June 4, 2021

Non-Scale Victories from our Community

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Celebrating non-scale victories (NSVs) has always been a cornerstone of the Whole30 program. We recently shared the history behind Whole30 CEO and Co-Founder Melissa Urban’s decision to choose NSVs as the metric of a successful Whole30 over scale weight and before/after pictures. Now we want to highlight and celebrate some of the NSVs you share with us on a daily basis.

Wondering what counts as a NSV? Check out our recently updated NSV checklist in order to reflect on all the incredible NSVs our community has reported as a result of their Whole30 journey.

We polled our Instagram community on their favorite NSVs. We’re sharing them today for inspiration and encouragement to keep going!

Physical (Inside)

“Not a single hot flash, puffiness/swelling gone and sleeping better. Honestly amazing! Hot flashes were seriously disrupting my life and now they’re gone.” – Christine M

“During my first Whole30 my dentist commented on how my gums were not bleeding nearly as much. She loved the fact that eliminating sugars contributed to my gum health!! ?” – Sally M

“I went for my yearly checkup yesterday and the doctor was very pleased with my lab report: better blood pressure, cholesterol down, pants are so loose, complexion great, and I’m sleeping like a baby.” – Dawn J

“My cholesterol dropped 40 points, from hovering on needing medication to firmly in the safe range. Also, my triglycerides have dropped from 298 to 94, which is great. I have more energy, sleep soundly, and no mood swings. Plus, I love the scale victory as well. Dropping 60 pounds in the last 8 months has finally freed me of the continual struggle of dieting. Because this is NOT a diet. I’ve eaten more REAL food in the past 8 months than the past 8 years.” – Jane R

“My NSVs are amazing to me. I’m a type 2 diabetic and haven’t been able to control my blood sugars even with insulin at bedtime. My fasting blood sugars have come down about 125 points, I’ve been able to eliminate blood pressure medication, and I’ve cut my insulin use in half. I have energy to run after my 18 month old toddler all day long, and we’re also saving money from not eating out! I’m on day 38 of a whole 90. The reason I chose to do a 90 right as away as I started is because I want to see the impact on my A1C. Going great!” – Kendra B

“I just completed a Whole30 following rotator cuff surgery. My goal was to reduce inflammation to decrease pain and to aid in the healing of my shoulder. It worked!” – Eric T

“Less inflammation is a personal fave – allows me to move through the world with greater ease!”  – Nuala S.

“In 30 days, I dropped from 135/78 average BP to 105/65. My pulse is down ten points and I went from a snug size 20 to a comfortable size 14. My eczema is gone. My pain is down!” – Laura C

“I started my first Whole30 when I was 56 and I’ve been able to take control of my health. I was able to decrease my blood pressure meds and have my best blood pressure and cholesterol readings in 30 years. My sugar cravings are minimal, I have almost completely eliminated alcohol and have learned to read labels. It has been liberating in ways I didn’t think weren’t possible.” – Brian E

Physical (Outside)

“In 30 days I put my wedding ring back on, haven’t taken Excedrin migraine, fit into my favorite pair of jeans, and no longer crave sweet treats everyday.” – Renee W

“I’m on Day 15 of my first Whole 30 and already see NSVs. My skin is clearer than it’s been in over a year, my attitude has improved and my resting heart rate has gone way down.” – Ashley D

“My wedding ring fits again (4 months postpartum!), my husband has lost some weight and is feeling all around better thanks to my healthier cooking, clear skin, less caffeine headaches, saving money (not eating out as often!), more energy even with a baby and a toddler!” – Cara 

Mood & Emotion

“Amazing sleep, pants are so much looser, skin is glowing, mood swings have stabilized, I wake up feeling energized, and I have more confidence!” – Amy E

“My Whole30-inspired diet has kept my anxiety level low during these challenging times – which has helped me help my patients (I’m an acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative medicine).” – Leesa 

“I’m truly happy from the inside out!!” – Melanie C

“My biggest NSV has been zero PMS. Before Whole30 I would have a miserable PMS week. Horrible hot flashes, cramps, etc. Now….nothing. Not a hot flash to be had, no bloating, no cramps, it is ah-mazing!!” – Kati P

“I haven’t had any anxiety attacks in more than two months! I’m finally calm in my skin!” – Christina H 

“I am on Day 14 of my second Whole30 and realized I have not raised my voice at my kids this entire cycle. As a mom of 5, that is saying a lot! I love how calm I feel! My chronic knee pain is gone, and my lower back pain is nearly gone!” – Rachel B

Food & Behaviors

“I have a better relationship with food, I’m better at handling my emotions and stress, I am more mindful of my food choices, I sleep better and longer, I have more energy… and most importantly I am a happier person than I was 30 days ago.”  – Jessica M

“Last night, after a stressful afternoon, I was craving a bike ride – NOT chocolate!! That is how Whole30 has changed me!” – Shannon Z

“I have had pain and inflammation in my body for years and now that has diminished, my clothes fit better, and I no longer crave sugar the way I used to. I am more aware of what I put in my body and read labels on everything. This has been a God send. Thank you Whole30 for opening my eyes. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!” – Rubi 

Brain Function

“My favorite NSV is mental clarity! It always feels amazing to have more focus.” Steph K

“Decrease in migraines!” – Tracy E

“Love the way I feel. Not missing the scale or counting macros. Definitely better energy and clearer thinking with better concentration. GI issues are managed and totally noticing what foods light my GI fire with re-intro.”  – Lisa U


“I am sleeping so well, which is giving me life in every other aspect of my life! My workouts are strong and consistent and I’m fueling my body mindfully! Whole30 is a happy place for me!” -Kimberly C.

“No more snoring!” – Khadija M

“I had a client report today that her headaches are gone and she’s never slept better!” – Tina W


“I love having energy through my day to do whatever needs doing and still be coherent at the end instead of sleeping on the couch because I’m too tired to get up and walk to the bedroom. I love that my hair has stopped clogging the shower drain. I love that my positive, cheerful nature has reasserted itself.” – Cindy C

“The balanced energy levels! I’m no longer experiencing the 3 o’clock slump, the ‘I’m so sleepy I could cry’ at 7pm, and the tired but wired ‘I would give anything to just sleep’ at 11pm.” – Sunny N

“I am in my second month of Whole30. Can’t believe no more NAPS in the afternoon. Before I planned my day around my nap. I have so much more energy. “ – Genia P

“I used to have to nap when my kid did, but now I’m doing other things, like sneaking in a workout or getting chores around the house done without the help of little hands.” – Kendra 

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