June 20, 2023

7 Ways to Make a Whole30 Sandwich

Whole30 Sandwich Hacks

Sandwiches are lunchtime classics. Those who are new to Whole30 want an easy Whole30 swap for their sandwiches and simple cold lunches. But, all you need to do is think outside the bread and you will realize there are Whole30 sandwich options!

Sandwich Fixings

First, let’s talk about sandwich fixings for a Whole30 Sandwich. What do you put on your sandwich when you are doing a Whole30? Trust us there are still plenty of options! You can find Whole30 Approved Partners for these categories here.

  • Whole30 compatible lunch meat. Look for ones with no added sugar or carrageenans. 
  • All the veggies – Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickles, oh my! Stack them tall and proud, we love a veggie-loaded sandwich. 
  • Condiments – Use a Whole30 compatible mayo, mustard, ranch, or even hot sauce. See the link above for Whole30 Approved Partners you can buy for your condiments. Or, on our website we have budget-friendly Whole30 Mayo you can make yourself!
  • Bacon – We love bacon and know that a touch of bacon in a sandwich can really bring home the flavor. Look for varieties with no added sugar. 
  • Avocado – What’s not to love about this healthy fat? A great creamy addition to your sandwich or wrap

Here are 7 ways we love to make a Whole30 Sandwich.

Bell pepper sandwich

We love using red bell peppers but you can use any variety you enjoy. Cut the bell pepper in half, take off the stem, and scrape out the seeds and membrane. Then spread some mayo on it and layer with your favorite sandwich fixings like lunch meat, tomato, pickle, onion, etc. Bring the two sides together and then cut in half for a delicious bell pepper sandwich.

Lettuce wrap

Whole30 Lettuce Wrap Sandwich

This is a classic go-to for those who are looking for bread replacements. You can layer green leaf lettuce for a tasty lettuce wrap (see YouTube video for how!). We love how soft butter lettuce is for easy small lettuce wraps for things like chicken or tuna salad. Lettuce can “wrap” just about anything you used to put in a sandwich, and can create a crunchy base for a non-traditional taco or burger. These wraps do best with cold foods, as warmth can wilt the delicate lettuce, and don’t over-stuff or they will split.

Collard wrap

Collard greens can be a great large wrap option! They are both super nutritious and really hearty, so these function much like a real tortilla. Load ’em up with cold or hot foods; they’ll hold up well because the leaves are large and sturdy. Simply blanch the green in a pan of hot water to soften and then remove the tough stem to make these a flexible wrap. Blanching means to place the leaves in simmering hot water for 1-2 minutes, then place them directly into ice water to prevent them from overcooking and to cool. Remove from cold water, pat dry, and then fill with all your favorite sandwich fillings!

Sweet potato (slices or split and stuffed).

Whole30 Sweet Potato Sandwich

You can slice them up and roast them for a “toast” feeling to your sweet potato “bread.” We feature this method in the YouTube video above. Also in the video we show how you can use a whole sweet potato as a hot dog bun. Additionally, we featured these on page 175 in The Whole30 around a burger, but these are a good bottom-and-top or “container” for just about anything; a Perfect Ground Meat (page 152) mixture, a chicken breast, a hot dog (sweet potato as the “bun!”), sweet potato “toast”, or your favorite egg-and-veggie scramble.

Coconut Wrap

No tortilla recreations with any kind of flour are allowed on Whole30, per the Pancake Rule. However, if you can find a wrap that has no flours in it such as these Coconut Wraps, they are allowed on Whole30. We found some coconut wraps (shown in the YouTube video) that are just made out of coconut meat, coconut water and oil – which makes them Whole30 compatible. They are a great simple wrap option to keep your sandwich game going strong!

Plantain Wraps

Whole30 Plantain Wrap

These single-ingredient plantain wraps are perfect for all your wrap needs. They are easy to make — just boiled green plantains, crushed and shaped into wraps. That’s it! They are pliable and have a mild starchy flavor that works with all toppings. Use these also as a Whole30-compatible tortilla or taco shell replacement.

Pickle Bun

Our community either loves them or hates them but you can’t deny the creativity of the pickle bun! We show in the YouTube video how it’s perfect for a hot dog but you can also get creative and layer other sandwich fixings inside as well. 

No reason to cut sandwiches out of your Whole30! There are so many fixings and buns swaps you can make. We hope these different sandwich options inspire you to create your own amazing Whole30 sandwich and keep your cold lunch game going strong. 

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