

  279. Karen says

    Question: I don’t feel as though I’m getting enough calcium because of the no dairy rule. Is it ok to take a multi-vitamin such as Alive! or Women’s Centrum? I’m on day 16 and still going strong.

  280. Taryn says

    Andi, I’m with you– I’m on day 12 and haven’t experienced ANY of the symptoms described here (aside from craving cake and having one dream about peanut butter, but that’s not unusual for me!) It almost feels like I’m not doing something right. I feel better, as I’m doing this to try and find the source of chronic stomach pain, but I didn’t have the hangover/irritable/flu symptoms.

    Hopefully we still get to experience the “Tiger Blood” portion.

  281. Tessa says

    Hi there,

    I’m on day 6 and I’m still waking up feeling like I drank 3 bottles of wine last night… Is that normal?

  282. Amanda says

    I am on day 20, and I feel very confident that I am doing the whole 30 to the letter. No tiger energy, and mostly feel bloaty every time I eat, no matter what I eat, or how it is cooked. My BM’s are pittiful, and have constant stomach ache, and my breast have been extremely tender since around day 3 or 4 till now. I do sleep pretty good, but absolutely DO NOT want to get out of bed. I have been mostly cranky and irritable during the whole time. Not many headaches, but lots and lots and lots of unusual body aches. I considered myself to be relatively healthy going in this, and was gung ho since day one. I do not have any chronic illness, and rarely get sick at all. I haven’t had to many food craving, but really wish I could eat a mint or chew bubble gum just so that I can have fresh breath. I have researched every ingredient that comes across my path just to make sure it is whole 30 approved or not, and can read a food label like a boss. I have experimented with recipes and dips. One of things that has improved is my skin seems to have less break outs, and my hair is doing better than it has in a while. I am sticking with it, and at this point see that making a whole 45 or 60 may be in the cards for me if I don’t start to feel better.. I just want to feel better! I have documented my daily struggles so that I can go back and recap to see if I’m missing something.

    • Chad says

      I’m on day 26 and in a similar situation. No Tiger Blood, though I am leaner than I was when I started. Sort of frustrating to be so restricted in what I eat but not feel like I’m seeing any benefits and having a major brain fog. I’ve nearly quit whole 30 a couple of times because of how it impacts my mental prowess at work.

  283. Jeff says

    I’m on Day 23 and still don’t feel any different than I did before this. I’m bored with the food I’m eating, I still crave all the food I can’t eat, I’m cranky, tired, and I don’t think I’ve lost any weight. I’m not going to give up because I’m only 7 days away from finishing it, but I feel like this has been a torturous process for no benefit. Do some folks just not really feel the results of the Whole30 or am I crazy?

    • Chad says

      I’m on day 29 and feel exactly the same way! I have been exhausted and cranky for nearly the entire process! I had a day or two around day 10 where I felt close to my pre-whole30 normal, but other than that, this has been a miserable experience. I’m going to stick it out for the reintroduction process, then I will be done with this misery!

    • Karen says

      Day 25….My jeans don’t fit any better than they did Day 1! But I’m sticking with it because I know my insides MUST be healthier even if I can’t see it happening.

  284. Karen says

    30 days complete. Benefits….well, I know I was eating healthier. There must be benefits not seen there somewhere. As for what I was hoping for, I lost 14 pounds according to my scale, but according to my jeans, I may have lost only a pound or two tops. I had no “rush” of energy at any time during this entire process. So in my books, an epic fail. I need to try something else that may give me some energy and/or more sightly weight loss.

  285. Barnabas says

    9 days to go.

    I just don’t get it. I don’t feel that much better. There’s been no “magic” energy appearing out of nowhere. I’m a cyclist and am finding it very difficult to be on this diet and cycle. I bonk at 40 miles or so. So the lack of my normal exercise routine is affecting me negatively.

    And I am definitely tired and bored with the food selections.

    I’m going to do this because I committed to do so with my wife. But I’m not sure I’d go through it again.


    • Barnabas says

      Oh – and I’m also VERY thirsty. I drink almost all day long. And that means I’m running to the bathroom all day long.

    • says

      Being a cyclist, there’s an excellent chance that you’re not eating enough (and not enough starchy veggies in particular). Serious athletes must be very conscious about getting enough to eat, or risk seeing a decrease in performance. :)

    • Chad says

      I know what you mean about being hungry all the time! While I was doing this, I called it #WholeHungry, and I’m not nearly as athletic as you are!

