Stephanie Gruenke

Master of Science in Nutrition, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified in Perinatal Mental Health

Stephanie lives in Wisconsin with her husband and two sons. Stephanie specializes in prenatal/postnatal nutrition, behavioral psychology, and holds additional certifications in perinatal mental health and fitness. Stephanie has been an advocate of the Whole30 program since 2010, using the program personally and professionally with her clients. She’s also the co-host of the “Doctor Mom” Podcast and the creator of Postpartum Reset, a virtual postpartum nutrition program and community. Stephanie is committed to building a community of parents who encourage each other and share their own experiences so they know they’re not alone and have resources to feel empowered.

Dear Melissa: How do I continue my Food Freedom Post COVID-19 Pandemic?

Dear Melissa, I did a Whole30 program during the pandemic, and since then, have had a lot of opportunities to hone in on my Food Freedom at home, since I wasn’t dining out or socializing. Now I’m getting ready for my first post-pandemic vacation/party/ business trip and need help knowing how to maintain these habits …

Salt on the Whole30

Are you suffering from symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, decreased mental or physical performance? You may have inadequate sodium intake. Read more about why you might need more salt on the Whole30.

Can I Eat Bacon On The Whole30? An RD Answers Your Whole30 Bacon Questions.

Can I eat bacon on the Whole30? The short answer is YES! The longer answer is as long as it’s compatible with the Whole30 program—many brands aren’t. A Registered Dietitian is here to explain Whole30 and Bacon and answer your questions. Steph here! Bacon is a controversial and often-debated food, and we get a lot …

Non-Scale Victories from our Community

Celebrating non-scale victories (NSVs) has always been a cornerstone of the Whole30 program. Now we want to highlight and celebrate some of the NSVs our community shares with us on a daily basis.

Dear Melissa: I Need Ideas for Whole30 Constipation Relief

Dear Melissa, I have been looking for remedies for Whole30 constipation relief. Could you help here? – Thanks, Julie Hi Julie, I’ve collaborated with Whole30’s in-house Registered Dietitian Stephanie Greunke to provide you with some general constipation relief recommendations based on Whole30-compatible foods and supplements. Whole30 Constipation Relief: Fiber Fiber plays a major role in …

Introducing Beak & Skiff Whole30 Approved Organic CBD Sparkling Water

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our newest partner, Beak & Skiff Research, creators of Whole30 Approved Organic CBD Sparkling Water–our first ever officially endorsed product containing CBD! We know this exciting announcement also presents some questions, so read on to decide if it’s something you want to include in your Whole30 or food freedom.

Finding Food Freedom: Jacob and Steph’s stories

Experiences of Food Freedom are as diverse as our community. Read Food Freedom Snapshots from Whole30’s in-house Dietitian and Education Manager and Whole30 Coach Jacob Heath Henriquez

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