  286. Theresa says

    Day 21 of the plan. I was already eating pretty clean so the program has not been difficult at all. Not hungry and not having cravings. In week 1 I found out my cat is ill and the vet has we weighing him weekly to track his weight…so I did have to weigh in week 2 with him in my arms, so I know that I am down 8 lbs in just the first 2 weeks. Clothes are looser (I will have to shop for new jeans when this is over -what woman doesn’t love to shop for SMALLER jeans!!!). My husband is doing the program with me and our go to snack is fresh homemade guacamole and sweet potato chips that have olive oil and sea salt on them. YUMMY! Tonight we had spaghetti squash with sugar free marinara sauce and mushrooms. It was a nice change to keep us from getting food bored. 10 more days and then I have a date with a cup of hot chocolate!

  287. says

    Day 9 (of third Whole30, but first winter one): Lock up the chocolate! Have been having major chocolate cravings that I do not remember from my first two W30s.

  288. says

    I’m currently on Day 9 and am happy to say that I haven’t experienced anything on this timeline. I would question if I’m doing something wrong, but I’ve been SO strict about the program that I’m confident that’s not the case.

    Truly, I think its that I was a pretty healthy eater before all of this. I would have grains and dairy, but they weren’t a heavy part of my diet (maybe 2 slices of wheat bread and half a cup of brown rice a day, plus a slice or two cheese. That’s about it). Additionally, I’ve never been big on sugar. I’m thinking that perhaps going down this road simply wasn’t as big of a step for me as it might be for the average person. This is not meant to sound braggy, just my observation on why my body might not be reacting in the ways described above.

    I will say that I just *feel* lighter. My biggest issue has been avoiding the scale and the measuring tape because I’m just really curious to see if anything is moving. I can see, however, how doing that could be problematic. Right now I feel great but if I were to step on the scale and see no changes, I would likely be very discouraged.

    I also have noticed that my workouts have been constantly improving. I think its because I don’t have anything “weighing me down” like I might have before. It also helps that I’m not hungover during spin class on Saturday morning! :)

    Last note – the #whole30 community on Twitter has been awesome. If anyone is looking for recipes, motivation, other people’s stories – I highly recommend it!

    • Theresa says

      Gina we tried carrot sticks in our Guac and it was not the same. I’m with you…not a raw veggie person. We did our research and found that Terra Sweet Potato chips unsalted are clean and did the trick for us or you can make them at home – it is easy! Be careful as there are some Terra chips that do have sugar – read the labels. The plain Sweet Potato chips and Sweet & Beets were perfect! Skip the crinkle cut Sweet Potato chips…they come all smashed into little pieces and are not Guac worthy.

  289. Katie says

    Hey all! I’m ending day 30 as we speak. It’s been a good experience for me thus far. I’ve enjoyed all the cooking!
    But now I’m feeling nervous heading in to the reintroduction. Part of me just wants to keep eating like this bc it’s all I’ve done thus last month. Thinking about how/what to reintroduce and when sounds overwhelming. Plus is there any strategy to the order you reintroduce things? I’m most worried about dairy so I was thinking I’d bring it in last…. Also I’d like some help in knowing how to reintroduce sugar and alcohol. I’m worried about my body’s reaction to them and don’t want to accidentally sugar binge instead of gradually bringing some back in to see how I feel.
    Any advice?

  290. Donna says

    Wow! Day #4… I wish I’d read this sooner. I had to hole myself up in my room and create a barrier between me and my poor 5 y/o! Called my Mom, hysterical… will be pinning this timeline to wall to help me with the next 23 days…day 8 has just begun. I am also training for a Marathon in April. I ran today, experienced cramping which is unusual for me. Also, my body is feeling, crampy, all over tonight. I’ll up my water and hope it changes. Anyone w/ marathon training advice while on Whole30 I’m all ears! Thanks!!

    • Jen says

      I had just started my marathon training last July at the same time I started my first Whole30. I had terrible cramping which I usually don’t experience when running. I found that cutting out all the processed foods had really dropped my sodium intake. I just started adding a little more salt to my food and it took care of the cramping.
      I also had very low energy levels and found it hard to get through my long runs for several weeks. I started playing around with foods to take on my long runs with me. I found that clementines worked very well. Once I started eating those mid run, I had energy to spare.
      Best of luck to you on your training & your Whole30! I’m on day 33 of my Whole100!

  291. Karla says

    I’m on day 5… I’m glad I read this timeline. So far I’ve experienced bloating, diarrhea, and dreams… oh, the dreams!!! It’s so funny because I’ve been craving Doritos and coke, and I don’t even eat these things regularly! But in my dreams I am aware and feel guilty for violating the rules.
    The hardest has been staying off chocolate. I used to eat chocolate every day. Organic, 80% cacao, blah blah blah… Even this “healthier” kind of chocolate has sugar in it. And oh, am I feeling the withdrawal symptoms.

    A day at a time… :)

  292. says

    I’m on day 6 and I feel like am finally jiving with the timeline. OMG I just want to sleep. I didn’t really have a hangover and I certainly didn’t want to kill all the things, but a nap is all I want right now.

  293. Tonya says

    Today is day 6 for me, for the last two days I’ve had not only a killer headache but full body aches, a fever, and sweats, I was thinking it was just a cold since I also have a cough but my sister, who is on day 23, thinks it might have been my body detoxing, I didn’t think so until I read this timeline but it has me wondering has anybody experienced the hangover stage that caused anything outside of the massive headache?

  294. Jeff says

    I am on day 29. I’m not going to sugarcoat things either. I felt like pure kaka for about 13 days. I woke up with an upset stomach nearly every morning, and got to the point where the thought of scrambled eggs for breakfast made me nauseous. For a few days (around 11-13) all I could really tolerate eating was fruit. The thought of drinking water made me sick as well; and seltzer water is awful. I was committed to completing because I had set my hand to the task, but I certainly wouldn’t adopt this as a lifestyle.

    Then two things happened. First, my wife found some Celestial cold brew tea with enough blueberry flavor in it to be drinkable. I got back on the caffeine wagon with unsweet tea. That fixed my fluid problem. Then I found a street legal bacon and realized I could fry my eggs. I didn’t do that every day, but it got my breakfast problem resolved.

    About day 15 or so, things turned. For at least the past week and a half, I have had endless reserves of energy. I am never tired, I sleep like a rock, and I wake right up and get on with my day.

    I am also a type 2 diabetic. For the past three weeks my highest BG reading has been 107; only a handful are over 100. I struggled with dawn phenomenon, where my fasting BG would go up overnight. Since going on this plan, every one of my morning readings was lower than the night before. I feel like I’ve lost around 20 pounds.

    Again, i won’t lie. I suffered for about two weeks, but when I got clear and purged the poison from my body, I can’t remember when I felt better. All my cravings are gone. I’m definitely a believer. The only explanation is that the absence of processed sugar and artificial sweeteners has made all the difference.

    I won’t lie about another thing either. I saw an ad for a grilled cheese breakfast sandwich at Hardees. After I weigh in on Wednesday morning, I intend to have one of those. I hope it makes ma as sick as people say it will, so as to further confirm what I believe I’ve already learned. I intend to keep as much processed sugar out of my diet as possible.

    So when things start to suck, endeavor to persevere. You’ll be glad you did.

  295. Annabelle says

    I am on day 7! Woohoo! I’m feeling great, but i’m concerned that maybe the fact that i only had a headache on day 2 means I’m not doing this Whole 30 correctly? I’m doing everything right that I know of! I read the book and the guidelines but so far I’ve only had 1 headache! No fatigue, no emotional changes. I eat fairly clean even before this lifestyle change so maybe thats why? But I did used to eat a lot of sugar but it hasn’t come back to bite me at all!! Is it coming? I’m so concerned I may have unknowingly messed up. Any ideas or advice? Anyone in a similar situation?

    • Theresa says

      I was the same way. Since I was already eating pretty clean (organic, non-gmo, gluten free, caffeine free) before I began Whole30, I believe that contributed to the mild transition symptoms in the early phases of the program. Be sure to read labels to catch hidden sources of the banned ingredients.

  296. Theresa says

    Whole30 just completed. I lost 11.5 lbs, went down 2 jean sizes and 1 shirt size. I plan to do Whole30 again and often but in between I also plan to restrict carbs, sugar, and alcohol. I can see a difference in my mind and body and don’t want to mess with the positive changes that are happening. I owe it to guacamole, sweet potato chips, and oranges for getting me through the rough patches during the program.

  297. Nicole says

    I LOVE whole 30!!!! I am currently on Day 16 & feel great! I am experimenting with new foods & thoroughly enjoying it! I am feeling the effects of eating good healthy whole foods & it feels goooood!!!!

  298. Vickie says

    I am on Day 30 and all I have to say is I’M SO GLAD I FOUND WHOLE30! I am over 50 and never thought I would be successful at any weight loss program because I love food too much — wine & cheese, sweets, pasta dishes … you name it, I crave it! But I found the Whole30 program online and read each step, word for word, and something clicked, maybe the step that basically said “beating cancer is hard, this is not hard, this is for your own good.”

    I am amazed but proud of myself for sticking to the plan for the entire 30 days; I seriously didn’t think I could do it! I don’t really have any food allergies and I don’t feel drastically different, but I’ve noticed I’m not as much of a couch potato as I used to be (started walking with my neighbor almost every day), I’m in a better mood (I was close to requesting depression meds from my doctor), I’m losing less hair and, oh yes, I dropped 20 pounds!!!

    I have many more pounds to go but my attitude towards food has completely changed; I’m planning on following the program during the week and satisfying my monster cravings – in moderation – on the weekends. Tomorrow – Day 31 – as much of a “wino” as I am, the biggest thing I’m looking forward to is creamer in my coffee! :D

  299. says

    Started Feb 1 when I was about 2 weeks into a cold, still have the cold almost a month now. The plan itself has not been difficult for me, I eat an all organic mostly paleo diet but am overweight and have/had craving for grain and sugar. Day 11 and 12 I was a little cranky, mostly because I broke my resolve and weighed myself. Big mistake, I think I may have gained weight. I don’t feel like I have strong cravings for grain and sugar, more like ____ would be nice. My face broke out and I don’t have boundless energy, yet. I suppose that could be the cold. Today, Day 13 I woke up nauseated, headachey, and groggy and cranky some more. I haven’t been drinking enough water, so will step that up. I don’t know, I feel like I am depending on the plan to see some weight loss and will feel very disappointed if I don’t. Cart before horse, not done yet and will continue to day 31 and then I will do Dr. Gittleman’s fat flush for a week.

    • Annabelle says

      I have experienced the same sort of symptoms and I’m only 2 days behind you. I did not start with a cold and for the first week i felt great, no cravings, lots of energy, and now I’m feeling achey and discouraged. I haven’t weighed myself but i too want to lose weight. Im gonna push through and hope for the best! Also my face is breaking out like crazy….. I’m hoping maybe its detox symptoms?

  300. Annabelle says

    When do people typically see skin clearing?? Im aware no two whole30s are the same but what is a general time when this starts to happen?

  301. Karla says

    Umm.. I just gotta say, doing Whole 30 and getting your period, not fun :(
    Chocolate!!!! I just need chocolate and Nutella!!!

    All joking aside, I am on day 17. I feel great! The cravings for non-compliant food are mostly gone (though the dreams came back last night). I have experienced loads of energy! And it was great! I don’t even know how I’ll go back to Nutella, and drinking, and soy after this.
    Loving Whole 30 :)

  302. Danielle says

    I have been soo gasy and bloated on days 4 and 5. I’ve been eating paleo for some time so I am very used to this diet but unsure why I am so bloated. Thinking might have had a few too many nuts or almond butter while traveling. Ugh.

    • Shelley says

      OMG me too!!! It would almost be funny if I didn’t have to work and was home alone. Never have I experienced anything like this – and consistently (I am on Day 10). I have also had very strong breath that no amount of teeth brushing can help. I do think my breath is getting better or my loved ones are just getting used to it – regardless they are not complaining anymore.

  303. Jackie says

    Hi all, I’m on Day 2! Feeling good so far with lots of reading and research and meal planning done in advance.

    Prior to this, I’ve generally eaten healthy foods (lots of veggie and chicken meals). But, when I didn’t have time or ingredients on hand, my go-to protein snacks before Whole30 (and even breakfast sometimes) were often peanut butter on graham crackers (yes, I admit)! Natural peanut butter is probably the biggest “favorite food” I’m setting aside this month, plus the plain yogurt, and coffee creamer (just started using coconut milk and a drop of vanilla extract). Otherwise, I have high hopes for this month!

    I live outside of the U.S. in an “emerging economy” country, so there are still limited places that sell specialized health foods — for example, I cannot find items like ghee and prefer not to make the self-made mayo (for sanitary reasons from the eggs). For that reason, I’m continuing to cook with olive oil, and just purchased coconut oil. I have no oven. No food processor. It’s going to take some creativity to not get bored cooking on a stove. No problem finding veggies though!

  304. Kat says

    Day 7 for me and I feel I’ve been run over by a truck. I have been so tired the last couple days, and thought maybe I wasn’t eating enough. I came on to the website to see if there are ever concerns about that and read this instead. Boom, question answered.
    Thanks for making this timeline, it has been eerily accurate so far!

  305. Mandy says

    Day 4 here, and I haven’t had any symptoms listed yet. My only issue the first two days was getting enough food during meal time so I didn’t need a snack. I was a little gassy, but that has passed too. I keep second guessing myself that I’m doing it wrong. But, them I reread and I’m doing fine. Maybe I’m overcompensating with extra black coffee & tea. Would the caffeine be masking the symptoms?

  306. Danielle says

    I am on Day 11

    TMI time. I got sick on day 6 so I’m not sure if I had the tired phase because of being sick or not. I also got my period 2 weeks early – BUMMER. The gas has been god awful ever since, it’s got to be all the veggies I eat.

    Day 10 – I had energy to workout twice. I didn’t fall asleep until 12:30am. Day 11 woke completely energized at 6:00am. Wondering if I’ll hit a wall today or not. It’s raining out and I feel like a million bucks. For the record I dreamt of figuring out what I would be eating at a Mexican food restaurant for a birthday party I was driving to.

    I think I’m on my way to TIGER BLOOD!!

  307. Shelley says

    Day 17 – I have felt great the last week (perhaps Tiger Blood early?) and then yesterday came down with a constant headache. Today it continues. My eating hasn’t changed. Leave it to me to not follow the timeline! Hope the headaches are short lived!

  308. Hannah says

    I am currently taking on my 4th Whole30. I do it about once each year as a reset button. I eat relatively clean most of the time but it just feels good to remind my body that it doesn’t need those evil (delicious) girl scout cookies or cheese or whatever I’m craving. Today is day 12. The biggest difference between this go-round and my previous 3 is I’m doing it alone and this time I have a small child. The past few times, I’ve been able to convince my husband to do it with me. He left me alone in the Good Food desert this time. Also, we have a small human running around (ALL THE TIME!) who gets things like Chips A Hoy for a snack at daycare. It is getting increasingly difficult not to pop her leftover crackers/cookies/cheese stick into my gullet when she’s done. I know that I could make her do the Whole30 with me, but she doesn’t like veggies, aside from corn and peas, and too much fruit makes diaper clean-up a disaster area. I just feel alone. I’m struggling. I keep having to stop my brain from trying to bargain for a treat.

    I’m very much looking forward to the endless energy and tiger blood…

    • Shelley1965 says

      Hannah, just remember how good it feels to have the clarity and the energy! Those left over treats your little one leaves behind will only weigh you down in every way! It would be a great thing to work on your baby’s diet too and get her off all the junk. Good eating habits would be awesome to start at this age…

    • says

      My heart cried a little when you said, “I just feel alone.” A Whole30 is tough enough when you have lots of support! I know it’s totally not the same, but there are lots of Whole30 Instagram pages, Facebook pages, plus the blogs and forums here. Have you thought about using some of those for “virtual” support?

      If I could reach through this screen and give you the hugest hug I totally would! You can do this!

  309. Robin says

    I’m on day 27 of the Whole 30, and I like very much that I’m eating real food, and cooking more. However, after the first week, I’ve had diarrhea and an upset stomach, which has continued now for about 3 weeks. I tried to continue eating plenty of good Whole 30 food, but right now the more I eat, the worse I feel. My instinct says I should eat very lightly for a while, and my stomach isn’t giving me much choice. Any suggestions?

    • Jackie says

      Hi Robin,

      I’d suggest you be careful not to consume too many nuts and seeds. Those can cause irritation if you eat too many! Stick with the vegetables and healthy meats as you eat “lighter”.

  310. Danielle says

    Day 13:
    I feel like I’m gaining weight and bloated!!

    Any recommendations?? My energy levels are high. I just feel like my belly is bloated and like I’m gaining.

    My period is due next week. I had a surprise period last week.


    • Veronica says

      I’m on day 15 and I feel the exact same way… heavy, bloated, just big :( I’ve been telling everyone that the Whole 30 isn’t as bad as it sounds. The only thing I struggled with was creamer and sugar with my coffee. I don’t crave sweets, or breads like I thought I would and my energy level is up. I don’t wake up every morning dreading getting in the shower, I’m surprisingly energized. I’ve never been much of a morning person, and I slowly see the change. But I’m struggling with how I’ve been feeling the past 2 days…

  311. says

    Today is my day 16 and unfortunately, no tiger blood! Days 1 – 14 we’re pretty breezy, I really didn’t think twice about it and I felt so good. All of a sudden, yesterday and today I am irritable, cravings are worse than ever, and I just want to stay in bed. Hope this passes soon. I’m powering through til day 30 for sure – I won’t quit. But damn do I want some pancakes with maple syrup. And I want to be alone. Haha geeze!

  312. Ally says

    So, officially I’m on day 3. When I first discovered the whole 30 I picked a start date and I’ve spent the last two weeks preparing my kitchen, routines, and even cooking/eating mostly whole30. I have had off plan food and drink but very sparingly especially compared to how I was eating before. So it’s day 3 of my official whole30, and it also happens to be day two of my menstrual cycle (the villain in this story) and no matter how satisfied my body is after eating, I desperately want chocolate cake, or any cake for that matter. Or cookies, or.. Well you get the point. I know that my cravings are almost completely a result of my cycle and in the past I would have devoured every sweet and salty snack in the house by now. (Perhaps there should be a chapter in It Starts With Food just for women who, like me, want to eat everything in sight because of a completely different set of hormones.) I feel absolutely full after my meals yet the cravings for sweets are killing me! Any advice?

    • Rachel says

      I started a whole30 during my period and I have to say it was rough. However, I found that the cravings stemmed from a lack of specific nutrients, specifically iron and sleneium. I upped my red meat (I usually eat chicken and fish) intake and ate more nuts on those first couple days and I can’t tell you how much better I felt.

  313. Mary Jane says

    March 4th and on day 3. Our daughter showed us the Timeline in Day 2 when I was complaining of a HUGE headache. The Timeline is a Godsend. It makes me feel “normal” with everyone else. Gonna make it through. Anxious to see what foods are a “no no.” At 74 years of age I am finally learning about what foods are causing my arthritis to flare up, etc. this is exciting!

  314. Karli Weber says

    I’m on day 4 and two days ago I wanted to kill people and today and yesterday I feel much less aggressive. So far it’s been fairly easy, but I was slowly beginning to eat this way prior to doing it anyway. It’s really good to know what to expect though going forward.

  315. Tina says

    Day 4 here and had to google “Whole30 feel like crap” and this was the first page that popped up. I’m glad I read it, but cried when I did. Forwarded it to my husband and promised not to become homicidal.

    • Mary Jane says

      Hey Tina

      We are together on day 4. I, too, am struggling with these first few days. Am feeling terrible withdrawal from caffeine and whatever junky stuff I’m not eating. The bad headache will not go away. Know I’m on the right track, though. Onward and upward. Looking at it as forcing this tired old bod to get on the bandwagon. Wish you success!

  316. Tina says

    Day 10, and I feel okay, but the best part is that I am off of Prevacid for my acid reflux! I never thought the day would come. Thank you Whole30

    • Jaime says

      Sharon I had similar problems and kombucha fixed it for me. My magic number is one 16oz bottle per day, but start slow and build. I’ve seen 4-8 oz per day as a suggested amount. I can’t believe the difference! Remember to read your labels.

  317. Cara says

    I started Whole30 on March 2 when my daughter suggested that we do it together. I haven’t experienced any of the symptoms in the timeline, and I have had plenty of energy from the start. I ate pretty well before: lots of home-cooked proteins and vegs, few carbs, except for alcohol. Lots of it; wine every night. After the first day or two, I haven’t missed it, and I am not sure that it will return after the W30. Certainly not daily! My only cheat is that I stepped on the scale yesterday. I reasoned that I wouldn’t be discouraged in any case because I feel so much better, but by golly, I’m down 9#! Double chin and gut are shrinking. This is one of the most worthwhile things I’ve ever done.

  318. Linda says

    I was skeptical of this program – there are so many “gimmick” diets out there. We are ultra runners and I didn’t realize how much hidden sugar is in dang near everything. We are on day 5 and headaches and fatigue have hit. (glad to see it’s normal!). My take away already from just 5 days is that it is a lifestyle eating plan, not a diet. I thought we ate fairly clean but found out we were subtly sabotaging ourselves!! Will let you know after 30 days how this has affected our training. Just working out now how to substitute gu and sports drinks. A wonderful experiment before a 50k end of May. Thanks for the eye opener!

  319. lisa says

    I am 50, I exercise and am in good heath. I’m on Day 13. My cravings have not been too bad and I’m enjoying the food – though I am not used to eating so much meat.

    I am lagging on the time line: I’ve been tired and bloated for about a week, my muscles are achy, I get lightheaded at the top of the stairs. I normally run regularly, but I don’t have the energy. I bike to work 4 days a week, and hills are more painful. I do yoga once a week, and it’s more difficult. br>

    I feel constipated and I feel like I have lots of weight on (I haven’t weighed myself). I find that I am getting very hungry, especially between lunch and dinner, and I am eating many nuts and seeds as a snack. br>

    I’m going to try to work on these things and my hope is to report next week that I am feeling much better. Any advice is welcome.

    • Ash says

      If you’re not use to so much protein it can constipate you. I advise adding more fiber into your diet which will help with the constipation and bloating. You can get the powder and just sprinkle it on whatever you’re eating. Your energy will come back. I felt the same way you did around that time and I ran a 5k. It was tough but now my energy has returned and I’m regular ;) Good luck I hope it gets easier, I’m certain it will!

  320. says

    As a self experiment to share with my readers, I started the W30 12 days ago. The timeline is mostly accurate for me, with much milder “symptoms”. I haven’t wanted to harm anyone and don’t feel deprived. But, I should say my normal diet was already free from gluten (I have celiac), dairy, soy (allergy), peanuts & tree nuts (allergies to both) and I eat a 90% whole foods diet. Not so much to change except the wine and occasional dark chocolate (I’d like both back!) No food dreams yet, but had my favorite dream ever last night (Day 11). I was on a beach in France (we are moving there soon) and modeling swimwear! :D Now, this was a dream, yall, because I looked fabulous!!’ Lol Had to share this silly bit with everyone. I want the have the same dream every night!

  321. Rosa says

    So today is day “pre-1″ at the Hitchcock household. We have company coming in for the week-end (in 5 days). Just in case we slip, we aren’t counting these first 5 days in our 30. Our official start will be NEXT week, so we’re committed to Whole37!

    Reading the timeline – we may be less likely to “slip” having gone through what’s described above!!!

  322. Linda says

    Rosa, you just gotta jump in and do it! There will never be the “right” time other than now! We have made it through a grandchild’s birthday party, pizza meetings at work, and we still have the big Easter to go through. It actually isn’t that hard once you have the mind set “no thanks, I’m working on me”. One comment that I would like to make is I really dislike the “cheat” term AFTER the 30 is done. This seems to be a negative type word… Having occasional wine, oatmeal, cheese or a fudge sundae treat if you want is normal. The Whole 30 reset is just that – finding out what good food tastes like, what cooking is and just seeing what your reset is to your body. I love this forum and thanks everyone for the input.

  323. Rachel says

    I am now on my third Whole30, and I have to say this time I am having far more dreams about foods I never eat–pancakes, waffles, doughnuts, cheese… I don’t even like these things, but apparently my brain has decided to place them in my head while I sleep. I woke up this morning feeling guilty about eating a pancake until I realized that it had been a dream, and I hadn’t actually eaten anything!

    Other than the odd food dream though, I have to say this has been the easiest one yet, probably because I am far more prepared. Preparation will SAVE you!!

  324. Gabbie says

    My husband and I started the Whole30 on Monday. We have had 4 day 1’s so far. I felt a little prepared going into it. But on day 2 I had a mental break down. I was overwhelmed with the time you have to put into preparing and just being more intentional about every single ingredient. We drink protein shakes after our workouts and I never thought about the whey and casein in the powder. So had to start over again. We have also been taking probiotics and we found out yesterday it had wheat grain in it. Surprisingly, I felt calm and encouraged to continue to start over because I want to do this right. I’ve never read so many labels in my life, but I feel good to actually think about what I am putting in my body! I’m excited about this 34 day journey!!! ;) I’m always up for the challenge!

    Question: My husband takes melatonin every single night because he has some major sleeping issues. It has artificial sweeteners in it and he truly feels like this is something he can’t take out due to lack of sleep. Any suggestions of a Sleep Aid that complies with the Whole30 program?

  325. Kaitlin says

    I am currently on Day 15 of the program and I’m doing really well! About one month ago I had started the program (without reading the book) and gave up on Day 12 after some nasty migraines and fatigue. This time, I’m reading “It Starts with Food” while I’m progressing and I have to say, reading the book a little bit each day makes the days I crave dairy/grains/sugar/legumes so much easier! It’s like having a support team by your side every day. Thank you for all of your hard work and research to change my mindset and my 17 year love-hate battle with food. I’m only halfway through and I can’t wait to see how strong I am after the next half!

  326. Roberta Lopez says

    Today is day 30. I am greatful for the wisdom that I have gained from being on this program. However, part of the wisdom I gained was because I weighed myself once per week. I know that that is against the rules because this program goes far beyond being a weight loss program, but to be honest, I would have not tried it had I not been at the end of my weight loss rope! AND had I not weighed myself I would have not been able to make the few adjustments, day 15, I needed to get the most out of this program. It was ONLY 30 days after all, so every day counted.

    Having weighed myself I could see that although I was eating according to the plan I was eating too much food, too much healthy fat. I would have been very disappointed in the program had I gone the whole 30 days without knowing that one piece of my puzzle. Like I said, I have learned so much more than how my body loses weight but if I hadn’t solved that issue I would not have received all of the other benefits of this program.

    My boyfriend and I did the whole 30 together and we are both so happy that we did. What an eye-opener for the both of us!

  327. Ash says

    Today is day 19 for me. I got excited last year after reading the book and jumped right on the Whole30 wagon! I only made it to day 10. This time I prepped for months and planned it for March 2015. I’ve been doing really good and I’m super proud of myself. This is the longest I’ve gone without drinking for sure and definitely the most will power I’ve ever had. I feel great, my pants fit better and I started sleeping a little better. I’m starting to get nervous for the end and am afraid I’ll lose all these positive effects. Anyone out there with after Whole30 advice?

  328. Whitney says

    I am on day 30 and I have to be honest, the second half of it has been less fruitful for me than the first. I have been quite tired over the past week and a half/two weeks and have definitely not experienced any tiger blood, sadly. I am extending to a Whole45 in the hopes that I gain more energy and I also plan to work on sleeping more and better hydration. I feel like I generally get 2+ litres a day but somehow that doesn’t feel like enough. It’s been a great experience for me and I didn’t actually have any of the week 1-2 bad symptoms so maybe it’s all just a bit more mild for me. I guess I’ll see how I feel in 15 days and determine if it’s time to reintroduce or if I’ll keep on going. Best of luck to you all and hang in there! Even if you’re not getting the major pay outs you were hoping for, you’re doing something really good for your body.

  329. Jess says

    I’m on Day 4… and I don’t want to “kill all the things” (yet)… I am feeling slightly boated and tired… buuuuut…. I’m always tired, which is why I decided to do this experiment. Hoping this gets my energy levels up! I have noticed though, that I didn’t get any PMS symptoms this month (usually my boobs hurt and I eat like a wild animal… I only ate my planned meals!) Also while I’m feeling tired, I don’t look it. The usual circles under my eyes are less noticeable. So maybe this is working. Fingers crossed!

  330. Sara says

    Today is day 7 for me. One week done! So far so good, except I really really want to kill all of the things. Looking forward to some Tiger Blood!

  331. Rebecca says

    Today is Day 16 for me. Tiger Blood day! Except…not. The first half of my Whole30 was pretty closely in line with the timeline. I had a ton of energy on days 8-10 and thought that was my tiger blood, but now I’m feeling more exhausted than ever. I have been pushing myself pretty hard in my workouts so that may be why. Keeping in